All Blacks: Nehe Milner-Skudder calls out Israel Folau over controversial social media posts

Two high-profile rugby players have called out controversial Wallabies star Israel Folau for his controversial social media post claiming homosexuals will go to hell.

All Blacks outside back Nehe Milner-Skudder and Japan captain Michael Leitch both posted videos on their Instagram pages, sharing their views over Folau's latest comments.

Folau shared a message that read: "WARNING: Drunks, homosexuals, adulterers, liars, fornicators, thieves, atheists and idolators, HELL AWAITS YOU repent! Only Jesus saves."

Folau made similar comments last year, and now Rugby Australia is set to terminate his contract.

Milner-Skudder is worried Folau's rant about homosexuals going to hell will have an impact young people.

"What I find disappointing is that an influential Pacific Island brother with a massive following, lots of people look up to him and to see a post like that which spreads hate, rejection, a message of intolerance and difference," he said.

"Lot of people will be affected by it, especially our Pacific youth, and that's not what they need to be hearing.

"I'm a massive believer of it doesn't matter about the colour of your skin, gender, your sexually, sins or mistakes you've made.

"We should be able to come together and love one another and respect each other. Don't let his words influence you.

"There are plenty of other people out there spreading positive messages trying to empower and uplift our people. Love who you are, love who you want to be and be kind to others." 

Leitch sits on the same side of the fence as Milner-Skudder, and in his video called Folau a "bully".

"We can't accept this kind of behaviour," he said. "I'm not politically correct - I'm not smart in those types of things - but when I see a bully, the first thing I have to do is call them out, and I think I'm calling you out for the right reasons.

"Whether I'm right or whether I'm wrong, I'm not sure, but the post you've made is wrong, and I think you should made a comment and apologise or do something to make amends, because I think you're a fantastic player, there's no doubt about that, and I'm sure you're a nice guy. But the way you're doing it is wrong."

Former All Black Adam Thompson also lashed out on social media, with a series of tweets about Folau. 

"It has become painfully clear that Israel Folau just doesn't belong in the game of rugby union. His continued spread of religious fanatical bigotry is beyond dangerous to the values of the game, and to the new inclusive society we are working so hard to build.

"Rugby is not a place for hate. The idea that some of my good friends from the LBGTQ+ community have to endure this pains me. We love who we love, and as a professional rugby player I'm embarrassed that there are current 'leaders' in sport who encourage and promote hatred.

"To the current players, I implore you to make a stand. Let your collective voices be heard. Show the game that this is not who we are. Refuse to play against the @nswwaratahs or any team that fields intolerant players. You're the heroes we need right now!"

Rugby Australia boss Raelene Castle said on Thursday she's made "repeated attempts to contact Israel both directly and via his representatives since 6:30pm on Wednesday and at this point, he has failed to communicate directly with either organisation".