Formula E: Keeping it on the family: Mitch and Simon Evans following in father's footsteps

Motorsport is in the Evans family's genes and Mitch and Simon are the latest generation carrying on that tradition.

The pair will lineup at this weekend's Formula E event in Hong Kong with their parents watching on.

Signing autographs and taking pictures with fans is something Mitch Evans felt he was destined to do.

"I was born into a motorsport family so it was sort of a given I would get into it," he told Newshub.

"His older brother Simon races in Formula E's support category.

And their father, Owen, once held the New Zealand land-speed record of just under 350 km/h.

"That's where Mitch and I get our speed from," Simon Evans told Newshub.

But Owen's last attempt nearly cost him his life.

A blown tyre caused his car to lose control and the result was a horrific crash that had many fearing for his life.

He was rushed to hospital – and would stay there for the next three months.

But like his driving his recovery was quick and it wasn't long before youngest son Mitch wanted to get behind the wheel too.

"Obviously after dads massive accident in 1996, I think it was more get the approval from mum for us to do it."

But according to his dad - that permission was never given.

"Mitch had his first go in a go-kart when he was four," Owen Evans told Newshub.

"We didn't tell his mum - we just went down to the track put some jackets behind him and away he went."

Motorsport is in the Evans' blood.

And while Owen's experience acts as a reminder of the risks involved, those dangers aren't a concern - well at least for the boys in the family.

Mum's more of a nervous watcher," Simon Evans told Newshub.

"She's probably more worried about the crashing side of it - dads more worried about the speed side of it."