Boxing: Anthony Joshua, Jarrell Miller get physical at heated press conference

Sparks flew between heavyweight rivals Anthony Joshua and Jarrell Miller during a pre-fight press conference in New York.

Within seconds of coming nose-to-nose for the first time, the pair got into a physical scuffle, before security separated them.

Joshua, the WBO, WBA and IBF heavyweight champion, will defend those titles against Miller at Madison Square Garden on June 2.

The fight represents the first outside Britain for Joshua, against the undefeated American (23-0-1) who has been baiting him for months.

The normally composed Joshua was visibly agitated during the 21-minute hype show, with Miller throwing verbal insults every time the 29-year-old attempted to speak.

Security separates the two heavyweights.
Security separates the two heavyweights. Photo credit: Getty
Anthony Joshua  Jarrell Miller speak to the media during a Press Conference at Madison Square Garden on February 19, 2019 in New York City.
Photo credit: Getty

Former Olympic champion Joshua failed to come to terms with WBC champion Deontay Wilder for what would have been a unification fight, which led to promoter Eddie Hearn favouring an American debut over a rematch at Wembley against Dillian Whyte.

The fight will be shown on Sky Sports Box Office in the UK and on streaming service DAZN in the United States. Joshua is expected to earn close to NZ$40 million, with Miller set to bank $NZ8 million.

"We are from the dirt, the gutter," Miller said. "I worked hard for this.

"Remember this, he didn't want this fight first - he wanted easy money, he wanted Dillian Whyte.

"I ain't playing by nobody's rules. The quicker you understand that, you'll know what kind of man I am."

Anthony Joshua.
Anthony Joshua. Photo credit: Getty
Jarrell Miller.
Jarrell Miller. Photo credit: Getty

When Joshua was allowed to retort, he had some stinging words for 'Big Baby' Miller.

"You're like a broken record, we've heard your story a thousand times. Tyson Fury knocked you out seven times in sparring.

"You're a fat fool, I'm the champion. I'm deadly serious - Jarrell can't beat me, not even on his best day."

Boxing: Anthony Joshua, Jarrell Miller get physical at heated press conference