Live Updates: Blackcaps vs Bangladesh, Second ODI

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Bangladesh 226    (Mithun 57, Rahman 43, Ferguson 3/43, Astle 2/52)

Blackcaps 229/2    (Guptill 118, Williamson 65no)

37th over - There it is! The game and the series all wrapped up. Click here for the full match review.

36th over - Clinical chase by the Kiwis today. Nothing like Guppy in full flight to warm the cockles of your heart.

35th over - Did you know Nicolas Cage once had two of his teeth pulled out for a role? True story.

34th over - Tick, tick goes the scoreboard. 11 runs left.

33rd over - Taylor slashes at one and gets a big edge over the keeper for four.

32nd over - Just 25 runs remaining...

31st over - Williamson brings up his 37th ODI half-century with a double to third man. 

30th over - Taylor joins in the fun, cuts late to the fence for four.

29th over - OUT - A superb innings comes to an end as Guptill is caught comfortably on the deep mid-wicket boundary. Guptill c Liton Das b Rahman 118(88)

27th over - Guptill seeing it like a beach ball, smokes one over covers into the fence. Just 51 runs remaining now. Full toss gets the treatment from Guptill, his 18th boundary of the innings.

26th over - Guptill sweeps through the gap in front of square lefg for four more.

25th over - There's the 100 for Martin Guptill, his second-straight century and 16th overall. Commanding innings, has locked in complete and utter control.

22nd over - Only two off the over, not that it really matters.

21st over - Guptill stands and delivers in trademark fashion, over long-on for six.

20th over - Four singles from the over and the partnership moves to 81.

19th over - The scoreboard continues to tick over. NZ going at a run rate of 6.22. Williamson pulls for four and it's all too easy at the moment.

18th over - Williamson punches one to long-on to bring up the NZ hundy. Guptill goes big again, launching a short one over cow corner for his third six. Cuts through backward point for four. Big over for the hosts.

17th over - Saifuddin concedes five wides. Eight from the over.

16th over - Guptill swings and misses at one which finds its way through to the keeper. Bangladesh think there may have been an edge and refer it upstairs, but no dice. Guptill responds by lofting one over midwicket for four more, his 10th boundary.

15th over - Guptill on to one early, cuts perfectly through the gap for four. 

14th over - Only one off the over, courtesy of a wide.

12th over - Three off the Rahman over.

11th over - Guptill cuts for four off the first ball, the man is racing. Hooks for four now, and that brings up his 50 off just 33 balls, his 35th ODI half-century.

10th over - Williamson gets off the mark with two past square leg. 

9th over - Guptill gets away with one, through the hook shot early and gloves it over the keeper's head for four. 

8th over - OUT - Nicholls hooks deep and straight down the throat of deep square leg. Nicholls c Liton Das b Rahman 14(23)

7th over - Just a single off the Mortaza over.

6th over - Guptill opens up and launches Mehidy over his head for six. Goes again, lfted drive over the rope.

4th over - Into the spin already.

3rd over - Nicholls plays off his pads, well timed and it finds the boundary. Nicholls cuts for four more.

2nd over - Guptill plays off his hip over square leg for the first boundary of the innings. Follows up with a slashing cut for a second. The opener is brimming with confidence after his 100 in the first ODI. 

1st over - Cautious start by the hosts. Guptill finds the gap at cover, they open their account with three. Nicholls starts with a double.

Here we go, New Zealand run chase set to get underway....

50th over - OUT - Boult leaps to take a screamer at backward square leg and that will end the Bangladesh with two balls remaining.

49th over - Mashrafe picks the slower ball from Henry and sends it sailing over the long-off boundary for six.

48th over - Ferguson up for his final over. Finishes an impressive spell by conceding just one run - closes with 3/43.

47th over - Newshub presenter Nicky Styris is a huge fan of the new Blackcaps uniforms. "You should see some of the ones Scott used to have to wear," she says, referring to her ex-NZ cricketer husband.

Four off the final over of Boult's spell - 1/49 off 10.

46th over - Bangladesh struggling to find runs as their innings ticks to a close. OUT - Ferguson beats the bat, collects boot then bails for this third wicket of the day. Saifuddin b Ferguson 10(15)

45th over - Excellent bowling from Boult, only two runs cost.

44th over - OUT - Ferguson's slower ball deceives Rahman, plays too early and spoons a catch to Neesham at point. Rahman c Neehsam b Ferguson 43(65)

43rd over - Sabbir charges and slams one stright back past Neesham for four.

41st over - OUT - Mehidy charges and sends one stright into the clouds, Nicholls underneath and he redeems himself with the straightfoward catch. Mehidy c Nicholls b Neesham 16(20)

40th over - Mehidy goes over the top, Nicholls back pedals and looks to have it taken but he's mistimed it, another dropped catch for NZ.

39th over - Astle keeping the batsmen guessing, he's looked good today. 2/52 from his 10 overs.

38th over - Miserly over from Henry, just a single off it.

37th over - Three from the Astle over.

36th over - Henry back to the popping crease. Henry strikes Sabbir in front, big appeal and the umpire raises his finger. Sabbit immediately opts for the review, third umpire confirms there's too much bounce and the ball is going over the top. Decision reversed.

35th over - OUT - Astle hurries one through and Mithun is too late on the shot, collects middle stump and the dangerman is gone. Mithun b Astle 57(69)

34th over - Sabbir onto the backfoot and pulls for four off Boult. 

33rd over - Mithun blasts one off Astlke into the stands to bring up his 50. Backs that up with another boundary.

32nd over - Boult back into the attack. Mithun looks tp pull and gets a thick top edge, over the keeper's head for four.

30th over - Ferguson again. Mithun drives square for four, pretty shot.

29th over - Huge inside edge that sounded as though it had taken out the stumps, turns out it had actually brushed leg but the bails didn't budge. Astle baffled.

28th over - Ferguson back, keeps things tight. Just two runs cost.

27th over - Well placed reverse paddle by Mithun, gets himself four. Looking good out there, the youngster. Seven off the Astle over.

26th over - Neesham beats the outside edge.

25th over - Sabbit drives for four. Eight from the over.

24th over - Neesham on the money. Edge falls just short of Taylor. Not sure he even wanted that to carry after those bungled first two drops. Cut for four to end.

23rd over - Just the boundary off the Astle over.

22nd over - Neesham takes the ball for his first over, immediately adds to the mounting total of wides.

21st over - OUT - Astle into the attack and he's immediately in the wickets, Mahmudullah looking to cut late but only succeeds in getting a faint edge through to keeper Latham. Mahmudullah c Latham b Astle 7(8)

Stephen Foote stepping in....

20th over - Ferguson in for over number four.

Great start to the over from Ferguson, but Mahmudullah edges the ball to the ropes. Bangladesh closing in on 100.   

19th over - De Grandhomme in his fourth over.

A few singles mixed in with a wide during off his seven balls. 

18th over - Ferguson is back and he looks furious after Taylor's two dropped catches. 

OUT! -  Ferguson gets the wicket of Mushfiqur Rahim who chops the ball onto his wickets. 

Mushfiqur departs for 24, leaving Bangladesh on 81/4. Mahmudullah comes into the batting line up. 

17th over - De Grandhomme is back

Tidy over from de Grandhomme, but Mohammad Mithun hits a four off the final ball of the over. 

16th over - Ferguson in his third over. 

First ball and Ross Taylor drops his seond catch of the day. 

15th over - De Grandhomme back into the attack. 

Five runs scored in the over. 

14th over - Lockie Ferguson now into the attack. 

A few singles to start the over, the Ross Taylor drops a sitter in the slips. That is two dropped catches now. 

Turns out to be a costly over as Ferguson conceeds 10 runs. 

13th over - Colin de Grandhomme comes into the attack. 

OUT! - after bowling three wides, de Grandhomme strikes and gets the wicket of Soumya Sarkar who departs for 22. 

Not the greatest over, but he still got a wicket. 

12th over - Boult to bowl his sixth over. 

Mushfiqur finding his groove, as he hits another four off just one bounce. 

11th over - Henry returns for one more before the Blackcaps change things up surely.

Todd Astle, who is getting a rare start, drops a catch and that is an oportunity missed.

The drops seems to have given Bangladesh some confidence as they score seven runs to end the over.   

10th over - Boult back once more. 

Matt Henry saves four runs with a nice dive on the ropes. 

Two balls later Soumya Sarkar, gets a little edge and ball goes for four. Then a poor delivery by Boult on the last gifts Bangladesh another four runs. 

Ninth over - Henry coming back for his fifth over today. 

The first five balls were dots, but the visitors score one run off the last ball. Tidy over from the Cantabrian.

Eighth over - Boult back again with the ball looking for his second wicket.

Bangladesh score six runs in the over.  

Seventh over - Matt Henry in for his fourth over. 

OUT! - A wicket maiden over for Henry as he claims the wicket of Tamim Iqbal 
on the second to last ball of the over. Bangladesh struggling at 16/2.

Mushfiqur Rahim now comes to the crease. 

Sixth over - Boult now in this third over. 

Soumya hits the first boundary of the day with a nice pull shot. They're the only runs Boult gives up in the over. 

Fifth over - Henry comes back for his third over. 

One ball is faced, and now the covers are coming on due to drizzle.

Ten minutes later, the covers are now coming off, and play can resume.

Fourth over - Boult to bowl the second over for NZ.

OUT! - Liton Das hits the ball straight into the air and he's caught by Lockie Ferguson. 

Soumya Sarkar comes to the crease. 

Third over - Henry to resume with the ball, and Liton finally gets a run from the bat on the board. They end the over on 5/0

Second over - Trent Boult to bowl the second over, and it is a maiden. Very impressive start by the paceman. 

First over - Liton Das and Tamim Iqbal will open the batting for the visitors, and Matt Henry will open the bowling for New Zealand. 

First three balls to Tamim are dots, and Bangladesh finally get a run on the fourth courtesy of a leg-bye.

10:51am - The covers were going on, but now they're coming off again. Ten minutes away from starting. 

10:43am - It is still quite overcast at Hagley Oval, about 16 degrees and 71percent humidity.

10:37am - Bangladesh will play the same side that lost the first ODI. 

Bangladesh: Tamim Iqbal, Liton Das, Soumya Sarkar, Mushfiqur Rahim (wk), Mohammad Mithun, Mahmudullah, Sabbir Rahman, Mohammad Saifuddin, Mehidy Hasan Miraz, Mashrafe Mortaza (c), Mustafizur Rahman

10:35am - Kane Williamson has won the toss and will bowl first. Todd Astle comes in for Mitchell Santner. 

New Zealand: Martin Guptill, Henry Nicholls, Kane Williamson (c), Ross Taylor, Tom Latham (wk), Jimmy Neesham, Colin de Grandhomme, Todd Astle, Lockie Ferguson, Matt Henry, Trent Boult

10:15am - The covers are now coming off, but it still looks cloudy outside. The Blackcaps say the match should start at 11am as expected. 

10:06 am - There is a chance today's cricket will start later than expected due to rain around Hagley Oval.  

Kia ora, good morning and welcome to live coverage of the second one-day international between the Blackcaps and Bangladesh at Christchurch's Hagley Oval.

New Zealand took a 1-0 lead in the three-game series on Wednesday at Napier, getting on top of their visitors at the start and limiting them to a total that was never going to be enough to defend on a batting-friendly wicket.

Opener Marting Guptill emerged as the hero, with his unbeaten century in the run chase, but there were still elements of that performance that will need improvement heading into the World Cup later this year.

After having Bangladesh 94/6, New Zealand allowed them to score 232, taking their foot off the throat somewhat. While the chase was methodical and systematic, it was also ponderous and uninspiring as a spectacle.

Perhaps if the Blackcaps get a chance to bat first this time, they will be motivated to attack in pursuit of a big score.

Join us at 10:30am for the toss and line-ups