Live Updates: Junior Fa vs Newfel Ouatah

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That's all from me, stay tuned for a wrap of what was a very simple fight for Fa.

Junior Fa beats Newfel Ouatah by way of TKO in the first round. 

That is it! The ref stops the fight on the fourth knockdown - easy TKO win for the big Kiwi. 

Round one: We are underway, Junior Fa connects with a right hand drops Ouatah to the floor, the frenchman takes a knee afterward for his second knockdown already. 

Junior Fa is up next! 

Judges score it 76-76, 77-75, 77-75 in favour of George Arias. 

Eight rounds in the books and it's all over - i've got Arias winning but stay tuned for the judges verdict. 

Heading into the final round and George Arias is winning this fight, what will we see in the final round?

With round five in the books this fight has produced absolutely nothing, pretty boring in terms of a spectacle - but Arias is doing what he needs at the moment. 

After three rounds, It's George Arias who seems to be in control here in Ohio.. Nothing much is happening however, expect punches to be thrown towards the end of this fight. 

Up next: George Arias vs Robert Sims

Stephan Shaw beat Donovan Dennis by TKO in the third round. 

Stephan Shaw just knokced down Donovan Dennis, he gets back up but Shaw doesn't care. He wins by way of KO.

In other sports news - The All Black Sevens have just scored first against Fiji in the quarter-final in Vegas. 

Next up: Stephan Shaw vs Donovan Dennis.

Hemi Ahio beats Ed Fountain by TKO. 

Round seven: Ahio gets him with a huge right and Fountain takes a knee - the ref lets it go on and Hemi Ahio clocks the big american with two big shots and the ref comes in and stops the fight. It's all over! 

Round six: The broadcast cut out at the start of the round, but from what I could see, It;s Ahio's round. Newshub score: 10-9, 60,54

Round five: Ahio working into this fight more, you feel he is content with a points win and isn't going to try and knock out Fountain. Another round for Ahio. Newshub score: 10-9, 50-45.

Round four: Massive right hand from Ahio and knocks the mouthguard out again, lets him pick it up. Although Fountain is holding his own - Ahio is cruising. Newshub score: 10-9, 40-36. 

Round three: Ahio wants to be more busy but can't seem to get into his strides, he hasn't sat down after either round yet. Newshub score: 10-9

Ahio cuts Fountain open as he hits him with more shots here, his best round - Ahio hits an uppercut which knocks the mouthguard out of the Americans mouth. Ahio's round again. 

Round two: Another very quiet round for both fighters, Ahio lands two or three punches and it's probably the Kiwi's round again.  Newshub score: 10-9

Round one: Not alot of punches landed in the first - Solid opener - but you'd have to say it's Ahio's round. Newshub score: 10-9

First fight: Hemi Ahio vs Ed Fountain. Up next. 


Kia ora, good afternoon and welcome to Newshub's live coverage of Junior Fa's fight against French boxer Newfel Ouatah for the WBO International belt. 

The Kiwi comes into the fight with a record of 16-0 with nine wins by way of KO.

Ouatah has a record of 16 wins and two losses. 

Pre-fight banter: WBO International belt on line between Junior Fa, Newfel Ouatah

The stakes just got a little higher for Kiwi-Tongan heavyweight Junior Fa, when he contests the WBO International belt against Frenchman Newfel Ouatah in Columbus, Ohio.

The Aucklander will put his unbeaten (16-0) professional record on the line on Sunday, in the main event on the boxing card at the Arnold Sports Festival, an annual event sponsored by former bodybuilding movie star Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Not only will this be Fa's first lead role on a US card, he now stands to gain a piece of silverware that has eluded NZ rival Joseph Parker.

The WBO International belt was previously held by Dillian Whyte - he successfully defended it against Parker last July - but the Briton vacated his title, when he became top-ranked challenger to WBO champion Anthony Joshua.

Promoter Lou DiBella has secured that title as the prize for this weekend's 10-round showdown. 

"This changes the pressure," said Fa's manager Mark Keddell. "The better the belt, the better the ranking. 

"It's extra pressure, being the main event and now the belt, there are now a couple of big things on the line.

"At the end of the day, sport's not just about being fight and punching hard and making good decisions - it's about pressure and the pressure just went up.

"That's great. because we're wanting to step up and we're definitely doing that from a pressure point of view."

While Ouatah is unranked, boasting a 17-2 professional record, he presents a stern challenge for Fa (1.96m), who has never fought anyone as big as the two-metre Frenchman.

"He's come all the way from France to win, we know that," said Keddell. "We're not fighting at home with our own judges and crowd, so you can't have any 50-50 rounds - you've got to win them.

"But preparation has been good. Junior's in great shape - very fast hands, very fast feet moving in and out.

"His mobility is at another leve from where it's been - I think it's the best we've seen - and his power is bang on."

Earlier on the card, training mate Hemi Ahio rekindles his 12-0 heavyweight career against American Ed Fountain (19-3) over eight rounds.

"It's going to be a real exciting fight," predicts Keddell. "I don't think it will last very long, either way.

"Hemi's a potentially devastating puncher and when you see him throw combinations in training, you think you're watching Mike Tyson at times.

"He's got a style that's really exciting."