Newshub presenter Nicky Styris takes on world's best Garden Tramp exponents

This is not Olympic trampolining - it's freestyle… smaller tramps, different moves and different mats.

Born on Instagram, the G-Tramp community shares tricks online, coming together to compete.

"You meet all different people from different countries and when you have competitions like these, everybody from across the world comes in and then it's just a nice community," says AJ Ross.

The annual GT games is where the cyberworld of freestyling meets the real world and  the competition itself is just a small part of the event.

Top freestyler Colby Iverson says G-Tramp turned his life around.

"Me and my friends just started jumping in the backyard together, and then I found this community on line, which was kind of an escape from all stress, involving school and homelife," he says. 

American social-media sensation Dominique Lewis uses his 230,000 followers to make a positive impact.

"It's important to use that following to help inspire other people and just show them you can be successful in doing this stuff that I'm doing," he says.

"So I travel around the world, hosting events and judging events, and I do a lot of coaching."

But 'Domitrick', as he's known on Instagram, had his work cut out with Newshub's Nicky Styris.

"Well, I used to be a trampolinist and I've got an Instagram account, so maybe I could be an internet sensation - or not," she says.

"I think I'll leave it up to the Millennials."