Olympic Games: Equestrian great Blyth Tait with golden dreams ahead of Tokyo 2020

One of New Zealand's most decorated equestrian stars is eyeing a return to the Olympics.

Blyth Tait won individual gold in Atlanta 23-years-ago but that competitive fire still burns.

Tait wants another shot at the big time although he accepts getting to Toyko 2020 won't be easy.

"There are only three on the team and there is a lot of talent out there," Tait told Newshub.

But the 57-year-old four-time Olympic champion has the pedigree to achieve his goal.

The double-world champion often reflects on the enduring memories of his gold and bronze performances from Atlanta 1996 that had hundreds of travelling Kiwis roaring in delight.

"You can't recreate that sort of young enthusiasm but you know experience takes you on a different approach to competitions."

Tait's eager to use that experience at the highest level on his mount Havana - his only focus now he's based South of Auckland, away from his former responsibilities in the United Kingdom.

"It won't seem like a job anymore it's going to feel like a sport - and you know I think a fresh approach is good as you start to get older."

Tait's road to Toyko will see him compete against two of the world's best in Kiwis Jonelle and Tim Price at next month's Horse of the Year in the Hawke's Bay.

A stepping stone he hopes to relive the magic of the Olympics.

"Seeing people on the sidelines holding the New Zealand flag - that's why we do it - to be involved in exciting times like that."

Wearing the Fern after a 15-year hiatus is certainly not out of the question for the Olympic great.