Super Bowl 2019: Tom Brady serenaded with 'We are the Champions' at media day

Tom Brady didn't expect to encounter many Super Bowl firsts in his ninth appearance on the grand NFL stage, but Thursday brought another unique moment.

In the middle of his 15-minute press conference in Atlanta, an enthusiastic ukulele player serenaded him with a rendition of "We are the Champions."

"That's kind of a nice break in the action here," Brady said.

Unlike his previous eight trips, Brady has passed on any offered breaks from practice this week. This week, he's gone into hyperdrive to make sure he is comfortable and confident with the playbook options on the table against the Los Angeles Rams.

"You just kind of go with what you feel you need - more film study, more treatment, more practice, more rest," Brady said.

"We only have so much time left. I feel like I've done what I needed to do to get to this point."

Patriots head coach Bill Belichick said the Patriots will go to any depths of their play-calling catalogue, on both sides of the ball, knowing the finality that awaits Sunday night. Brady and Belichick are 5-3 with the Pats in the Super Bowl.

"In this game, you try to do whatever you need to do to win. It' s a one-game season," Belichick said.

"There's nothing else to save it for. There's only 150, 160 plays left in our season. We need all of those plays to be our best plays."

Brady and Belichick agree a slow start won't be acceptable against the Rams, who lead the NFL in scoring since Sean McVay became head coach.

"You always put together the plan. You wish you always went according to plan, but it usually doesn't," Brady said.

"It adjusts right up until game time. After the first series, you're already making adjustments."

"You have the two best teams. You fight it out, and the best team wins."


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