Live Updates - Super Bowl 2019, New England Patriots vs Los Angeles Rams

Patriots 13 - Rams 3 [Please refresh browser for latest update]

Thanks for joining me today - not a great game but great result for the Patriots and Tom Brady - the dynasty is complete.

Q4 00.00 - The Rams get within field goal range a take a shot but it's no good....the plan there was to get within a touchdown and onside kick, recover and then take a hail mary shot but it didn't work - that's the game guys.

Q4 00.35 - Time is a ticking - The Rams are rolling down the field but it's all in avail.

Q4 1:12 - FIELD GOAL PATRIOTS - Wow! He only just sneaks that through...just.... and the Pats are all-but world champions and Brady has a sixth Super Bowl championship.

Q4 1:16 - Gostowski will try from 41-yards to win the game.

Q4 1:54 - The ball is a half inch short from the run - Pats could take a fairly regulation field goal here or they may opt to go for it.

Q4 Two minute warning - Pats have the ball - 3rd & 1. A first down will end the game.

Q4 2:28 - Rex Burkhead with a huge second down run for the Patriots - that is pretty much that with the Rams having burnt their timeouts. 

Q4 2:47 - Michel with a 25-yard run for the 1st down gets the Pats out of a tough spot and the Rams need three stops here with 2:47 remaining.

Q4 4:05 - INTERCEPTION! That could be the game folks. Goff under huge pressure as the Pats send everyone with the blitz - Goff throws off balance but instead of finding Cooks in the endzone he finds Stephon Gilmoure, the Pats corner and that's a turnover. Pats with the ball inside their five.

Q4 4:30 - Goff with a great pass finds Woods for 30-yards. Rams within 25 of the Pats endzone.

Q4 5:18 - Reynolds gets in a bit of space on 3rd down and the Rams have another 1st down. 

Q4 6:50 - Screen play from the Rams works - Cooks runs for 25-yards and the Rams are rolling.

Q4 7:00 - TOUCHDOWN PATRIOTS - Sony Michel with the 3-yard TD. That was all Brady, Edelman and Gronkowski - the Pats stepped it up on that set with Brady going four-for-four on the Rams defence finally fading? Gostowski adds the extra point.

Q4 7:13 - Gronk with a huge 27 yard reception in triple coverage. The Pats now from the 3-yard line. 

Q4 8:40 - Brady finds Edelman down the middle for another 14-yards - that's 10 receptions for the Pats WR. Pats now on the Rams 30 with a fresh set.

Q4 9:38 - Gronk pick up 18-yards on a floating pass from Brady. Pats looking to break the Rams on this drive. 

Q4 10:24 - An absolute shocking set from the Rams - a couple of penalties and poor play options led to a 3rd & 22 before Gurley was stopped for a loss. Patriots will have the ball back on their 30.

Q4 12:14 - Massive call against the Pats on an incompleted 3rd & 11 - Gilmour called for holding against Cooks and the Rams get a fresh set of downs from their own 30.

Q4 13:23 - Goff finds the 1st down - Anderson runs for six yards and then Cooks reels in a 12-yard pass. 

Q4 14:22 - Goff finds Anderson under a heap of pressure and he earns nine-yards - then the Goff makes a mistake on the snap and the refs call a penalty. 2nd & 6.

Q4 14:57 - Brady looking to push the Pats into field goal range but the Rams stop him again. The Pats punt and Ryan Allen with a superb kick pins the Rams back to their five-yard line.

Okay here we go just 15 minutes on the clock.

Q3 1:08 - Michel with the Pats longest rushingplay of the game - breaks through the D-line and runs for 19-yards. Pats with a fresh set of downs from the Rams 47.

Q3 2:15 - FIELD GOAL RAMS - Greg Zuerlein with a monster shot from 53-yards to tie the game. That's the longest kick in a Super Bowl in almost two decades.

Q3 2:40 - Goff sacked - huge play. 16-yard loss on the play leaving a 53-yard field goal attempt.

Q3 4:00 - Wow! Almost the first TD of the game - Cooks wide open inside the end-zone and Goff finds him but out of nowhere Jason McCourty breaks up the pass. Great defensive play.

Q3 4:13 - Huge 3rd down pass ferom Goff down the middle finds Woods for 20-yards. LA's first 3rd down conversion of the game. The get a fresh set of downs from the Pats 30.

Q3 5:28 - Goff follows with a nice pass that finds Cooks - his third catch - gets 20-yards.

Q3 5:58 - Rams have a 1st down through Anderson on the run.

Q3 6:51 - Brady goes three and out again - if the Rams can get something going with the ball their D-line is holding Brady and the Pats in check. That's a big 'if' as Goff is having a shocker and Gurley is carrying an injury. Rams from inside their red zone again after a nice punt from Slater.

Q3 8:50 - Rams three and out inside their own red zone andthey will punt from a nasty spot, their eighth of the game - it's a great punt though - the longest in Super Bowl history - 65 yards! Nice work from Hekker who has arguably been LA's best player so far. 

Q3 10:14 - The Rams double up Edelman on 3rd down and it pays off as he can't reel in a hard thrown pass from Brady - the Pats will punt. Both these defences are playing lights out. Great punt from Slater and the Rams will be pinned on their own 3-yard line.

Q3 11:34 - 27 yard play for the Pats. Julian Edelman again! Brady throws over the middle on 3rd & 4 and finds his number one man in open water. He gets about 15-yards after the catch as well. Pats on their own 30. 

Q3 13:06 - Goff can't complete on 3rd down - throws to Cooks but there is double coverge and the play is broken up. Pats will have the ball on the 7-yard line after the Rams punt.

Q3 14:03 - Patriots defensive kingpin Patrick Chung ios out of the gamw with what looks to be a broken arm. Got his right arm caught up in a tackle. 

Q3 14:10 - Finally Todd Gurley into the game for the Rams - Runs for 22 yards on two runs and the Rams are finally rolling.

Q3 14:52 - Goff almost throws an intercept out pf the gate. Dont'a Hightower almost pulled it in. 

Second half : Gostowski gets us back underway - no return possible as the ball goes over the deal ball line.

The verdict around the office on the halftime show was unanimous - worst halftime show ever. It wasn't great and social media would suggest most people feel the same.

Adam Levine of Maroon 5 performing during the half time show.
Adam Levine of Maroon 5 performing during the half time show. Photo credit: Getty

End of the first half! - second lowest scoring half in Super Bowl history. Both offences reallt struggling. The Pats have had more success but no big plays - as for the Rams, Goff and his offence have only managed two first downs in the game. Will see in 30 mins if they can turn that around.

Q2 0:28 - Rams go three and out after a big loss on the first play - Goff sacked for the second straight play. Rams punt and with 16 seconds on the clock the Pats will likely take a knee on their own 8-yard line.

Q2 1:17 - Pats go for it on 4th & 1 after Brady underthrew on 3rd down. Pass is incomplete and the Rams have the ball back on their 30-yard line.

Q2 1:33 - Big penalty against the Rams for two many players on the field. Pats from the Rams 40 - 1st & 10.

Q2 2:12 - Brady finding his range. Edelman earns a 1st down as the Pats are on halfway with two minutes on the clock and a fresh set of downs.

Q2 3:57 - Pats from their own 25 to begin their next possesion.

Q2 4:40 - Goff sacked on 3rd & 2. Play action from the Rams but that's what the Pats expected and Goff has nowhere to go - loss of 8-yards and the Rams will punt.

Q2 6:14 - The Rams will have the ball on their own 43 after a penalty against the Pats during the punt.

Q2 6:56 - Pats go three and out. The Rams defence is really pressuring Brady at the line - both sides struggling to find that big offensive play to break the game open.

Q2 8:00 - Goff goes big on 3rd down for Reynolds but he can't pull the pass in and the Rams will punt. Nice punt of 30-yards will push the Pats back to their own 12-yard line.

Q2 8:37 - Rams have another 1st down - 18-yard pass by Goff finds Robert Woods on the sideline.

Q2 10:22 - Nice return from JoJo Natson of 28-yards. Rams need to find some offence. Just the one 1st down so far.

Q2 10:56 - FIELD GOAL PATRIOTS - Gostowski nails this one and we have our first points of the game. 

Q2 11:01 - Brady finds Gronk on 3rd down but he can't find the first down marker and Gostowski will have a shot from 41-yards.

Q2 12:08 - Huge 3rd down throw from Brady finds Edelmaan wide open for a big gain. Edelman has 74-yards on five receptions. Pats from the Rams 30-yard line.

Q2 13:58 - Great punt from Hekker. The Pats will have the ball on their 30-yard line.

Q2 14:42 - CJ Anderson with a small run but the Rams are pegged back here inside their red zone after a couple of penalties. Goff can't covert on 3rd down and the Rams will punt. Pats winning the field position game at this stage.

Q1 00:00 - First quarter in the bank. Rams are 2nd & 5 inside thir 10. 

Q1 00:18 - Brady almost sacked on 3rd down - he just gets the ball away with Aaron Donald in his face. Pats will punt and the Rams have the ball inside their own 10.

Q1 2:20 - Brady almost intercepted for a second time. Flings a 20 yard pass down field toward Edelman but can't find his man - almost caught by Talib. Next play and Brady finds Edelman for the biggest play of the game - 25 yard pass.

Q1 3:32 - Pats will get the ball back - Rams to punt from their own 40 - no return possible and the ball is marked on the Pats 19 yard line.

Q1 4:18 - Rams into the Pats half - Goff with a nice 15 yard pass finds Josh Reynolds.

Q1 6:05 - Pats go three and out inside the Rams 35. Stephen Gostowski will have a shot from 42 yards - it's no good!!!

Q1 7:11 - Gronk with a big reception - earns 17 yards for the Pats who have worked their way to the Rams 33 yard line.

Q1 7:48 - Pats rolling now - 1st & 10 on the halfway line - that big call against the Rams could end up being  a pivotal moment.

Q1 9:12 - Huge penalty against the Rams for a helmet to helmet hit. Dunno if I agree with that - the Pats would have been 3rd & 14. 15 yard penalty.

Q1 10:27 - Brady converts on 4th & 9 to score a big 1st down for the Pats. Passes to Edelman for a 13 yard gain. 

Q1 11:25 - Three and out for the Rams - Two run plays for two yards and then Goff can't convert on 4th down. Punter Johnny Hecker with a 53-yard effort, collected by Julian Edelman but he's tackled for a loss. Pats with the ball deep inside their red zone.

Q1 12:06 - INTERCEPTION! Brady's first throw is tipped and recovered by Rams linebacker Cory Littleton. Poor pass and the Rams have the ball for the first time.

Q1 13:10 - Two rushing first downs for the Pats - nothing from Brady yet. Pats are inside the Rams 40. 

KICKOFF: Here we go! Rams kicker Greg Zuerlein gets us underway - Pats returner Cordelle Patterson with a nice opening return of 38 yards. Brady will have the ball on the Pats 40. 

12:30pm - Coin toss won by the Rams - the Patriots will have the ball first.

12:29pm - So now we have the traditional Super Bowl coin toss.

12:21pm - So we have had the NFL man of the year award, America the Beautiful, a cool little navy band and now the great Gladys Knight singing the national anthem.

11:59am - Pre-game festivities about to get underway including the traditional midfield coin toss.

11:35am - Halftime show this afternoon is headlined by Maroon Five with Gladys Knight opening things up with the national anthem.

11:20am - Former UFC lightweight and featherweight champion Conor McGregor is in the house.

10:55am - Welcome to the coverage everyone. We are just over 90 minutes from kick-off.

The biggest day in American sport has arrived - Super Bowl Sunday.

The 2019 edition features the five-time world champion New England Patriots against the Los Angeles Rams.

The match-up will see an outstanding showdown at quarterback with the icon himself, Tom Brady, against the 2016 number one draft pick Jared Goff.

That battle may be superseded by a mouthwatering coaching duel, as the American football coaching messiah Bill Belichick looks to put the young gun in his place.

Thirty-three-year-old coaching sensation Sean McVay has played a huge part in turning the Rams from the worst team in football into one of the most potent attacking weapons the game has ever seen.

McVay, a protégé of Super Bowl-winning coach Jon Gruden, was a surprise appointment, when the Rams took a punt on the then 30-year-old in 2016, making him the youngest coach in NFL history.

The rest is history, with McVay guiding the Rams to playoff football a year ago, before an outstanding 2018/19 season resulted in the second-best record in the league and now a Super Bowl spot.

Head-to-head: Patriots - $1.74, Rams - $2.15

Super Bowl MVP: Tom Brady - $2.10, Jared Goff $2.80

Join us for updates of all the action from kick-off at 12:30pm.