Rugby: Cheetahs' Nico Lee suspended 13 weeks for disgusting snot-spraying incident

A South African rugby player has copped a 13-week suspension for spraying snot on the face of an opposition player.

Cheetahs centre Nico Lee was judged to have gone outside the spirit of good sportsmanship during his side's loss to Connacht.

Lee admitted he "cleared the contents of his nose onto the face of an opposing player, thereby committing an act of foul play", when he sprayed Connacht flanker Colby Fainga'a.

Nico Lee.
Nico Lee. Photo credit: Getty

The disciplinary committee said his actions had no place in the game.

"This is not a case of over-exuberance or an act which is within the rules of the game going awry. It follows that by its nature, this act is one that is deserving of punishment. It is contrary to the spirit of sport.

"The effect on the victim player was understandably serious. There is no expectation and there ought to never be an expectation that an opposing player would clear the contents of their nose onto an opponent."

The committee deemed the offence merited a red card as a top-end offence, with a minimum suspension of 26 weeks.

The panel halved the ban, after taking into account admission of facts and his clean disciplinary record.

Lee issued a grovelling apology through social media.

"I want to apologise to Cheetahs Rugby, my teammates and supporters," he said.

"My actions don't reflect the type of person or player that I am and, I just want to say sorry and apologise for everything."


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