A-League: Phoenix coach Mark Rudan slams NZ Football after Melbourne draw

Wellington Phoenix coach Mark Rudan has launched a scathing attack on New Zealand Football, saying he wants to bring the club and national organisation closer together.

Rudan's outburst came after the Phoenix's 1-1 draw against the Melbourne Victory in front of a record-breaking regular season crowd at Eden Park.

The 43-year-old was pleased to see more than 23,000 Auckland fans show up to watch the 'Nix face the defending champions, but he feels more needs to be done if New Zealand football wants to be successful.

"The people up top have to get their house in order," said Rudan. "That's got to change. And the sooner, the better.

"I don't know how that is going to happen, but I have asked for a meeting with those guys, to try and bring the two together.

"The only professional football club and the federation [need to] forget about all these scenarios where everyone is worried about themselves. Worry about the game."

Earlier in the week, reports emerged that expansion franchise Western United FC were trying to sign Rudan, even though his contract in Wellington doesn't expire until May 2020.

On Thursday, Rudan refused to comment on where he'd be beyond this season, but he did say said "things must improve" otherwise, "I won't be here."

He didn't indicate what exactly must improve, but clearly the relationship between New Zealand Football and the Phoenix is of concern

"I don't speak to the people at the federation, there's a couple of people at the federation I've spoken to, and they know where they stand.

"The people that preside that organisation really need to think about the game and the players, because there are some damn good footballers, not only in this country but playing overseas as well, who deserve a lot better.

"Someone has an opportunity in this country to be a flagbearer or to be the godfather of football, and you need investment, I'm not going to lie here.

"We as a football club have a vision about the game going forward, and if we can work together, who knows how far the game can go here - but someone's actually got to take the bull by its horns and say, 'Okay, I'm going to do this.'

"Who wants to step up? I don't know, but there are some good people here who want to improve the game - damn good people - and the game deserves to improve in this country."

New Zealand Football has had its own battles over the last 12 months, following the fallout from the Football Ferns and Andreas Heraf saga.

The controversy led to an independent review and a number of members in the organisation, including CEO Andy Martin, to resign or retire before the findings were released.

"The game is the most important thing, at the forefront of everything.

"Until people start taking away their selfishness and understanding that it is about the game and how do we move the game forward, only then will you start to really reach greater heights."

The Phoenix are back in action on Saturday for a home game in Sydney, against Sydney FC - one of Rudan's former clubs.