Boxing: Joseph Parker vs Dereck Chisora off, Duco sick of waiting on Brit

Joseph Parker's proposed fight with Dereck Chisora is off.

The former WBO heavyweight boxing champion was in talks with the British slugger for an April bout in London, but Duco boss David Higgins told Newshub they were sick of waiting for a contract.

Higgins believes Chisora and his manager - former heavyweight champion David Haye - are stalling to prevent the Kiwi from having a full fight camp.

"For the past month, I've been trying to flush a contract out of Chisora's team, but I haven't received a formal offer in writing, which suggests to me they are trying to run our time down," Higgins said.

Parker only had a seven-week camp to prepare for Dillian Whyte last year in a fight that was made in less than 48 hours. Higgins believes Chisora is hoping for something similar to avoid fighting Parker at his absolute best. 

Higgins says they would be open to a fight on short notice, but the money being offered is not enough.

"That [fight] was high risk, high reward. This situation is a high risk, low reward.

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"We are calling their bluff, because they think we are desperate, but since I told them the fight was off, they have been blowing up my phone, trying to make a deal.

"Joseph wants a full fight camp to ensure he is at his best. We will take any fight, but it must be on fair terms." 

Higgins believes Chisora wants to fight his charge and is adamant Parker wants Chisora, so he isn't putting the brakes on making the bout, although the April date is no longer an option. 

Higgins says they must be willing to fight on Parker's terms.

"If it's fair money with fair lead time, then yes, absolutely we will.

"In fact, I might ask them to come down to Auckland or Christchurch, and fight us there - see how they like that," Higgins said.