Auckland schoolboy to make history at the New Zealand Polo Open

Teenager Ethan Wade will make history over the weekend when he competes in the New Zealand Polo Open.

The 17-year-old is in his final year at Auckland Grammar, making him the youngest player ever to compete in the New Zealand Polo Open's 42-year history.

It was years of hard work that led him to be selected for this year's Tiger Polo team.

Ethan told Newshub he was riding a horse before he could walk and playing polo before he left primary school. Luckily for him, the game also runs in his blood.

"My mum and dad they play, and with dad being a professional polo player, it was quite easy to get hooked into the sport."

His father Jonny Wade is a talented player as well as Tiger Polo's manager. 

"This team I've probably been managing for about four or five years now, and polo and horses is my life," Wade said.

Wade started playing at the age of 14 and couldn't be prouder to pass the baton - or mallet - onto his son.

"It's actually great to see Ethan coming through, and starting to play. You always want your sons or daughters to take up the sport that you do, and then become better than you."

While Ethan might not be there just yet, his gruelling training schedule certainly has him on the right track.

"You'll be riding them pretty much every day except for one day of the week. And you've got 'chukkas' throughout that, which are pretty much practices."

Ethan's team is one of six competing in this year's open, where they hope to make it through to the final on Saturday and he can follow in his father's footsteps.

"There's some memories of dad playing in the open in the final - unfortunately he lost".

This time it's hoped Ethan will come away with the win.