Speedster Edward Osei-Nketia is looking to emulate father's achievements

by Brenton Vannisselroy

Gus Nketia, Edward's father, holds a special place in Kiwi sporting folklore.

Having sprinted for Ghana at the 1990 Commonwealth Games, he switched allegiance to New Zealand setting a national 100 metre record that still stands.

His son has returned home on a similar dash across the ditch to take down dad's record.

Edward is breaking schoolboy sprint records in Australia, but wants to represent New Zealand.

"My heart, it belongs to the Kiwis," Edward said. He's got his dad's national record of 10.11 seconds in his sights.

"I want to take his crown from the record books," he said.

Gus coaches his son and believes he will better his mark sooner rather than later.

"He's still learning and he just needs to put a few things together and get a perfect day and he'll get it," Gus said.

He says his 6ft4 son's potential is enormous, as he's yet to start weight training.

"So if we bring all those things in he's going to be very fast, he's going to be flying."

But Edward is also a schoolboy rugby sensation in Canberra and his dad fears he'll be lured away from athletics.

"I've been trying to convince him to stay with the track, but at the moment it seems like he is leaning to the rugby side, but we'll see," Gus said.

Edward said he'll make a decision at the end of the school year.

"Yeah it's going to be a really hard decision making in the future, but whatever I pick I've got to focus on making my legacy in that sport."

Whatever he chooses, he appears destined to leave others in his wake.