Emiliano Sala: Sister Romina breaks hearts with photo of dog awaiting her master

Emiliano Sala's dog
Emiliano Sala's dog waits for her owner. Photo credit: Facebook/Romina Sala

Emiliano Sala's dog is still waiting for her owner to return home, two weeks after the Argentine footballer went missing in a plane over the English Channel.

Sala was flying from France to join English Premier League side Cardiff City, when his flight disappeared on January 22. Wreckage of the Piper Malibu aircraft was found at the bottom of the sea this week, although no victims have yet been identified.

His presumed death has been mourned across the world, but particularly through the EPL, where teams have observed a moment's silence before games and tributes have flowed from the team he never got to play for.

But now sister Romina has broken fans' hearts with a photo of Sala's faithful pet canine still waiting by the door for her master's return.

"Nala also awaits you," Romina Sala posted on facebook.

Nala was named after a character from The Lion King movie and features regularly on Sala's social media accounts. 

Emiliano Sala and dog Nala
Emiliano Sala and dog Nala. Photo credit: Instagram/Emiliano Sala

Searchers have found a body in the plane wreckage and are now considering their next step in a salvage operation hampered by strong tides.

The plane was flown by pilot David Ibbotson.