Live Updates: Blackcaps vs India, Second T20

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New Zealand 158/7 (de Grandhomme 50, Taylor 42, K Pandya 3/28, Ahmed 2/27)

India 162/3 (Sharma 50 , Pant 40 no, Sodhi 1/31, Ferguson 1/31)

That's all from me, stay tuned for a match wrap. 

19th over: Kuggeleijn to bowl.

Single off the first from Pant. 

One needed to win now.

That's it, it is all over! Too easy from India, 1-1 now heading to Hamilton. 

18th over: Ferguson to bowl.

Eight off the over, just three needed to win. 

17th over: Southee to bowl.

Single into the leg side for Dhoni.

HUGE from Pant, A one handed six, over mid-wicket very nice shot. 

A couple of singles to end the over, great batting from India. 

16th over: Sodhi to bowl.

A simple single from Dhoni, down the ground for one. 

A top edge from Pant and Taylor can't hold it, straight through the hands, tough catch. 

Pant gets another single down the ground. 

Dhoni plays a one handed late cut for a single. Great work.

Another single from Pant. 

15th over: Southee to bowl.

Four more for Dhoni, bad line from Southee. 

Single after that. 

A single from Pant, good batting. 

A single from Dhoni off the last, he will keep strike. 

14th over: Mitchell to bowl.

First ball of the over is on Pant's legs, he helps himself to a boundary four.

One run, down the ground from Pant. 

Full toss from Mitchell and Shankar times a drive for six, straight over long off. 

WICKET! Shankar is gone, Mitchell slows the pace down and Shankar can't time it, Southee takes the catch. Shankar b Mitchell c Southee 14.

Absolute shocking bowling, a slow short ball on leg, four more. That's help yourself to runs type bowling. 


13th over: Kuggeleijn is back to bowl.

Just a single from Pant. Into the off side. 

Great shot and fantastic work from Sodhi in the deep, saves a certain boundary. 

A lofted drive from Shankar, just over Williamson, one bounce four.

12th over: Sodhi to bowl.

A quick two from Pant, great running.

Shankar is off the mark with a single to long on.

An absolute rocket from Pant, Sodhi tossed it up and Pant has smashed it through the line for four past mid off. 

A single off the last from Pant. 

11th over: Ferguson to bowl.

Two runs for Dhawan, down the ground. A slight fumble costs a run. 

A single into the off side for Pant. 

WICKET! A great ball from Ferguson, a short ball with some extra zip. It comes off Dhawan's bat then helmet and floats to de Grandhomme who takes a simple catch. Dhawan 30 b Ferguson c de Grandhomme. 

10th over: Sodhi to bowl.

WICKET! and finally. Sharma is out, hits one down Southee's throat at mid wicket. Sharma 50 b Sodhi c Southee. 

Doug Bracewell is on the field, he has replaced Santner.

9th over: Santner will bowl.

Just singles for the Indians, working the lefty into the leg side. 

SIX from Sharma, huge, long and straight - uses his feet and toes it for six down the ground. 

11 off the over. 

8th over: Sodhi to bowl. 

A rank half tracker from Sodhi gets what it deserved a big old six over square leg from Sharma. 

Looks like batting practice from the Indians here, in absolute cruise control. 

11 off the over. 

7th over: Santner to bowl.

An injection of spin, either going to take wickets or get pumped.

Singles off the first three balls of the over.

Five singles off the over. 

6th over: Ferguson to bowl.

A single from Dhawan, dropped into the off side. 

Four more from Sharma, over the covers. 

Not timed into the leg side, just a single. 

Another single from Dhawan. 

5th over: Southee to bowl.

Good areas from Southee, but it's too slow, hit for four over mid wicket. 

Short ball from Southee and it's pulled away for four. Great shot. 

A single from Dhawan down the ground. 

Nine from the over. 

4th over: Kuggeleijn to bowl.

Boom, 144 km/h to the box, ouch that's gotta hurt.

That doesn't phase Sharma, too short and bang it's gone for four. Stand and deliver. 

Too straight from Kuggeleijn and Sharma flicks him for six, flat and hard. 


3rd over: Ferguson to bowl.

SIX from Sharma, that's huge, too short from Ferguson and it flies over mid wicket.

A two through the covers, better ball.

Great work from Santner at point, saves three, just a single. 

A short ball from Ferguson, Dhawan doesn't time it, it falls safe. Two runs. 

11 off the over.

2nd over: Kuggeleijn to bowl.

Dhawan drives to cover, who spills the ball and it runs for two.

A single into the leg side for Sharma.

1st over: Southee to bowl.

A cut shot off the second ball for four, just a great shot, fine of point and past third man for a boundary. 

A drive for a single down the ground for Sharma.

A single to end the over, six off it. 

20 or 30 runs short if you ask me, but join us for the second innings as India will start the chase. 

20th over: Ahmed to bowl.

WICKET! Santner swings at a wide one, and chops it on, Santner b Ahmed 6.

Single for Southee. 

Great yorker from Ahmed, on the money. 

Two from Southee, down to long on.

The last ball of the innings, and he's gone! WICKET! Southee b Ahmed 3. 

19th over: Kumar will bowl.

A single to start the over from Taylor.

Single from Santner, just great bowling from Kumar.

Taylor manages two runs but the death bowling has been impressive. 

Back-to-back wides to help New Zealand a little bit, free runs!! 

WICKET! Outstanding from the deep, Shankar throws a direct hit and Taylor is miles short. Taylor 42 Run Out b Kumar.

18th over: H Pandya to bowl.

A much needed boundary for Ross Taylor, just missed the yorker and Taylor flicks one low and hard for four. 

A low full toss and Taylor gets one away for a single. 

A single into the leg side for Santner. 

Another single into the deep, this time for Taylor. 

Just singles here, another boundary needed to end the over.

No boundary, just the single for Taylor.

Three overs to go, I think we need another 45-50 runs. 

17th over: Kumar to bowl.

Great running, Taylor drops one into the leg side and runs two, good start to the over. 

Another yorker from Kumar, this time Taylor just manages a single.

Santner with a single into the leg side. 

Taylor gets a single into the off side, great bowling from Kumar. 

Santner misses out on a short one, he has a wild swing but only manages a single. 

Seven off the over. 

16th over: H Pandya to bowl.

de Grandhomme gets a thick outside edge, but it doesn't carry to third man, single.

Wide from Pandya. 

Another single from Taylor, this time through the off side. 

Another wide, good for the Caps. 

Two runs for de Grandhomme and that's the fifty! Very well batted and much needed for the Blackcaps. 

WICKET! It's fifty and out for de Grandhomme, hitting one straight to the captain in the covers. de Grandhomme c Sharma b H Pandya 50. 

Santner gets off the mark with a single off the first. 

A Ross Taylor single to finish the over. 

15th over: Ahmed to bowl.

Two balls in a row, de Grandhomme played and missed at, not moving his feet - trying to get too cute.

Better from the big fella, single through the covers.

An unreal shot from Taylor, it's full and wide and the Kiwi steps across and sweeps it behind square leg for four. 

A single to mid-wicket from Taylor.

A single off the last. 

14th over: H Pandya will bowl.

A cover drive from de Grandhomme goes for two. 

A good yorker from Pandya is dug out well from de Grandhomme.

Back-to-back wides from Pandya, trying to give de Grandhomme nothing to work with. 

Crunched shot goes straight to the man at long off, one bounce, just a single. 

A single from Taylor down the ground. 

A lofted shot from de Grandhomme lands safely for two. 

A single from de Grandhomme to end the over, nine off it.

Both spinners have bowled out, can NZ get to 180?

13th over: Chahal to continue.

A couple of singles to start the over, a couple more big overs needed.

Very cute from Taylor, a little paddle sweep around the corner - four more.

Great cricket, a single after the boundary. 

A single off the last from de Grandhomme.

12th over: K Pandya to bowl.

18 off this over! Two sixes again from  de Grandhomme. Great batting. 

11th over: Chahal to bowl.

Six more from de Grandhomme, stays still and hits it down the ground. 

Four over cover, full and wide and that's four more.

Six from de Grandhomme hard and flat over the bowlers head. 

Then a single down the ground. 

Two runs from Taylor to finish the over. 

19 off the over! Great over. 

10th over: K Pandya to continue.

de Grandhomme flicks one into the leg side for one. 

Just singles here for these two, tough batting at the moment.

Another single from de Grandhomme to finish, four off it.

9th over: Chahal to bowl.

de Grandhomme with a single down the ground.

Taylor follows suit with another single. 

Five off the over. 

8th over: K Pandya to bowl.

A couple of singles off the over. 

WICKET! K Panda, It's another slider and it doesn't really bounce and hits the captain on the back pad. Williamson LBW b K Pandya 20.


7th over: Chahal to bowl.

A short ball from the spinner and Kane pulls it to the man in the deepl just a single.

Taylor gets off the mark with a single down the ground. 

6th over: K Pandya to bowl.

WICKET! Munro is gone, he gives himself some room and smashes it straight to Sharma in the covers. Munro 12 c Sharma b K Panda.

Mitchell off the mark with a single. 

WICKET! LBW, Mitchell goes upstairs, there is a spot on hotspot, but apparently it's nothing... There is no spike on snicko so Mitchell has to go. Mitchell 1 LBW b K Pandya. 

The crowd isn'y happy, neither is captain Kane Williamson. 

5th over: H Pandya to bowl.

Munro works a short ball into the off side for a single, drop and run.

Four from Kane, past third man.

Another one from the captain, great placement through the covers. 

4th over: Ahmed to continue.

A length ball on off stump and Munro looks to heave one over the leg side, two runs. 

Much better from Munro, a fuller ball and he stas still, swings through the line for six over long off. 

A four through the covers from Williamson, vintage Kane. 

3rd over: Kumar to bowl.

A back of a length ball on middle, there to be hit and Seifert hits it for four.

He follows it up with a swat over mid-wicket for six.

WICKET! Seifert tries to go leg side again, he gets a bottom edger and it goes through to Dhoni. Seifert 12 c Dhoni b Kumar.

Single of WIlliamson's first ball, into the leg side. 

Munro flicks a short ball into the leg side for a single. 

2nd over: Ahmed to bowl.

A wide ball, but Seifert can't get any bat on it.

Seifert swinging for the hills here, misses another. 

Seifert steps across and spoons one into the leg side for a single. 

1st over: Kumar to bowl.

Short and wide off the first ball and Seifert has a swing but gets it off the toe, dot ball.

Single off the second, an outside edge which runs down to third man. 

A great ball from Kumar, Seifert comes down the track but Kumar beats him with pace and bounce. 

Three off the over. 

TAB odds. New Zealand $2.08  India $1.74

The Blackcaps have won the toss and will bat first at Eden Park, Kane Williamson says no changes to the side which beat India in Wellington.

India are also unchanged. 


Kia ora, good evening and welcome to Newshub's coverage of the Blackcaps vs India T20 clash from Eden Park.

The Indians will be looking to keep the series alive, after going 1-0 down in the opener at Westpac Stadium, while a win for New Zealand would end their rivals' nine-series winning streak against all opponents.

Can the fringe World Cup players step up again? Will we see more fireworks from Tim Seifert at the top of the innings?



Tim Seifert not worried about Cricket World Cup selection



Blackcaps hero Tim Seifert knows he's given World Cup selectors plenty to think about after his Man-of-the-Match performance against India in the opening T20 match of their series in Wellington on Wednesday. 

The wicketkeeper-batsman blasted 84 runs off 43 balls to help New Zealand win the match by 80 runs, India's worst defeat by runs, surpassing a 49-run loss to Australia at the 2010 World T20.

Seifert opened the batting alongside Colin Munro after Martin Guptill was ruled out of the three-match series with a back injury.

The 24-year-old's knock helped the Blackcaps reach 219/6 from their 20 overs, before New Zealand's bowlers ripped through India's batting line-up to dismiss their opponents for 139 in 19.2 overs.

Seifert couldn't have picked a better time to put on a show, as the Blackcaps coaches continue to explore their wicketkeeping options for the World Cup later this year in England.

With each team allowed a squad of only 15 players at the World Cup, taking two keepers can sometimes be a luxury.

Last month, New Zealand coach Gary Stead suggested that Henry Nicholls, who has rarely kept wicket in recent years, could play that role behind first-choice specialist Tom Latham.

But if Seifert continues to impress, then Stead might have to reconsider his options.

Even though playing at a World Cup would be a dream for Seifert, he insists he isn't worrying too much about the showpiece event that starts in May.

"I just go out, do what I do and hey, if that gets me over the line, brilliant," he said. "But still being young, you know, [I've] still got time on my side.

"Don't get me wrong, I want to be at this World Cup. If I get there, fantastic, it's a dream come true, but if it's not, then there are things to work on to get to the next one.


"Everyone's got things to work on and for me, it's about improving my keeping. I feel like I'm gloving the ball fairly well and as a keeper, getting those one-handed catches are the ones you want to take."

Before going to the crease, Seifert said he watched highlights of former Blackcaps captain Brendon McCullum on YouTube to help inspire him.

The videos did wonders, as he hit six sixes and seven fours in his audacious knock.

"I'd be lying if I said Baz [Brendon McCullum] wasn't one of my heroes growing up.

az throughout my childhood."Obviously, you try to be yourself out there, but I definitely have looked at B"

Seifert showed shades of McCullum in his innings, which included hitting a switch-hit boundary off Krunal Pandya's left-arm leg-spin.

"I kind of just looked at the field and it's all in the moment.

"I don't really practice it or anything, it's just kind of in the spirit of it. I just thought of his angle and obviously got him slog-sweeping a couple of times, so I thought he maybe might slow it up.

"It's kind of a little punt you take, but it's T20 cricket for you."

Both teams now head to Auckland for the second T20 encounter on Friday.