NBA: Steven Adams punked by OKC teammates as All-Star voting closes

Kiwi NBA star Steven Adams certainly isn't averse to playing practical jokes on those around him - but if you're going to dish it out, you also need to take it.

When Newshub's Simon Hampton dropped in on the Oklahoma City Thunder for their road game against the New York Knicks, he found the Kiwi centre reflecting on a season that many think will see him selected for next month's All-Star Game for the first time.

"If they're saying that, they're saying it for a reason, I guess," he told Hampton. "I've probably done better than last year, which is what you want to do."

But Adams' modest self-anlaysis was completely derailed by the realisation his bag had been securely taped to the hook in his locker, probably by one of the Thunder staff.

"That Wilson, he's such a dick," he grinned. "All good, bro... what a dick.

"I can't even get it off."

Even the player gets played occasionally.

Oklahoma City overwhelmed the Knicks 127-109 on Tuesday (NZ time), with Adams logging an understated 10 points and seven rebounds over 30 minutes.

All-Star voting closes on Tuesday night and last week, Adams was ranked sixth among Western Conference forwards in preliminary polling.

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