NBA: Blake Griffin snubs Clippers' owner in pre-game handshake

Blake Griffin's first game at the Los Angeles Clippers since his blockbuster trade last year got off to a raw start before the game even started.

After finishing his pre-game warm-ups Griffin started walking to the side of the court where Clippers owner Steve Ballmer was waiting for a welcome back handshake.

Except Griffin wasn't having any of it, sprinting to the locker the moment Ballmer took a step toward him and went to shake his hand.

In 2017 the Clippers held a free agent meeting at Staples Centre, it featured a choir, and saw Griffin's jersey raised to the rafters as a PA announcer said, "tonight, we're honouring a lifelong Clipper.

He reciprocated, signing a five year, US$173 million contract before being traded to the Pistons.

The 29-year-old exploded against his former team scoring 44 points, collecting eight rebounds and dishing out five assists in the Pistons 109-104 victory.

The five-time all-star is averaging a career high 25 points this year, while also managing eight rebounds and five assists.