Live Updates: Blackcaps vs Sri Lanka - T20

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Blackcaps: 179/7 (Bracewell 44, Kuggeleijn 35no, Taylor 33)

Sri Lanka: 144 all out. ( T Perera 43, K Perera 23)

It's all over! The Blackcaps have come from behind to beat Sri Lanka at Eden Park.

Over 17: Sodhi to bowl.

Four more from Kumara, down the wicket down the ground. 

Wicket! Kuggeleijn takes the catch and third man. great bowling from Sodhi. Kumara c Kuggeleijn b Sodhi 4.

Wicket! That's it. Rajitha skies a shot and Seifert takes the catch and the Blackcaps win. Rajitha c Seifert b Sodhi 5.

Over 16: Santner to bowl.

Inside edge, runs away for four. 

Wicket! Malinga goes for the big slog and picks out Guptil. Malinga c Guptill b Santner 6.

Great over from Santner. 

Over 15: Sodhi to bowl.

A big shout for LBW, and Southee opts for a review, given not out. 

It's hitting, and the call is reversed. He's gone. Shanaka lbw b Sodhi 7.

A great over by Sodhi, getting some very good turn. two off it. 

Over 14: Santner to bowl.

A four, edged down past third man for four. 

Things are tightening up here for Sri Lanka, the momentum is with the Blackcaps.

Nine off the over. 

Over 13: Ferguson to return.

Wicket! That's the big wicket for the Blackcaps, Perera hits a slower ball straight to Bracewell who makes no mistake. T Perera c Bracewell b Ferguson 43. 

Wicket! Two in the over, de Silva has missed a straight one, and hes gone. de Silva b Ferguson 10.

Over 12: Kuggeleijn to bowl. 

The Blackcaps need a breakthrough, can Kuggeleijn get it?

Four more, great batting from Perera who is continuing on from the ODI's. 

Great batting from Perera who works it into the leg side for two. 

A single now from Perera. 

All too easy for the visitors at the moment, nine off the over. 

Over 11: Sodhi to continue.

A great wrongun' and it sneaks through everything for four.

What a shot! A lofted drive for six from Perera. 

de Silva with a single off the last, 

Over 10: Southee to bowl. 

Just the two singles so far off Southee's over. Good bowling. 

WICKET!! The slower ball works, Mendis hits one down Kuggeleijn's throat at mid-off. Mendis c Kuggeleijn b Southee 17.

Just three off the Southee over. 

Over 9: Sodhi to bowl.

What can the leggy do?

Two off the first for Perera, this should be a good battle. 

Four more, that has just kept going, a well timed shot through the off side. 

A single off the fifth ball.

The final ball falls just short of Santner at mid-off. 

Over 8: Santner to bowl.

Big six from Perera, and Santner feels Perera's wrath. 

A single off the next gets Mendis on strike. 

Another single, great running. 

Single off the last, 10 off the over.

Over 7: Bracewell to continue. 

Perera hits one through the covers but it's cut off for a single. 

A double for Mendis as he flicks one away to fine leg. 

What a shot! Perera hits and uppercut and it is timed perfectly, it flies away for six.

12 off the over. 

Over 6: Kuggeleijn to continue.

Mendis and Perera are just ticking the runs over, working in singles. 

5 Wides. A short ball from Kuggeleijn goes over the head of batsmen and keeper for five wides. 

Bad timing from Perera and it falls short of mid wicket. Just the single from Perera. 


Over 5: Bracewell to bowl. 

WICKET! Bracewell can do no wrong, Dickwella skies a flick shot and Seifert makes up some ground and takes a great take. Dickwella c Seifert b Bracewell 18. 

Two for Mendis over the leg side. 

Perera mis times one for two, it lands safe. 

Great running from Perera as he comes back for two. 

Over 4: Kuggeleijn to bowl. 

Four more from Perera, Kuggeleijn gets his line wrong and is flicked away for four. 

WICKET! Kuggeleijn gets his man, Perera is caught at mid-on. Perera c Bracewell b Kuggeleijn 23. 

Mendis gets one away on the leg side for a very rare three at Eden Park. 

A quick single from DIckwella, Eight off the over.

Over 3: Ferguson to continue.

Not timed too well but it's four from Dickwella over mid off. 

A big drive, it's edged and flies jsut short of third man, for a single. 

Nearly a wicket, a straight drive hangs in the air and Kuggeleijn can't quite bring the catch in.

Eight off it. 

Over 2: Southee to bowl. 

Four more, this time the ball is too short and is pulled away for four off perera.

A charge from Perera and it's pulled away for two. 

Perera goes down the wicket again and pulls Southee for four. 

SIX more from Perera. 18 off Southee's first over. 

Over 1: Ferguson to bowl.

A boundary off the first, flicked away for four.

A Six off the next ball and the Blackcaps are under the pump straight away. 

WICKET! A golden duck for Samarawickrama, he chops one on to his stumps, he has waited all series for this and goes first ball. Samarawickrama b Ferguson 0.

A mixed bag for Ferguson, but the breakthrough comes. 

Here come Sri Lanka to bat. 

Over 20: Rajitha to bowl the final over of the innings.

A wide slower ball is pushed into the off side for one, good bowling. 

Some more good bowling, but great batting from the NZ captain, six more over long off. 

Last ball of the innings goes for six and Kuggeleijn ends up on 35no on debut. 

Over 19: Malinga to bowl his final over. 

Malinga misses his yorker and Kuggeleijn hits him for a single on the leg side. 

Malinga with a great slower ball and Southee doesn't pick it. Great bowling.

A single on the leg side for Southee. 

A two on the leg side off the fifth ball of the pver. 

A single off the last. A good spell from the Sri Lankan captain. 

Over 18: Rajitha to bowl. 

A little flick of the bat and Kuggeleijn gets a four.

Bracewell misstimes a shot down the ground and he is out. A great catch from de Silva and it ends Bracewell's great knock. Bracewell c de Silva b Rajitha 44.

Kuggeleijn with a huge six, straight after the wicket of Bracewell and Kuggeleijn hits back with a six of his own, over square leg. 

Another one from Kuggeleijn, can the Blackcaps get to 180?

18 off the over for the home side. 

Over 17: Perera to bowl his last.

Straight back down the ground from Bracewell, six more. 

Another six from Bracewell as he leans back and connects over cow corner. 

Another one for Douggy, what an over for the Kiwis. 

Bracewell finihses the over with a one bounce four, huge over. 

Over 16: Sandakan to bowl. 

Three more wides off the over, that takes the total to 13 so far from the innings. 

A great shot from the fifth ball from Kuggeleijn as he flicks a balll for six. 

Over 15: Perera to bowl again.

Great work from Taylor who hits a shot over fine leg and it runs away for four. 

Big shout. and he's gone ! Taylor knicks one and he's out. Taylor c Dickwella b Perera 33

Single for Kuggeleijn off his first ball. 

Over 14: Sandakan to continue. 

Taylor slogs one over cow for six to begin the over. 

Another leg side shot from Taylor and the fielder does well to stop the boundary, just the single. 

Back-to-back wides from Sandakan before Bracewell gets a single off the last. 

Over 13: Kumara to bowl his last over. 

Five wides from Kumara as a bouncer goes over the keepers head for four, it's called a wide. 

Bracewell is standing, and Bracewell is swinging.

Free Hit coming here for Bracewell.

The free hit goes for six!! Much needed for Bracewell. 

A single to finish.

Over 12: Sandakan to continue.

The Blackcaps look to be happy with singles at the moment as they rotate strike. 

Five singles off the over, then a big six to finish for Bracewell, great over for the hosts. 

Over 11: Kumara to continue.

Taylor looks to be batting with calmness, looking to get rid of the bad balls, not too flustered yet. 

A great over from Kumara, just two from it. 


Over 10: Sandakan to bowl, the first over of spin for the night.

Ross Taylor sets up for his trademark slog sweep but Sandakan puts it wide so he flat bats it down the ground for four. 

A single on the on side for Taylor.

Santner looks for the slog over cow, but it gets the toe of the bat and rolls away for two. 

WICKET! Santner is gone, he goes for the drive down the ground and middles it straight up. Santner c Perera b Sandakan 13. 


Over 9: Kumara to bowl.

Taylor gives himself some room and Kumara follows him and is unable to get it away. 

Just three singles off the over, Blackcaps are really struggling. 

Over 8: Perera to continue. 

Frustration for the Kiwis as neither batsmen are able to find the boundary. 

A much needed boundary for Santner and the Blackcaps, a flick over mid-wicket for four. 

Just a single off the last for Santner.

Over 7: Kumara to bowl. 

All the pressure is on Taylor here as he needs to bat late in this innings. 

Taylor can't seem to get bat on ball, all of a sudden he is on six off 15 balls. 

Single from Taylor. Need a boundary soon. 

Rotation of strike from Santner, who drives one for a single. 

Over 6: Thisara Perera to bowl the sixth. 

Santner can't seem to pierce the gap as he is on 0 off four.

He gets off the mark with a late cut to point. These two will need to bat for the majority of the innings. 

Close, a lat cut from Taylor is a little edgy and lands just short of the man at the 45. 


Over 5: Malinga to continue. 

Great bowling from the Sri Lankan captain, making the batsmen play. 

A single on the leg side for Taylor as he looks to rotate the strike.

A fantastic over from Malinga to put the Blackcaps firmly on the back foot, just one off the over. 

Over 4: Rajitha to bowl his second. 

Taylor with another single off the first of the over. 

Munro gets one through the gap, a back foot drive squeezes past point for four.

WICKET!! Munro is gone!! looking to hit another another boundary and the lefty is gone, he skies a pull shot and is caught at mid-off. Munro c Shanaka b Rajitha 16.

Very close, a leading edge from Taylor's bat just falls short of point, it's all Sri Lanka early on. 

A single off the last from Ross Taylor. 

Over 3: Malinga to bowl again. 

Munro flicks one very fine fo four, much needed boundary for the Kiwis.

Great slower ball from Malinga nearly gets Nicholls, a spooned cover drive just goes over the fielder. 

Wicket: Henry Nicholls chops one on, a hint of movement off the pitch and the lefty gets a thin edge back onto the stumps. Nicholls b Malinga 4. 

Taylor is off the mark off his first ball, another great over for the visitors. 

Over 2: Kasun Rajitha with the second over.

Seifert gets off the mark with two on the leg side. 

WICKET!! Tim Seifert with a similiar dismissal to Guppy, a leading edge caught in the covers. Seifert c Sandakan b Rajitha 2

Wide off the fourth ball of the over, a free run for the kiwis.

A quick single off the last for Nicholls, what an over for Sri Lanka. 


Over 1: Lasith Mailinga with the new ball.

First ball to Guptill is back of a length and is defended in the off side.

Guptill gets a single in the leg side off the second which will bring Colin Munro on strike. 

Munro crack a driver drive off his first but is stopped in the covers, just a single. 

Munro hits a six off the fifth ball of the over, back over Malinga's head. 

WICKET!! Guptill tries to guide a ball down the leg side but he gets under it and Mendis takes a good catch. Guptill c Mendis b Malinga 1 

6:58pm. The sides are ready to come on to the field for the final match of Sri Lanka's tour of New Zealand. 

Here are the sides. 

Sri Lanka XI: Niroshan Dickwella (wk), Sadeera Samarawickrama, Kusal Mendis, Kusal Perera, Dasun Shanaka, Thisara Perera, Dhananjaya de Silva, Lakshan Sandakan, Kasun Rajitha, Lahiru Kumara, Lasith Malinga (capt)

New Zealand XI: Colin Munro, Martin Guptill, Tim Seifert (wk), Henry Nicholls, Ross Taylor, Doug Bracewell, Mitchell Santner, Scott Kuggeleijn, Tim Southee (capt), Ish Sodhi, Lockie Ferguson

Debut for pace bowler Scott Kuggeleijn.

Sri Lanka have won the toss and will bowl first. 

Kia Ora, good evening and welcome to the T20 between the Blackcaps and Sri Lanka from Eden Park.

The visitors have had a horror tour of New Zealand losing the test series 1-0 and the ODI series 3-0, they will enter Eden Park tonight looking to take a victory away from their tour. 

Once again the Blackcaps are the hot favourites with the TAB.

NZ: $1.37

Sri Lanka: $3.11

Sri Lanka has one shining light coming out of the ODI series. Thisara Perera averaging 75 in the three game series. The visitors will be looking for more of the same if they are to avoid the tour clean sweep. 


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