Live Updates: Blackcaps vs Bangladesh, First ODI

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Bangladesh 232 (Mithun 62, Saifuddin 41, Soumya 30, Boult 3/40, Santner 3/45)

Blackcaps 233/2 (Guptill 117no, Taylor 45no, Mehidy 1/42)

New Zealand win by eight wickets.


Blackcaps innings


45th over - Mortaza to bowl his ninth over. 0/26 so far.

Guptill swings hard over mid-wicket for six. Great shot.

That's the game folks. Guptill on the back foot and drives the ball down to long on for a single. East win for the Blackcaps. Well played Martin Guptill.

44th over - Soumya is on with his right-arm mediums.

Too straight from Soumya and Taylor glances down to fine-leg for four runs.

Eight from the over - Seven runs required for victory.

43rd over - Mortaza, the skipper is back for the last rights.

Tidy over from Mortaza - just the two runs.

42nd over - Mustafizur is back for Bangladesh - 0/26 from seven overs.

Short half-tracker and Guptill pulls through mid-wicket for four runs.

Now he goes over cover for four runs. Lofted, not timed to perfection but well enough to reach the boundary on two bounces.

41st over - 35 runs from 60 balls is the equation for the Blackcaps. Sabbir is back - 0/33 from six overs.

200 up for NZ- Guptill 99 now with a single down to long on.

CENTURY! Guptill pushes down the ground for one and has his 15th ODI ton from 103 balls.

Taylor is on the back foot and smashes Sabbir for four runs down to fine leg.

40th over - Saifuddin to continue.

Taylor cuts again but this time  only for two. 

Short from Saifuddin and Taylor front foot pulls through to the mid-wicket boundary.

39th over - Mehidy to bowl his eighth over. 

Over-pitched from Mehidy and Taylor drives through the covers for a boundary. 50 run partnership up from 57 balls.

38th over - Saifuddin is back. 0/29 from five overs.

Ball is still reversing for Saifuddin - Taylor clamps down well on a sharp in-swinging yorker.

Saifuddin goes full again but it swings down the legside for a wide.

Taylor pulls the final ball of the over through mid-wicket for four runs.

37th over - Mehidy is back - he has 1/32 from six overs.

Nice tidy over from Mehidy - just the four from it.

36th over - Mustafizur to continue.

Hit and run to mid-wicket by Taylor and he would have been short of his ground had the fielder hit the stumps. 

Just the four runs from that over.

35th over - Mahmudullah will bowl his fifth over.

Down the leg side, Guptill misses on the sweep - the keeper is pleading for a caught behind but given not out. Bangladesh will review but the ball flicked Guptills back pad. No bat and not out is the decision.

Guptill sweeps again but this time he makes contact - good contact and it's into the stand for six runs.

Taylor given width and he's quickly onto the back foot and cuts the ball down to the point boundary for four runs.

34th over - Mustafizur to bowl his sixth over.

Just a leg bye and a single off the bat of Guptill in that over.

33rd over - Just the 80 runs required for the Blackcaps. Mahmudullah to bowl.

Tidy over - just the four runs.

32nd over - Mustafizur is back - surprising because Saifuddin had looked dangerous.

Half volley is hammered back past the bowler for four runs. A bit of a punch but effortless shot from Guptill. 

Eight runs from the over with four singles coming after the first ball boundary.

31st over - Mahmudullah to bowl his third over.

Taylor goes back to cut but the line and length is not there for that shot - he just gets some bat on it in time - got himself in a bad spot there.

30th over - Saifuddin will continue - he looked dangerous in his last over getting some tail into the right-handers.

Guptill squeezes out a full in-swinger from Saifuddin - almost trapped in front their. Good bowling.

Another full in-swinger from Saifuddin is just kept out from Guptill. Some genuine reverse for the bowler in these conditions.

29th over - Mahmudullah to continue.

Guptill laps for four. Got down nice and quick and got plenty of bat on that.

OUT! Williamson sweeps and he is struck on the pads - looks out to me but umpire says no. Bangladesh review. The review is conclusive - hitting halfway up leg stump and the NZ skipper is on his way.
Kane Williamson lbw Mahmudullah 11 (21) 1x4 

Taylor defends his first ball and there is no run.

28th over - Saifuddin back for his third spell.

Saifuddin getting a little bit of reverse here. Williamson almost undone from his first ball.

Great over from Saifuddin - had Williamson scratching a bit - just the single from the last ball.

27th over - Mahmudullah replaces Mehidy with his off-spin.

Tidy over - just the four runs from it.

26th over - Sabbir continues.

Full from Sabbir and Guptill powers the ball down the ground fro four runs - almost took the heaf off the bowler. Great shot.

25th over - Mehidy to continue.

Guptill drives through the covers for four runs. Too full from Mehidy and Guptill made him pay.

Guptill edges but no slip there - two runs for the Kiwi.

24th over - Sabbir to bowl his fifth over.

Chance! Williamson runs on a miss-field and is almost run out for a duck. never a run there skip.

Fifty for Martin Guptill. eases the ball past the bowletr for a single. His half century up from 57 balls with two sixes and two fours.

Williamson comes down the wicket and plays a great shot ober mid-on for four runs.

23rd over - Mehidy to continue.

OUT! Nicholls comes down the wicket and is bowled. Beaten by the fullness of that one from Mehidy.
Henry Nicholls b Mehidy Miraz 53 (80) 5x4 

That wicket bring captain Kane Williamson to the crease.

Wicket maiden for Mehidy.

22nd over - Sabbir to continue.

Just three singles from that over.

21st over - Mehidy to bowl his fourth.

Nicholls cuts well through cover for four and brings up his 7th ODI half century.

100 partnership up between this new opening pair.

Seven runs off the over.

20th over - Sabbir to continue.

Just the four singles from the 20th over.

19th over - Third over for Mehidy.

Sweep from Nicholls and it's well timed through to the square-leg boundary.

Dropped! Nicholls on the reverse sweep - getsa  touch through to the keeper but he can't hold on. Tough chance.

18th over - Sabbir to continue.

Long hop from the bowler and Guptill rocks back and deposits the ball over the mid-wicket boundary for six.

17th over - Mehidy to continue.

Four singles to start the over.

Nice finish from Mehidy with two dot balls to close out the over.

16th over - Bowling change. Sabbir Rahman into the attack with his off-spin.

Both Guptill and Nicholls struggling with the skidders from Sabbir - just the two from his first.

15th over - Bowling change. Time for some spin with the off-breaks of Mehidy Miraz.

Guptill and Nicholls content with working Mehidy for singles - four of them from that over.

14th over - 183 runs required for the Blackcaps. Saifuddin is back for his second spell.

Big chance for Bangladesh - Nicholls flicks off his pads and calls two - there is hesitation on the turn and Guptill is struggling to get back but the throw is wide and he is home safely.

Guptill drives superbly past the bowler for four runs. Holds his shot in typical Guptill fashion.

Nicholls gets four now - on the drive through mid-off -poor fielding from Mahmudullah who dives over it and it gets to the rope.

13th over - A seventh straight over for the skipper.

Guptill drives and almost plays back onto the stumps - they scamper through for a run.

12th over - Mustafizur to continue.

Nicholls cuts and misses - there was a noise but not off the bat.

Nice over from Mustafizur - just the one off it.

11th over - Mortaza to bowl his sixth over.

Just the two singles from the first five balls.

A single for Guptill from the final ball.

10th over - No change, Mustafizur to continue.

Guptill hit and run and is almost run out at the bowlers end - dodgy single there.

Second chance in the over - Guptill cuts and is almost caught at point - he breaches the gap between gully and point.

Ninth over - Mortaza to continue.

Guptill goes bang! Downtown over the bowlers head for a maximum.

Nine off the over for the Blackcaps.

Eighth over - Rahman to continue.

Full from Rahman and Nicholls drives superbly down the ground for four runs.

Seventh over - Mortaza will bowl his fourth.

A couple of singles from the first three-balls.

Sixth over - Mustafizur Rahman replaces Saifuddin.

Two runs for Guptill through mid-wicket.

Just the two for Guptill from the first ball of the over - this is a little tedious in my opinion.

Fifth over - Mortaza continues.

Just the wide off that over - Nicholls struggling to get off strike.

Fourth over - Saifuddin to continue.

Down legside form the bowler and that's a wide.

Too straight from Saifuddin and Guptill flicks the ball past short fine leg for a boundary.

Third over - Mortaza to continue.

Just a couple of singles in that over - slow but steady start from NZ.

Second over - Mohammad Saifuddin to bowl his first over.

Nicholls works the final ball of the over through square leg for his first boundary.

First over - Henry Nicholls and Martin Guptill to open up in New Zealand's pursuit of 233 for victory.

Mashrafe Mortaza will open up for the Tigers.

First ball is wide outside off-stump and Guptill watches it through to the keeper.

Guptill edges to where second-slip would have been - off the mark with a sketchy single.

Nicholls off the mark with two runs through midwicket.


Bangladesh innings

49th over - Boult's final over to come. His third ball is a high full toss that results in a free hit.

He bowls full outside off-stump and Mashrage can't capitalise, steering it to Taylor in the field.

Boult bowls wide down leg-side. He's lost some control in this over, maybe looking for his slow change-up.

OUT! Boult bowls full and straight, and Mustafizur can't keep it out.
Mustafizur Rahman b Boult 0

Bangladesh are all out for 232, which is far better than they looked at 94/6. Once again, the Blackcaps have taken their foot off the throat of their opponents, but if there is a silver lining, at least their batsmen have a decent target to work towards.

48th over - Ferguson continues and...

OUT! Mithun's brave innings has come to an end, done for pace by Ferguson.
Mohammad Mithun b Ferguson 62

Mustafizur Rahman is Bangladesh's last batsman and he has zero footwork.

47th over - Boult returns to bowl out his overs.

New Zealand's fielding has been great and Nicholls dives to cut off a possible boundary.

Six runs off that over, but three of them were leg byes.

46th over - Ferguson returns. He tries to bounce Mashrafe, he steps back and ramps him fine for four.

45th over - Saifuddin swings Santner towards the boundary, Boult dives to save it and has to dive again.

OUT! Saifuddin hits to the boundary again, but is caught by Guptill.
Mohammad Saifuddin c Guptill by Santner 41

Captain Mashrafe Motaza is the new batsman, but there's still some confusion about that last over. 

44th over - Henry is dispatched by Saifuddin for four. Bangladesh bring up their 200.

Henry beat the outside edge of Saifuddin's bat and Latham doesn't field cleanly. The ball runs through his gloves and hits his helmet - five byes to Bangladesh.

Very messy.

Mithun swings Henry to the bounday for four to end the over.

43rd over - Santner into his seventh over. Mithun tries to lap him leg-side, but Taylor is there to cut off any run.

42nd over - Henry continues. Bangladesh are scoring in singles and pairs right now... their last boundary was in the 35th over.

As I say that, Saifuddin swings at Henry and top-edges to the boundary behind Latham.

41st over - Santner returns, Mithun swings and misses, and Latham takes off the bails, but the batsman is in his ground.

Four singles off the over.

40th over - Henry replaces Boult and almost has Saifuddin caught first ball.

The batsman offers a top edge that balloons over Latham's head - he needed to be seven foot tall to take that.

Mithun edges a single to bring up his 50, a much-needed contribution with his team on the ropes. It came off 73 balls.

39th over - Neesham continues with his seventh over. Just two singles off that.

38th over - Boult to continue, the second over of his second spell.

Saifuddin advances and takes a swish at Boult's short ball, missing completely and through to the keeper.

WASP is saying 216 and that's certainly looking more possible now, when you consider Bangladesh were 94/6.

Mithun tries to hit through the off-side, but it's hauled in by a diving Neesham, who almost runs the batsman out with his throw.

37th over - Neesham to continue, he's been a real mixed bag today.

Mithun guides him fine for two runs. Four from the over.

36th over - Boult returns, maybe hoping to mop up the tail.

Four singles and then Santner does well to cut off a boundary on the last ball. Six off the over.

35th over - Neesham continues.

Saifuddin advances and slogs through the off-side for four. Five from the over.

34th over - Ferguson continues. 

Taylor stops a run in the field, but he's shaking his hand. Apparently, he's nursing a dislocated finger and may have knocked it, taking that catch earlier.

33rd over - Neesham changes ends. With his fourth ball, he beats Saifuddin outside the off-stump.

Mithun swings Neesham fine for two runs. Four runs off the over.

32nd over - Ferguson resumes, and Saifuddin signals his intent by dancing down the pitch and playing and extravagant shot that skies behind him safely for a single.

Ferguson has had a handful of deliveries over 150kph today - his average is 148.8kph.

31st over - Santner to continue. Four dot balls and then Mithun cuts him for four.

Eight runs from the over and a drinks break.

30th over - New batsman Mohammad Saifuddin watches two wides sail harmlessly past from Neesham.

Neesham has lost a little poise in this over, maybe too over-stimulated from taking that catch, but he's finishing the over well with three dots.

29th over - Santner to continue. Mithun tries to smash back past the bowler, but Santner risks his fingers (again) to stop that.

OUT! Mehidy tries to sweep Santner, but gets a top edge that flies high. Neesham takes the catch over his shoulder, running away.
Mehidy Hasan Miraz c Neesham b Santner 26

28th over - Neesham to continue. WASP has Bangladesh scoring 208, but they're still a long way from that.

Mehidy tickles Neesham down fine leg for four. Six runs off the over.

27th over - Santner is dispatched into the stand by Mehedy.

Mehidy tries to drive Santner through the off-side, but a fine piece of fielding almost has him run out at the batter's end.

26th over - Neesham will bowl his first over of the day. He tempts Mithun into a hook-shot that misses everything, then takes him on the pad, but heading down leg-side.

Just two off the over.

25th over - Santner continues. Mithun scampers for a quick single and narrowly beats Latham's throw to the non-striker's end.

Four off the over.

24th over - Ferguson continues, Williamson smells blood and brings the gas.

His seventh delivery goes for four wides - that was wayward. Eight runs off the over.

23rd over - Santner's spin enters the attack.

OUT! Sabbir has swung at a delivery down leg-side and completely fallen over in a heap. Latham takes out the stumps and that's out.
Sabbir Rahman st Latham b Santner 13

Mehedy Hasan is in the middle now for Bangladesh. Second ball, he dances down the pitch and hoists the ball to the boundary.

Then, he strokes one through the off-side to the ropes. Not bad.

22nd over - Ferguson strays down leg-side, but beats Mithun outside off-stump. Just two runs off the rest of the over.

21st over - Latham comes up to the stumps for de Grandhomme.

Mithun ramps the second ball for four down fine leg.

Seven off the over.

20th over - Ferguson's first ball is stroked square by Sabbir for four. He repeats the dose with the third ball.

Ferguson digs one short and Sabbir fends it off with his gloves. That would have been a catch to a close fieldsman, but it balloons safely to earth.

Eight from the over.

19th over - De Grandhomme to continue. Five dot balls to Sabbir, who takes an easy single off the last ball.

18th over - Ferguson's first ball of the next over beats Mahmudullah.

Second ball is dug short and bounces way too high over Mahmudullah's head - wide.

OUT! Mahmudullah tries to drive, but gets an outside edge and almost beats Taylor in the slips. He gets a hand to it, deflects it up and takes the catch on second attempt.
Mahmudullah c Taylor b Ferguson 13

Sabbir Rahman takes guard. He's already struggling to find Ferguson's pace - that last one was 155kph.

Two runs off the over.

17th over - De Grandhomme to bowl his third over, cut square by Mahmudullah for two.

Mithun skips down the wicket and smacks de Grandhomme straight for four.

Nine off the over - a good one for Bangladesh.

16th over - Ferguson to bowl his second over after drinks. First ball is wide down leg-side.

Mahmudullah tries to nudge Ferguson to leg-side, just beyond Santner's dive - that would have been an absolute beauty! 153kph on the clock for Ferguson.

Just two off the over.

15th over - De Grandhomme's second over concedes just one run.

14th over - Lockie Ferguson to bowl his first over. He's right on the sport first ball.

He tempts Mahmudullah into a false shot that squirts off his inside edge. Ferguson beats Mithun with his final ball.

Four runs off the over.

13th over - Colin de Grandhomme, who did not bowl during the T20 series against India, has the ball.

Just a single off that over.

12th over - Boult to continue.

Mahmudullah cuts hard, but Santner takes the pace of the shot to limite scoring to just two.

OUT? Mahmudullah seems to edge through to the wicketkeeper, but Bangladesh appeal. Replays show the ball missed hands and bat, and clipped his shoulder on the way through - not out.

11th over - Henry into his sixth over.

Replays show that Boult lbw call in the previous over would have been out on review.

Just a single off that over.

10th over - Boult to continue.

Mahmudullah is a dangerman - he scored a century, when Bangladesh beat New Zealand by five wickets at the ICC Champions Trophy two years ago.

Boult hits Mithun on the pad - it's given not out and NZ have burned their review.

Next ball, Mithun plays off his pads for four down fine leg.

Ninth over - Henry into his fifth over.

OUT! Soumya tries to hook a short ball and gets a top edge. It skies high and Henry is there for the caught & bowled.
Soumya Sarkar c&b Henry 30

Bangladesh are in big trouble now - this could be a short game.

Mahmudullah reports for duty.

Eighth over - Boult's first ball finds an inside edge that somehow misses the wickets.

His second ball is short and bounces high off the helmet. No-one is too excited about the catch, so it must have missed the gloves.

Mushifqur is collecting himself after that blow. Next ball is a bouncer - Boult showing no mercy.

OUT! Mushfiqur tries to cut late, but plays the ball onto his wickets. Maybe his bells are still ringing from that bouncer.
Msuhfiqur Rahim b Boult 5

Mohammad Mithun is at the cwicket.

Seventh over - Henry to continue. New Zealand have no reviews up their sleeves.

Soumya absolutely nails this delivery into the stand for six - lusty!

Mushfiqur dances down the wicket and plays down the pitch for four. Big over for Bangladesh.

Sixth over - Boult with his third over.

Soumya picks a full delivery off his toes and finds the boundary - his fourth.

Boult bowls short and Shoumya swings it down fine leg for four more.

Boult angles one in and finds Shoumya's pad - not out, but Williamson will review it. Replays show an edge off the bat.

Fifth over - Henry continues.

OUT! Lovely straight ball from Henry may have found the inside edge of Liton's bat and takes out the stumps.
Liton Das b Henry 1

Wicketkeeper Mushfiqur Rahim arrives at the crease. He will be key to Bangladesh now, with the early loss of wickets.

Wicket maiden for Henry.

Fourth over - Boult hits Liton on the front pad with his opening ball, but it's the top of the pad and probably high. Replays show he also got an edge off his bat.

Nice cover drive from Soumya for four, splits the field. All his runs have been boundaries and he looks a very good batsman.

Five runs off the over.

Third over - Henry to continue. He raps Liton on the pad, but it's going down leg-side.

Soumya cuts square for a boundary to end the over.

Second over - Boult to bowl the second over for NZ.

OUT! Boult gets a full ball to move away and Tamim has no answer, edging it through to Latham for an easy catch - an early blow and a valuable wicket.

Soumya Sarkar replaces Tamim at the wicket and digs out a yorker first ball.

Boult digs a short one in and Soumya swings it square to the boundary for four.

First over - Liton Das and Tamim Iqbal will open the batting for Bangladesh, Matt Henry has the ball for NZ.

Henry strays leg-side with his first ball and Tamim glances it fine to the boundary for four to open the scoring.

Henry seems to roll his ankle on that first delivery and he's not happy.


1:32pm - Bangladesh have won the toss and will bat first, which is what Kane Williamson would have chosen, if he had won the toss.

Todd Astle and Tim Southey have missed the line-up, so Henry, Ferguson and Boult are the seamers, and Santner is the only spinner.

New Zealand: Martin Guptill, Henry Nicholls, Kane Williamson (capt), Ross Taylor, Tom Latham (wk), Jimmy Neesham, Colin de Grandhomme, Mitchell Santner, Lockie Ferguson, Matt Henry, Trent Boult

Bangladesh: Tamim Iqbal, Liton Das, Soumya Sarkar, Mushfiqur Rahim (wk), Mohammad Mithun, Mahmudullah, Sabbir Rahman, Mohammad Saifuddin, Mehidy Hasan Miraz, Mashrafe Mortaza (capt), Mustafizur Rahman

Bangladesh are actually coming off a 2-1 one-day series victory at home over West Indies, after sweeping them in two tests. Significantly, both these results came on familiar tracks.

New Zealand are favourites for this match, with the TAB offering just $1.13 for the win, with Bangladesh at $6.05. 


Kia ora, good afternoon and welcome to Newshub's live coverage of the first one-day international between the Blackcaps and Bangladesh from Napier.

After dropping their series against India 4-1, the NZ men have one last chance to finalise their squad for the World Cup in May-July.

There are still so many questions marks over the composition of this group. Who will open?

How many spinners? Who are our all-rounders? Do we take a second specialist wicketkeeper?

The T20 series victory over the Indians will have given some fringe performers some confidence, but they still need to produce in the ODI format to cement their claims.

Probably the hottest spotlight will fall on the opening batsmen, where Henry Nicholls has two games to convince the selectors he can provide the foundation for a big score, with Martin Guptill blazing at the other end.

Todd Astle also has a chance to promote his cause as a spinner/all-rounder at the tail-end of an innings.

In the past, Bangladesh have been regarded as soft opponents, especially away from home, but they are improvers on the international stage and are quite capable of upsetting the Blackcaps, if they're not on their game.

Join us at 1:30pm for the toss and line-ups for today's match.