Live Updates: Blackcaps vs Bangladesh, Third ODI

Bangladesh innings

Bangladesh 242 (Sabbir 102, Saifuddin 44, Mehidy 37, Southee 6/65)
NZ 330/6 (Taylor 69, Nicholls 64, Latham 59, Mustafizur 2/93)
NZ win by 88 runs

48th over - Southee to bowl his last.

OUT! Sabbir hits back past the bowler, but Santner cuts it off before the boundary and has a quick return in that catches Rubel short of his ground.
Rubel run out (Santner) 3

OUT! Sabbir top edges and Southee makes the catch off his owning bowling for his sixth wicket.
Sabbir c & b Southee 102

47th over - Boult replaces Ferguson. Four runs off the over.

46th over - Southee replaces Santner.

Sabbair splits the gap for four to reach 99 and then grabs a single for his maiden ODI century. Well deserved.

Great celebration too - he kisses the crowd and then holds up his bat, as if to say 'my bat does the talking'. He's just returned from a suspension for disciplinary problems, so maybe that's his point.

OUT! Mehidy hits high towards the boundary, but Guptill runs back and takes a diving catch over his shoulder - a great catch!
Mehidy c Guptill b Southee 37

And that's Southee's five-wicket bag - great way for him to answer back as well.

45th over - Ferguson into his last over. 

Ferguson hits Sabbir in the ribs and he's down for the count.

Mehidy glances Ferguson fine down leg-side for four. Eight off the over and Bangladesh need 105 off 30 balls.

44th over - Santner to bowl his final over.

They're just noodling singles off Santner and not really launching, so maybe Sabbir's century is the only target now.

Five singles.

43rd over - Ferguson continues, with Sabbir approaching his century.

Just two singles off that over.

42nd over - Santner into his ninth over.

Mehidy gets a thick edge, but the ball drops just short of Ferguson.

41st over - Ferguson continues and Mehidy cuts for four to bring up the Bangladesh 200.

Mehidy scoops one in the same direction for another boundary.

Eleven runs off the over.

40th over - Santner replaces Southee, trying to bore the batsmen to death.

Four singles.

39th over - Ferguson replaces Boult. He beats Mehidy and there's the faintest hint of an inside edge, but no appeal for Latham's catch.

Just one run off that over.

38th over - Southee is met by Sabbair, who swings him to the boundary for four.

Mehidy hooks Southee square for another boundary. He repeats the stroke, but his top edge also runs to the rope at fine leg.

Fourteen runs off the over - that was expensive and hurt Southee's figures.

37th over - Boult to continue, but the Bangladesh medics are checking Sabbir for concussion.

Remember, he got sconed by Ferguson a few overs ago. Looks like he will continue.

Sabbair gets a bottom edge that races to boundary. Five off the over.

36th over - Southee is re-introduced and almost has a wicket first ball.

Sabbir tries to hook the delivery and gets a top edge - Latham can't hold a high, leaping catch.

OUT! Mashrafe tries to hook and top-edges to Boult on the boundary - he makes no mistake.
Mashrafe c Boult b Southee 2

Mehidy is new to the wicket and plays a marvellous drive for four.

35th over - And in response, Latham brings Boult into the attack, looking for some quick wickets.

OUT! Brilliant captaincy from Latham. Boult entices Saifuddin into a false shot that skies the ball over Guptill's head.

But Guptill runs back and takes the catch over his shoulder, exposing the long Bangladesh tail.
Saifuddin c Guptill b Boult 44

Skipper Mashrafe comes to the wicket. Five off the over.

34th over - Santner is now into his seventh over.

Sabbir smashes him into the crowd, then two balls later, swings him to the fence for four.

Sabbir and Saifuddin bring up their 100 partnership, and the Blackcaps have gone to sleep, not for the first time this tour.

Bangladesh won't win from here, but the home side have let them hang around way too long.

33rd over - Ferguson continues and is swung to the boundary by Saidfuddin.

Seven runs off the over, but 10.7 needed by Bangladesh.

32nd over - Latham perseveres with Santner after the break.

Sabbair sweeps him to the boundary on his final ball - six off the over.

31st over - Ferguson returns for his fifth over.

Sabbair deflects a bouncer off his helmet for a leg bye - any way you can get them.

Drinks break.

30th over - Santner into his fifth over. Seven runs off the over.

29th over - Neesham into his fourth over.

Sabbir guides one away for a single to record his fifty in 59 balls - he's really saved Bangladesh from embarrassment.

28th over - Santner continues, they can't seem to get him away.

Three singles.

27th over - Neesham bowls his third over.

Saifuddin cuts him away to the boundary for four. These occasional flourishes aren't really challening the Blackcaps - they need to string a few together.

26th over - Santner into his third over. It's another maiden.

25th over - Neesham into his second over.

Sabbair stroke him nicely for four to bring up the 50 partnership - their biggest today.

24th over - Santner continues.

Sabbir gets a think edge for a boundary. Five runs off the over.

23rd over - Neesham also new into the attack.

He's proved to be a very serviceable bowler through the middle overs - but he's cracked to the square-leg boundary for four off the last ball. That brings up the Bangladesh 100.

22nd over - Santner brings spin into the attack... six dot balls. 

21st over - De Grandhomme bowling his fifth over.

Just three off the over.

20th over - Sabbir greets Ferguson with a supreme shot through the off-side for four.

Fergsuon pitches one short, Sabbir tries to get underneath and gets a top edge that runs away for four.

Bangladesh actually enjoyed a better 10 overs (51/1) than New Zealand (41/1) during that session.

19th over - De Grandhomme into his fourth over.

Saifuddin dances down the pitch and hits to the boundary.

18th over - Ferguson into his third over.

The required run rate is just under eight runs an over now - three off that one.

Ferguson bounces Saifuddin with his last ball and the batter barely keeps it down.

17th over - De Grandhomme continues.

Saifuddin nicks one safely through the vacant slips for four.

Six off the over.

16th over - Ferguson to bowl his second over.

He tries to bounce Saifuddin with his fifth ball, but it's deemed too high.

Saifuddin plays a full delivery on the off-side, but Neesham does well to cut it off before the rope.

Four off the over.

15th over - De Grandhomme for his second over.

OUT! Mahmudullah skies one towards the boundary and Munro runs in for the catch - his second of the innings.
Mahmudullah c Munro b de Grandhomme 16

The players adjourn for a drinks break mid-over, while Bangladesh look for another batsman to sacrifice. Saifuddin is the lucky guy.

14th over - Ferguson gets a chance to make up for his spilled catch - he now has the ball to bowl.

Remember, Bangladesh are a batter short today, after Mithun was unavailable through injury.

Mahmudullah narrowly misses edging the ball into the slips/keeper.

Two from the over. 

13th over - Colin de Grandhomme comes into the attack at first change.

Three singles off the over.

12th over - Boult into his sixth over and Sabbir cuts him to the boundary again.

That's the only runs off the over though.

11th over - Southee continues for his sixth over.

Sabbir hooks behind square and Ferguson spills the catch on the boundary. He seems worried about where the rope is, but he had plenty of room to make that.

Sabbir cuts the next ball for four to rub salt into the wound.

10th over - Boult for his fifth.

Mushfiqur is in obvious discomfort with that hand injury - he plays aerially towards the boundary, but the ball is cut off just short.

OUT! Mushfiqur calls for a change of bat and he skies the very next ball to Munro on the boundary.
Mushfiqur c Munro b Boult 17

Sabbir enters the fray - this guy has the most gorgeous eyes!

Ninth over - Southee in his fifth over, Bangladesh need 7.17 an over from here.

Mahmudullah advances to the last ball and swings it to the boundary for four.

Eighth over - Boult bowls a bouncer to Mahmudullah with his first ball.

Just two singles off that over.

Seventh over - Southee continues.

Mahmudullah hooks viciously behind square for six to get off the mark.

Mushfiqur defends the last ball and almost chops onto his stumps - he's done that in the previous two games.

Sixth over - Boult dashes in and Mushfiqur breaks the drought, cutting to the boundary.

His next shot evades Taylor at slip and also rolls to the rope. Taylor shakes his taped finger and Mushfiqur gets physio attention - that shot came off his hand. 

Mushfiqur edges another to the fence - this has turned into an expensive over for Boult.

Fifth over - Southee into his third over.

He hits Mahmudullah on the pad with his second ball, the appeal is denied, but the Blackcaps call for a review.

Replays show the ball was hitting, but not by enough to change the on-field call. NZ keep the review.

Southee misses down leg-side - and so does Latham - for five wides.

No actual runs off that over.

Fourth over - Boult for his second over.

His fourth ball takes Mushfiqur on the pad, but there's only a stifled appeal.

No runs from the over.

Third over - Southee to continue.

OUT! Southee strikes again with his first ball, hitting Liton on the pad.

Thought that was heading down leg-side, but the umpire disagrees and raises his finger.
Liton lbw Southee 1

Mahmudullah is the new batsman - he's obviously capable, but hasn't really shown it on this tour.

Wicket maiden from Southee.

Second over - Boult will share the new ball with Southee.

Just a single off this first over, as Bangladesh try to rebuild from their disastrous start.

First over - Southee has the ball first for New Zealand, bowling to Tamim.

OUT! Tamim steps down the wicket to the second ball and succeeds only in edging into the slips, where Latham accepts the catch.

Wow, that's rash so early in the chase.
Tamim c Latham b Southee 0

Soumya is the new batsman and he has shown some ability on this tour.

OUT! Wow, that's the commentator's curse. Southee gets a ball to nip back between bat and pad, taking out Soumya's stumps.

Southee's World Cup spot has been questioned this summer, but apparently he can still bowl a bit.
Soumya b Southee 0

An eventful opening over for Southee, two wickets and just one run, which was a wide.

NZ innings

NZ 330/6 (Santner 16, de Grandhomme 37, Saifuddin 1/48)

50th over - Saifuddin to close the innings against the rampant Blackcaps all-rounders.

De Grandhomme hits hard and straight, one bounce... four.

Last ball is swung for two by Santner, 11 runs off the over.

That's going to be a fairly daunting chase for Bangladesh, who haven't shown they're capable of anything like that on this tour.

Good contributions throughout the order, with the glaring exception of Colin Munro, who must now be a shaky selection for the World Cup.

49th over - Mustafizur to bowl his last over.

De Grandhomme goes aerial and is slightly lucky to find a gap for two. His next delivery is edged for four.

Better connection on the next ball for another four through the off-side.

Santner joins the party with a six - that's 18 off the over and we're heading for a big finish.

48th over - Saifuddin in to bowl his ninth over.

De Grandhomme is just the man for this situation, but Saifuddin is bowling very full and limits the scoring to singles.

Ooops, spoke too soon. Saifuddin tries a slower ball to CDG and that's dispatched into the crowd to bring up 300 for New Zealand.

47th over - Mustafizur has two more overs to come.

Latham hits into the off-side and scampers for two on the overthrow.

OUT! Latham hits towards the boundary, but reaches Soumya several metres short. That's a good knock by the acting skipper.
Tom Latham c Soumya b Mustafizur 59

Mitch Santner is the new batsman.

De Grandhomme slashes one to the boundary, one bounce, for four.

46th over - Mashrafe to bowl his final over. 

A two and a single to start the over for Latham.

De Grandhomme flicks over square-leg for six from his first ball. Great shot. Effortless.

11 from the over.

45th over - Mustafizur to continue.

Neesham drives a full ball down to long off for a well run two. 

No ball for over waste height - Neesham forces it down the ground for two. Free hit.

Neesham swings and misses on the freebie.

Full toss - Neesham swings through it and makes great contact. Four runs through square-leg. 

OUT! Bowled him. Neesham swings across the line to a straight one and he misses - the ball crashes into the stumps off a slight inside edge.
James Neesham b Mustafizur 33 (24) 2x4 2x6 

44th over - Rubel to continue.

Full and Neesham goes through the covers for four runs.

Neesham swings - he edges down to third man for four runs. Almost carried for six.

Latham goes big! Over fine leg for six. Superb shot.

Fifty up for Latham as he goes big again over mid-wicket this time. Great shot.

Fifty partnership is up.

43rd over - Mustafizur to bowl his 7th.

Single for Neesham from the first. He is 18 from 14 balls, Latham 33 from 37.

Short and wide from Mustafizur and called wide by the umpire.

Latham with a big swing and miss. Four runs from his last 12 balls. 

Two for Latham down the ground. Blackcaps missing the big shot the last few overs.

Latham gets him away this time - goes over mid-off for four runs.

42nd over - Saifuddin to bowl his eighth.

Another superb over - just the two runs. Latham really struggling to generate a run rate at the moment.

41st over - Rubel continues.

Good over from Rubel - just the three runs.

40th over - Mahmudullah is back. 0/14 from his solo over.

Neesham dispatches him over mid-wicket for six. Effortless shot. 

Repeats the dose a few balls later - not quite as long but effortless again.

14 from the over.

39th over - Rubel to continue.

OUT! Taylor on the pull but he top edges it - doesn't have enough juice in the shot and he is taken on the square-leg boundary by Mahmudullah. 
Ross Taylor c Mahmudullah b Rubel Hossain 69 (82) 7x4 

Neesham is the new batsman.

The left-hander is off the mark from his first ball -cheeky single to square leg.

Four singles and a wicket from the over.

38th over - The impressive Saifuddin is back. 1/18 from 6.

Latham works him around the corner for a well taken two - fifty partnership up from 53 balls.

Six from the over. A two and three singles.

37th over - Rubel is back. 0/27 from five overs.

Free hit for Ross Taylor. Over-stepping for Rubel - Expect some cow-corner action. 

Yep - Taylor slams a short one through mid-wicket for four runs.

Nine from the over for the Blackcaps as the 200 comes up.

36th over - Mustafizur to bowl his sixth.

Latham drives a fullish ball through to the cover boundary for four runs.

Seven from the over.

35th over - Mehidy to continue. 1/40 from 8 so far.

Tidy over - just the three-runs.

34th over - Mustafizur is back.

Taylor uses soft hands, the ball deflects off the edge of the bat, past the keeper and down to the boundary for four.

Eight runs from the over - drinks.

33rd over - Mehidy to bowl his eighth over.

Fifty for Taylor - his 47th in ODI's.

Taylor works Mehidy to fine-leg for one and is now the leading run scorer for NZ in ODI cricket surpassing Stephen Fleming.

32nd over - Mashrafe to bowl his ninth over.

Nicholls' departure has slowed the run rate over the past couple of overs.

Three runs from the over.

31st over - Mehidy continues for his seventh over.

Latham dispatches him over the ropes for six, beautiful shot.

Eight from the over.

30th over - Mashrafe is into his eighth over.

Two from the over - a tight one to stem the flow of runs.

29th over - Mehidy back to the crease, replacing Mahmudullah who went for 15 off one over.

150 up for New Zealand with the partnership approaching 100.

OUT! - Nicholls sweeps but gets a top edge and the ball flies into the hands of Tamim who takes it safely. A bit too wide to play that shot.
Henry Nicholls c Tamim b Mehidy 64 (74) 7x4

Latham off the mark with a single to short fine-leg.

28th over - Mushrafe has brought himself back on.

But he can't stem the flow. Short and Taylor cuts down to point for four runs. Ross Taylor now the second highest run scorer in ODI cricket for NZ....just eight runs behind Stephen Fleming.

Taylor drives but finds the boundary fielder this time - just the single.

Full and Nicholls drives in the air past the bowler, who got a hand on it. Great fielding from Mahmudullah prevents the four.

27th over - Mahmudullah to bowl his off-breaks.

Taylor onto the back foot, cuts fine passed the keeper and down to the boundary for four runs.

Now Taylor goes straight, beats mid-off and earns another four runs. Good cricket.

Full and Nicholls sweeps for four, The foot has been put down here. 

15 from the over.

26th over - Mustafizur to continue.

Nicholls flicks the firts ball of the over through mid-wicket, one bounce and hits the rope. 

Short from Mustafizur, Nicholls watches it pass by. Wide called.

Full this time and Nicholls on the drive, slightly edgy but enough on it to get through the infield. Two runs for Nicholls.

Seven from the over.

25th over - Mehidy to bowl his fifth. 0/16 so far.

Nicholls cuts through point for one and has another ODI fifty. His eighth.

Five singles from the over. Halfway through. 

24th over - Mustafizur returns, replacing Saifuddin.

Taylor works him around the corner for a well-taken two. Fifty partnership is up for these two. 

Repeats the dose for the same result. Good running.

Full and Taylor drives through to the cover boundary. Glorious shot. 

23rd over - Mehidy to continue.

Partnership is 42 from 61 balls.

Taylor down the wicket - bails out and places the ball down the long-on for one run.

Four singles from that over.

22nd over - Saifuddin continues.

Three runs from the over. Another good one from Saifuddin.

21st over - Mehidy to bowl his third. 0/8 so far.

Nicholls sweeps - ball goes straighter than he wanted - he runs on the shot, the fielder collects and throws but misses. Direct hit would have spelled the end.

Taylor laps - the keeper moves with the shot and almost pulls off a ridiculous catch. Great anticipation but couldn't quite finish it off.

20th over - Saifuddin has been impressive and he will bowl his fifth over.

Short from Saifuddin - Taylor down the wicket and pulls through mid-on for four runs. Powerful shot from Taylor.

19th over - Mehidy to bowl his second.

1000 ODI runs for Henry Nicholls.

Blackcaps struggling to generate a run rate at the moment. 

Nicholls plays a nice shot through wide mid-on for a couple.

Five runs from that over.

18th over - Saifuddin to bowl his fourth. 1/7 so far.

Another solid over - just the two runs from it.

17th over - Mehidy Miraz will bowl his off-spin, replacing Rubel.

Nice over - just the three runs from that one.

16th over - Saifuddin will continue.

Taylor drives a fullish ball out to the cover boundary rider for a single.

Three runs off that one. Time for drinks.

15th over - Rubel Hossain to continue.

A bit of a settling period for the Blackcaps. 

Short from Rubel and Nicholls pulls down the leg side for four runs.

14th over - Saifuddin to bowl his second.

Nicholls struck in front, big appeal but te ball pitched outside leg stump so no chance there. No review.

13th over - Rubel Hossain will swap ends to replace his captain.

Taylor goes fishing early and the ball swings past the bat.

Another good over from Rubel.

12th over - Mohammad Saifuddin replaces Rubel Hossain with his right-arm mediums.

Guptill squeezes out a well directed yorker - great running from the batting pair, scampering through for a single. The ball barely made it off the wicket block.

OUT! Guptill goes over mid-on but there is a fielder there. He takes a nice catch - but he falls over the rope - he  throws the ball back into play, steps back over the boundary and completes the catch. Brilliant fielding. 
Martin Guptill c Tamim b Saifuddin 29 (40) 3x4 1x6 

11th over - Mushrafe to bowl his sixth over. 1/22 so far.

Nicholls ruins a great over from Mushrafe. Short outside off and he cuts him down to the point boundary for four runs.

10th over - Rubel to bowl his third. 0/15 so far.

Guptill tries to go over mid-wicket but gets himself in a tangle - the ball balloons towards the fielder but drops just short of Mushrafe.

Nice over from Rubel - just the one sketchy single from Guptil's bat.

Ninth over - Mushrafe to continue.

Guptill goes over mid-on for four. Great shot with the field up.

Short from Mushrafe and Guptill turns him around the corner for a couple.

Short again and Guptill goes for power over square-leg but doesn't get much on it - one bounce to the boundary fielder.

New Zealand 50 is up.

Eighth over - Rubel will bowl his second over.

Short from Rubel and Nicholls repeats the shot from a few overs ago - this time through mid-wicket for four runs. Great shot.

Guptill swings hard but it's mistimed - Mahmudullah gets to it on the bounce but he mis-judges it and the bowl rolls over the boundary. He gets the evil stare from the bowler. 

Seventh over - Mushrafe to continue

Nicholls struggling to get Mushrafe away - he comes down the wicket and almost edges behind. This is some quality bowling. 

As I say that he bowls a goober outside off and Nicholls slaps him through gully for four runs.

Sixth over - Rubel Hossain will bowl his first over of the series.

Short from Rubel and Nicholls rocks back and smashes it through square-leg for four runs.

Six runs from that one.

Fifth over - No change - Mushrafe continues.

OUT! - Munro is trapped in front and the umpire sends him on his way. No doubt about that one - Munro played all around a fullish delivery and failed to make contact.
Colin Munro lbw Mushrafe 8 (7) 1x4 

With no Williamson it'll be Henry Nicholls batting at number three.

Nicholls plays out five balls with caution to end a wicket-maiden for the skipper.

Fouth over - Mustafizur to bowl his second.

Munro works Mustafizur for one on the led side - he's eight from six balls.

Guptill goes bang over the bowler'shead for six - superb shot from the right-hander. Holds the pose in traditional Guptill form. 

Short and wide from Mustafizur and Guptill rocks back and guides the ball through point for four runs.

Third over - The Bangladesh skipper will continue.

Quiet stuff - just the three runs from it. Guptill played a nice shot through the covers but superb fielding prevented a boundary.

Second over - Mustafizur takes the ball and Munro has a single off his first ball.

Conditions are offering some early swing for the bowlers, so this pair will need to be watchful initially.

Three runs off the over.

First over - Mushrafe, the captain, will open the bowling for Bangladesh, with Guptill on strike.

Guptill guides the third delivery down leg-side to open the scoring with a single.

Munro pushes straight and the ball is cut off just before the boundary, restricting the scoring to just three runs.


10:52am - New Zealand are paying just $1.13 at the TAB to win this contest, with Bangladesh at $6.40.

Unsurprsingly, Martin Guptill is favourted to lead the scoring at $3, with Henry Nicholls and Ross Taylor at $4.33, and Munro at $5.50 - the highest he's been all summer.

10:32am - Bangladesh have won the toss and will send the Blackcaps into bat first. This will be a good chance for them to put some early runs on the board, rather than leisurely chase a small total.

Mithun, who has been Bangladesh's best batsman in this series, hurt himself in the last game and will not play today - that will hurt. He's replaced by bowler (and tail-end batsman) Rubel Hossein, which won't help their batting depth.

New Zealand have made three changes, with Colin Munro replacing captain Kane Williamson, Mitch Santner coming in for Todd Astle and Tim Southey for Matt Henry.

Acting captain Tom Latham admits he would have batted first, if he had won the toss today.


Kia ora, good morning and welcome to Newshub's live coverage of the third one-day international between New Zealand and Bangladesh at Dunedin's University Oval.

With two wins already under the belts, the Blackcaps have a series whitewash within their grasp and given the tourists have barely challenged them so far, that should be a mere formality.

But this is sport and, as we all know, anything can happen on any given day.

NZ skipper Kane Williamson will take a break from this contest, so the captaincy will pass to wicketkeeper Tom Latham.

Presumably, Colin Munro will come into the side and take his customary role at the top of the batting order, which means the Henry Nicholls opening experiment is over - at least for now.

Nicholls will likely slot into Williamson's spot at three, with Ross Taylor at four and Latham five.

This is the last chance for fringe players to push their case for selection in the World Cup squad and spinner Todd Astle looms as the one with most to prove, if he is given that opportunity.

So far, Bangladesh have batted first twice, without scoring enough runs to really pressure the Blackcaps. Hopefully, the home side will get a chance to set a target today, testing their batsman to pace an innings over the full 50 overs and then defend that total.

Join us at 10:30am for the toss and team line-ups.


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