Live Updates: Blackcaps vs India, Fifth ODI

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India 252 (Rayudu 90, Panday 45, Henry 4/35, Boult 3/39)

New Zealand 217 (Neesham 44, Williamson 39, Chahal 3/41, Shami 2/35)

45th over: Kumar to bowl.

WICKET!! It's over! Boult top edges one straight down the throat of Shami. Boult c Shami b Kumar 1.

44th over: Pandya to bowl.

WICKET!! A full ball from Pandya is hit straight to the only man on the leg side, Shami takes the catch and it's all but one here for the Blackcaps. Santner c Shami b Pandya 22.

Single down the ground for Boult. 

Six from Henry, a short ball is heaved over mid wicket for six. 

Another six! Same ball, short and slow and Henry smashes it for six. 

43rd over: Chahal to bowl his last. 

Santner works two runs into the leg side, great running.

The lefty makes another single down the ground. 

Great spell from Chahal : 3 for 41 off his 10.

42nd over: Shami to bowl.

A single into the off side for Henry. 

Santner now with a single into the leg side.

A full slower ball from Shami and Henry hits it hard and straight down the ground for four. 

41st over: Chahal to bowl.

The Blackcaps are happy to take singles here, playing the long game.

WICKET! A sweep shot from Astle, it's a wrong'un and he misses it. LBW is given, review from Astle. Astle LBW b Chahal 10.

Great over for India, pressure here on the Blackcaps.

40th over: Shami to continue.

Great batting from Astle. A couple of runs through the off side, followed by a single in the same area. 

Four from the over. 

39th over: Jadhav to bowl.

A glorious shot from Astle through the covers for four, great shot.

A couple of singles, just six off the over.

38th over: Kumar will continue.

Santner guides one to the off side for a single.

This chase will be close, 74 needed off 74.

Five dots and one single off the over. 

37th over: Jadhav to bowl.

Wicket!! A huge LBW appeal, umpire gives it not out, but Neesham goes down the pitch, Dhoni is onto it like a flash and runs Neesham out. Neesham run out (Dhoni) 44.

Astle is off the mark with a glance into the leg side. 

Santner hits a single into the off side.

36th over: Kumar to bowl.

13 runs off the over, a great one for the Kiwis, two boundaries off it.

35th over: Shami will bowl.

Big over here, India need a breakthrough.

Two play and misses from Santner. Great areas.

A back foot drive from Santner is through the gap and goes for a single.

A short ball from Shami and Neesham controls a pull shot for four.

Another boundary for Neesham, square drive for four. 10 off the over. 

34th over: Pandya to continue.

Neesham goes bang! A fuller delivery and Neesham is able to get under it and hit it for six over mid wicket.

A single after the six, great cricket from Neesham.

Santner finishes the over with a single on the leg side, 11 off the over. 

33rd over. Chahal to bowl.

You would think these two will need to get us close, not a lot of batting left in the sheds. 

Santner gets a single down the ground. 

Neesham works a short ball into the leg side for one. 

Three off the over. 

32nd over: Pandya to bowl.

A shot into the leg side from Neesham earns a sinlge. 

A barrage of short balls to Santner here, an obvius tactic.

A full one next, he edges it for two. 

31st over: Chahal to bowl.

A de Grandhomme single down the ground, good batting so far from the big fella.

A shot to the on side for two from Neesham, followed by a quick single. 

WICKET! de Grandhomme didn't pick te wrong'un. He lunges forward and is given LBW. de Grandhomme 11 LBW b Chahal.

30th over: Pandya to bowl,

If you aren't aware, the Breakers have just a massive three to take the game to overtime and keep their season alive. 

de Grandhomme goes long over mid-on for a one bounce four. 

Back-to-back boundaries for de Grandhomme another shot over the leg side. 

A single from de Grandhomme to end the over. 

29th over: Chahal to bowl.

Wicket!! Latham misses a sweep, and is given LBW, Latham reviews, no he doesn't .WOW. Latham LBW b Chahal 37.

de Grandhomme inside edge first ball for one. 

A great over from India, a huge wicket from it. 

28th over: Jadhav to bowl.

A lovely four through the covers from Latham who is looking very good now. 

Another four to end the over for Neesham. Lovely stroke over midwicket.

27th over: Chahal to bowl.

A big shot for a stumping, going upstairs. Neesham the batsmen.

26th over: Jadhav to bowl.

A wicket! Hard to believe he just got out there. A short ball and a pull shot from the Captain goes straight down the throat of Dhawan, India back in it now. Williamson c Dhawan b Jadhav 39.

A great over from India, right back into the match.

22nd over: Jadhav to bowl.

Fairly slow batting here from the Kiwis, slowly but surely.

Willamson batting alot better now.

20th over: Jadhav to bowl.

Williamson sweeps a full ball into the leg side for a single. 

Four singles and a wide off the over. Five off it. 

19th over: Chahal to bowl.

A short ball from Chahal and Latham is on it in a flsh. Four runs. 

18th over:Shankar to bowl.

Four from Williamson, a cut shot, well timed. 

Another fantastic shot from Williamson, an on drive for four. 

Two dots to end the over, a very good one for NZ.

17th over: Pandya to continue.

Great shot from Latham, an on drive past mid-on for four. 

Single from Latham as the Caps are looking to be a little more aggressive.

Williamson single to finish the over. 

16th over: Shankar to bowl.

A bit more aggressive from the captain, lofted over cover for two. 

15th over: Pandya to continue.

A real mix up in the middle, but a bad throw helps NZ to a single.

A bit of luck from Williamson, a pull shot is top edged for four over the keeper. 

Five off the over. 

14th over: Shankar to bowl.

Very good bowling and conservative batting at the moment from these two sides. 

Just two singles off the over. 

13th over: Pandya to continue.

A bit of confusion in the middle but a misfield from India makes it a comfortable single. 

Williamson gets one too straight and flicks it for one. 

Another ball very close to a wicket, Latham nearly chops on. 


12th over: Shankar to bowl.

Williamson finally gets a gap, but it goes for one. 

Latham shuffles across the line and flicks one for a single. 

11th over: Pandya to bowl.

WICKET! Pandya gets one to seam in and the straight bowling approach has work, no feet movement, LBW is given. Taylor LBW b Pandya 1.

No review, but replays show it was going over..... Oh no.

A great over from Pandya, Wicket maiden. 

10th over: Shami to continue.

WICKET! Munro slashes at a wide one, and he has chopped it on. Munro b Shami 24. 

Taylor is off the mark with a late cut for a single. 

Kane Williamson looks all out of sorts, fantastic bowling from India five off 24 now.

9th over: Kumar to bowl.

A four from the first for Munro.

He looks to go down the ground on the next and he skies it, but it falls safely. 

A single into the leg side and the captain is on strike. 

8th over: Shami to bowl.

A single off the first from Munro.

Just one off the over, Williamson now five runs off 20 balls.

7th over: Kumar will bowl.

Munro could look to go boom here. 

Right on cue, an across the line shot from Munro, well timed, one bounce for four. 

A single into the leg side from Munro, a slower ball from Kumar. 

Five off the over. 

6th wicket: Shami to continue. 

Nearly another chop-on, but Williamson gets away with it,two off it.

Two off the over, Kane is struggling a little here. 

5th wicket: Kuamr to bowl - Munro advances and goes for a heave, just the single. 

A great over here from Kumar, great line and length. 

Two singles and four dots off the over. 

4th over: Shami to bowl - Dot ball off the first from Nicholls, defended off the back foot. 

WICKET! Nicholls tries to pull a short pull from Shami and he doesn't time, he hits it straigh to Jadhav at mid-wicket. Nicholls c Jadhav b Shami 8

Williamson is once again facing the new ball, can he get runs? he might as well open. 

Williamson finishes the over with a little drive through the covers for two. 

3rd over: Kumar to continue - Quick single off the fourth ball, it follows three singles.

In the slot for Munro, a good flick for six, controlled and timed to perfection. 

A dot ball to finish the over. 

2nd over: Shami will bowl - Another aggresive shot from Munro, inside edge for one. 

An inside edge for Nicholls thise time, just misses the stumps, goes for two. 

Great drive down the ground for Nicholls and it goes for four.

1st over: Kumar to bowl: Full and wide to start the over, Munro lashes at it, doesn't time it. Dot ball. 

Munro goes hard again, chipped over the covers for two. 

Lovely drive from Munro, just a single. 

A leave first up from Nicholls. 


Welcome back, can the Indian bowlers take early wickets and put the Blackcaps middle order under pressure? find out next. First ball is moments away. 

Not a bad effort by India after their horror start to the innings. Should be something in the pitch for their bowlers, and they have a reasonable number runs to work with there.

Join us back here shortly for the NZ chase with my esteemed colleague Luke Robinson.

50th over: OUT - Taylor takes a good catch going low to his right at cover. Kumar c Talor b Boult 6(7)

OUT - Mix up at the non-striker's end, Boult scopps it up and makes a graceful swan dive to whip off the bails. 

49th over: Neesham's up now. First ball driven through covers for four. Second is a full toss that's deservedly punished, six runs it is. Pandya's in the zone.

Gets one in the block hole but they somehow scramble for two. Make that one short, he's dropped his bat.

Another one right at Pandya's feet and he's managed to angle it to third man for four. Stunning.

OUT - Pandya skies one backward of point and Boult does very well to hold a difficult chance sprinting back towards the rope. Great knock, that was. Pandya c Boult b Neesham 45(22)

48th over: Boult steps up to the crease. Singles thorugh the first four balls, tight stuff from the paceman.

Pandya middles a full delivery, he somehow turned it into a pull which clears the square boundary for six by some distance. 

47th over: Astle strays with a rare short ball, Pandya obliges and sends it over the rope for six. 

Goes again the very next ball, this time the ball drops just inches over the long-off boundary for six.

Three straight for Pandya! That one soars over cow corner to send the Indian contingent into hysterics.

46th over: OUT - Jadhav plays an indecisive shot and succeeds only in chopping Henry on to his stumps. Jadhav b Henry 34(45)

Excellent final over brings Henry's allotment to an end, and the quick has a had a great day at the crease. Finishes with 4/35 and a maiden.

45th over: Astle now. Beats the bat of Jadhav, who was looking to send one into the stands.

Four dot balls, but the final delivery costs him a boundary. A good over nonetheless at this stage, six from it.

44th over: Henry too short and Rayudu pulls perfectly square for four.

OUT - Rayudu doesn't get hold of a lofted drive and it falls safely into the hands of Munro to bring a superb innings to an end. Three wickets for Henry. Rayudu c Munro b Henry 90(113)

Lovely shot from Jadhav, plays a straight drive past Henry for four.

No ball - free hit coming up. Costs NZ just a run.

43rd over: Testing times for Astle, into the heat of the final 10. But he's up to the task, only two from it.

42nd over: Henry back into it now. 

Rayudu stands and delivers, well improvised hook for four.

Henry gets away with a full toss, mistimed shot earns Rayudu a single.

Rayudu oozing confidence after his shaky start, boldly reverse sweeps the pace of Henry for four.

41st over: Astle to the crease now for only his second over. Run a ball from it.

40th over: Munro to bowl out here. What a time to be alive.

Jadhav lofts one, cries of 'catch it!' but it falls clear of the fielders. 

Shot of the day from Rayudu, takes a knee and blasts Munro over midwicket for six.

Repeat performance the very next ball and Rayudu is letting loose now. 

Munro finishes with 0/47 from his 10 overs, a handy effort that was slightly spoiled by those final two sixes.

39th over: Boult takes the ball. Slightly stray early, Latahm does well to haul in a huge wide. Rayudu plays well off his pads for two.

38th over: Munro again, too much width on his second ball and Rayudu plays a textbook cut forward of point for four.

Dropped! Boult has to sprint forward from deep at long-on, looked to be under the miscued drive from Rayudu but hard hands see it shelled.

37th over: Williamson has turned back to his dangerman, Boult takes to his run-up. 

Shortball to Jadhav, he wants no part of that one. 

Jadhav gets only a slightly short one and he pulls hard and fast for four.

35th over: CDG with a gem that toys with the outside edge of Jadhav's bat.

Rayudu charges and adjusts well on the fly, pulls to the fence at square leg. 

It's a carbon copy the very next delivery to bring up a hard-fought half-century for Rayudu. Call him Nicolas Cage, because he's been The Rock of this Indian innings. 

34th over: Jadhav lofts Munro over mid-on, ball is in the air for a long time but it falls safely for Boult to chase it down inches from the rope.

33rd over: De Grandhomme back in the action. A single run from it. He's conceded 25 from his six overs to date.

32nd over: Munro from the other end now. 

OUT - Horrible mix up between the two here, Shankar called his man through for a run but Rayudu was ball watching and hesitated, eventually commits but it's all too late and Munro does well to under-arm the stumps from a couple of feet away. Shankar run out 45(64) 

31st over: Here comes Todd Astle! Sunnies on, he's ready to roll. 

Half-hearted appeal from his second delivery, bit of bat there I think.

Astle not afraid to give the ball some air, four runs from his opener.

30th over: Rayudu strides down the wicket and gets right under one, sends it over the cow corner fence for six.

29th over: This partnership has been critical for India, it's been a slow burner but it's really brought them back into this game. Currently sits at 80.

Santner chucks down a rank long-hop and Shankar puts it away to the boundary.

28th over: Miserly Munro keeps the momentum going, just nine runs from his four overs.

26th over: Munro again. He's getting through the deliveries quickly without too much expense, just two from the over.

25th over: Santner into the attack. Rayudu advances and looks to drive, gets a thick edge which just evades Nicholls outstretched hands at point.

24th over: Three singles off the Munro over.

23rd over: De Grandhomme again. Rayudu picks up fielders for no runs, then flicks off his pads to fine leg for four.

First six of the innings! Rayudu advances and hoists one into the blue Welly sky, straight back over CDG's head and over the rope.

22nd over: Colin Munro takes the ball now, nice little wrinkle here from Williamson.

Good areas from the part-timer, just two from the over.

21st over: Excellent short ball from De Grandhomme which catches the top of Shankar's helmet and runs to fine leg for four.

Rayudu charges and takes a huge swing with no ding, ball narrowly misses the stumps.

20th over: Rayudu fishes for one outside off and fails to get anything on it. He's cutting a frustrated figure at the moment.

Releases that pressure by giving a terrible short ball from Neesham the treatment it deserved, to the fence for four it goes.

19th over: Rayudu drives straight for two. It's taken him 32 balls to reach 7. They're the only two from the CDG over.

18th over: Quick single from Shankar and they have to hurry. Can sense the pressure building, runs have to been tough to come by.

That'll help - Shankar flicks a poor ball from Neesham square for the first boundary in an eternity. Well, since the 10th over. Just the fourth of day.

17th over: A quick drink and they're back into it, De Grandhomme keeping the clamps on as the tourists look to rebuild.

16th over: Neesham on the money, just one from the over. 

15th over: De Grandhomme takes the ball from Boult at the other end. 

Boult opens with a spell of 2/12 off 6 overs including 2 maidens. Stop it, Trent.

14th over: Neesham comes in as first change. Five from his fopening over.

13th over: Henry beats the bat to start, then closes his stellar first spell with a handful of dot balls. An impressive 2/11 off 7 overs for the quick

12th over: Boult continuing to keep the batsmen baffled. Fizzes one past the chest of Rayudu which even keeper Latham can't pull in, four byes it is.

11th over: Henry in a groove now, sends down a heater of a bouncer that gets the attention of Rayudu.

10th over: OUT - And there goes Dhoni! Boult is scorching hot - fires down a gorgeous in-swinger that cuts back and rattles the top of off stump. Dhoni b Boult 1(6)

9th over: Struck on the pads and Henry goes up with an epic set of jazz hands. Williamson folds to the peer pressure, and understandably so given Henry's reaction. It's clearly heading down leg, and the third umpire agrees.

Just one run off another excellent over for Henry.

8th over: Nothing buts dot for days for Boult whose line and length have been inmpeccable. Maiden over.

7th over: Gill stands tall and plays an exceptional straight drive back past Boult for four. Can see why this kid has such big wraps on him.

OUT - Great reverse jinx there, you're welcome guys. Gill spoons an easy one to Santner at cover for his second wicket and India are officially in trouble. Gill c Santner b Henry 7(11)

6th over: OUT - Dhawan looks to play a lofted cut off Boult but he doesn't get enough on it, great field placement ffrom Williamson and Henry closes the deal with a well-taken catch. Dhawan c Henry b Boult 6(13)

5th over: OUT - Henry squares Sharma up with a cracking delivery and beats him off the pitch with some late movement to collect off stump, before throwing down an empassioned dual-fisted celebration. He's pleased with that one, and well he should be. Sharma b Henry 2(16)

4th over - Boult strays down leg and a slight tickle from Dhawan sends it to the fine leg boundary for the first four of the day.

Three slips in for Boult. Williamson realises the importance of early wickets here.

3rd over - Richardson talking about the possiblity of corrugations in the pitch. Okay.

Dhawan with a quick single to finally get off the mark.

2nd over - Fourth ODI hero Trenty Boult rips in with a gem to begin, straight through Sharma's gate and somehow it misses off stump.

Maiden over for Boult to start.

1st over - Matt Henry steams in to get us started, great opportunity for the quick to show his wares today.

Sharma sees the first few through to Latham behind the stumps.

Peach off the seam beats Sharma all ends up, and a cut shot gets India on the board off the final delivery. Tidy start for Henry.

2:52pm - "You can't beat Wellington on a good day" count currently sits at four.

2:38pm - Kane Williamson reckons he would've bowled first if he'd won the toss anyway. Hmmm. 

2:37pm - Colin Munro will step in for the injured Martin Guptill, as expected. For India, Shami, Dhoni and Vijay Shankar are back for Khaleel, Kuldeep and Karthik.

India XI: Rohit, Shikhar, Gill, Rayudu, Dhoni, Jadhav, Vijay Shankar, Hardik, Bhuvneshwar, Chahal, Shami

New Zealand XI: Munro, Nicholls, Williamson, Taylor, Latham, Neesham, Santner, Grandhomme, Astle, Henry, Boult

2:31pm - India have won the toss and will bat first at Westpac Stadium today.

Kia ora, good afternoon and welcome to Newshub's live coverage of the fifth and final one-day international between New Zealand and India in Wellington.

India have already won the series, but the Blackcaps will be determined to end the series on a positive note after a world-class performance in Hamilton where the hosts claimed an eight-wicket win. 

But they will have to do it without Martin Guptill, after the opening batsmen aggravated a pinched nerve during fielding practice on Saturday.

Colin Munro has come into the side and will likely open the batting with Henry Nicholls.

In the four matches so far, Shikhar Dhawan is the leading run scorer with 182, while Trent Boult is the leading wicket taker with nine - five of which came in the Fourth ODI. 

Join us closer to 3pm for the toss and team naming.

TAB odds: Blackcaps $2.07, India $1.76

Pre-match banter - Why Blackcaps must stick with Colin Munro for World Cup

OPINION: While the country's being blasted by a sweltering heatwave, Blackcaps opener Colin Munro's found himself in a run-scoring Ice Age.

The burly left-hander's been frozen at the crease, and his scores have gone from hot and cold to just damn freezing.

So much so, that the New Zealand selectors wielded the axe in Thursday's fourth ODI against India, cutting him from the team and - surprisingly - promoting Henry Nicholls up the order.

It's a puzzling move and one that doesn’t make sense. While Munro is in a rut, he remains the best option for the Blackcaps at the World Cup. 

There's no denying his recent numbers are dodgy. He's averaging 15.33 in the current Indian series and he's averaged a lowly 27.83 over his last six one-dayers.

While an average of 40.33 across three ODIs against Sri Lanka was promising, it only serves as an outlier. Before then, he managed 14.00 in three games against Pakistan and 11.22 in five goes at England last year.

Munro is yet to score a century, with a high score of 87 and a disappointing batting average of 25.31.

All of which paints a fairly ragged and ugly picture - so why keep him?

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