Sir Owen Glenn puts 'cowardice' Hockey New Zealand on blast

Hockey New Zealand's independent review has been slammed as 'cowardice' by financial backer Sir Owen Glenn.

Speaking to NZME, Glenn is continuing to back former coach Mark Hager despite the review finding a culture of bullying and intimidation existed in the women's Black Sticks.

The six-month review, conducted by Maria Drew QC, found serious failings by Hockey NZ.

24 of the 33 players interviewed reported 'serious concerns' about the team environment under Hager's leadership.

Hager quit his post last month to take up a role with the England and Great Britain women's programme heading into the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Hager's departure ignited Glenn's frustration and last week NZME reported he had suspended his $1million a year commitment to the women's Black Sticks.

Glenn is concerned Hockey NZ has adjusted the narrative of the review to lay the blame on Hager and avoid on-going criticism.

"He is a good coach - I saw a lot of his coaching all over the world. No complaints, all the good players are supporting him. Who are the ones who aren't? This is cowardice, absolute cowardice," Glenn told NZME.

Glenn key point is the lack of information released. Monday's review came with only three and a half pages - Genn told NZME he has seen a more in-depth copy, but even that had information missing.

"I saw the amended copy. Probably 30 to 40 pages. But it has huge gaps in it," Glenn said.

"Everything that could have been contentious has been deleted. And it looks like a lawyer has gone over it with a fine tooth comb.

"Where's the justice in that? Where's the fair play in that? Someone has to question this. Nobody wants to take responsibility.

"I want the hockey board to be taken to task."

Glenn maintains his stance over his funding. The two are still in communication over what conditions Hockey NZ need to meet in order to earn his generous contribution.

"They've got conditions from me. I want this thing to be investigated, and I think an independent person should investigate it." Glenn told NZME.

"There needs to be a fair assessment of whether [Hager] deserves any compensation. I want an investigation into the Players Association's role, and I want the hockey board to be taken to task by a competent person who will make an assessment of whether they performed their duties.

"They appointed the coach, and they said they stood by him, but I don't think they stood by him."