ANBL: No job safe after Breakers fail to make playoffs

No-one's job is safe at the NZ Breakers, after they have failed to make the Australian National Basketball League playoffs.

They're vowing to examine all areas of their organisation - including coach Kevin Braswell.

And they're already likely to lose their star player to the NBA next season.

A day on from the high-scoring loss to Adelaide that ended their post-season hopes, owner Matt Walsh is pondering why his North Shore revolution didn't hit the heights he'd hoped.

"We had a lot of change this year - new ownership, new COO, new coach, a lot of new players - and I think I probably underestimated the impact that would have," Walsh told Newshub.

And that overhaul will continue, as the club searches for a response.

"We're definitely going to have to change some things, because look at our record now," said Braswell. "We've got a competitive owner now who wants to win… myself and all the coaches."

Not even Braswell can sit comfortably.

"I think if you asked anyone from our organisation, we would say we underachieved, so we're going to look from the top down," said Walsh.

"We'll evaluate the players, the coaches, the front office, and we'll sit down over the next few weeks and try to work out what went wrong."

Walsh is already planning for life without highlight-reel centre and MVP candidate Shawn Long.

"I think Shawn's going to be in the NBA next year," he said. "I've had some calls from some NBA teams interested, so I think there's a good chance Shawn is playing meaningful minutes for an NBA team next year."

The Breakers are playing for more than just pride over the final three games.

"This is going to give us a great chance to see what certain guys are made of, because it's easy to pack it in," said Walsh.

"It's easy to say these games don't mean anything, but they absolutely do."

They've all been put on notice, as they play for their futures.