Football: Galatasaray youngster praised for deliberate penalty miss

Galatasaray's under 14 captain Beknaz Almazbekov deliberately missed a penalty after the referee wrongly awarded it during their match against Istanbulspor in Turkey.

With his side leading 1-0, Almazbekov cut inside the box from the left and went past an Istanbulspor defender before tumbling to the ground.

Replays clearly show the forward simply lost his balance and tripped over, but in the eyes of the referee, there was sufficient contact to award a penalty.

Knowing that the ref had made a mistake, and with his team already winning the game 1-0, the 13-year-old intentionally kicked the ball out of play.

Many have praised Almazbekov on social media for his admirable display of sportsmanship.

Despite the missed penalty, Galatasaray managed to beat Istanbulspor 3-0.