Former Black Ferns rugby star Melodie Robinson gets her own Barbie doll

Sports presenter Melodie Robinosn & Barbie doll
Sports presenter Melodie Robinosn & Barbie doll. Photo credit: Photosport

Former Black Ferns rugby player and sports presenter Melodie Robinson now has a Barbie doll modelled on her.

Toy manufacturer Mattel has produced a range of 20 new dolls across 18 countries to celebrate its 60th anniversary and International Women's Day on Friday.

The promotion is part of its Dream Gap Project, an "ongoing global initiative aimed at giving girls the resources and support they need to continue believing that they can be anything".

Robinson joins a select group that includes rising Japanese tennis star Naomi Osaka, Greek NASA scientist Eleni Antoniadou, Polish professional truck driver Iwona Blecharczyk and Mexican artist Frida Kahlo.

"OK, seriously cool to be selected to inspire young girls with the first-ever NZ Barbie," she posted on Instagram. "She's Maori… and a commentator!"

The former loose forward played 18 tests for the NZ women's rugby team, helping them to two World Cup victories.

She has also studied journalism - her first job in radio was part of the parliamentary press gallery - and is now a presenter with Sky Sports.