Cricket World Cup: IPL responsibilities not hampering Blackcaps preparation

Gary Stead is confident his New Zealand side will be prepared when the Cricket World Cup starts in just over a month's time.

The Blackcaps coach is holding the second of three training camps in Lincoln but with only five his squad to work with, a scenario that will remain right up until the tournament begins. 

But for Stead, that's not an issue

"No, no, not at all," Stead claimed on Tuesday.

"They're over there playing cricket and that's the main thing at this stage - they're all preparing -  they're professionals they know what they need to do. "

The problem is they're not getting many opportunities.

It's been lean pickings for the nine New Zealanders at the IPL. and several under par performances.

Wicketkeeper Tom Latham admits it's not ideal

"It would be nice if a few more of them played, but they're professional enough to know what they need for the next couple of months," Latham said.

To miss the Lincoln camps is one thing, but to also miss three warmup matches against a full strength Australian side in a fortnight has raised eyebrows but Stead is isn't concerned.

"We've known this is going to be the situation for a long time, so we just got to move on and prepare our guys the best we can."

Players Association head Heath Mills says allowing the players to use their annual leave for the entire IPL, regardless of how it impacts national duty is a worthwhile compromise.

"We get our best players to sign our national contracts for 12 months of the year," Mills noted.

"Yes they go elsewhere and they're allowed to play in the IPL, but that's far better than having players not sign national contracts at all."

And where there's a problem, there's an opportunity -  Tom Latham has been given the chance to lead the New Zealand XI against the reigning world champions.

It's a chance for me to grow as a leader," Latham said.

"Certainly really looking forward to leading the side against what's going to be a really strong Australian team."

The Blackcaps will hold one final camp before the opening match in Brisbane on May 5.