Duncan Garner: Crusaders' name review a case of 'white man's guilt'

OPINION: The Crusaders are looking at changing their name - can you believe this?

This may happen in time for the 2020 season. By then, I promise you, the size of the overreaction will be massive - even bigger than what it is now.

I bet you're asking why? 

I'm so disappointed by the idea of a name change. Initially, rugby bosses and those responsible at the Crusaders were equally aghast at the suggestion to change the name.

Leave rugby out of it - they pushed back privately, but you can only imagine the language and the positioning.

But then, they look like they will buckle to the event, the pressure, the terror and wanting to be on the side of what they thought was right.

Medieval England - bad, bad, bad. Never mind that the mosques and Muslim community of Christchurch had never made a fuss about this before, it's not like the Crusaders had in-boxes full of complaints.

No, they had lines and lines of kids at the door, buying jerseys and tickets for the game's best franchise ever.

I am angry about it, and stand with the people of Christchurch and New Zealand, who think it's bloody ridiculous.

Changing the name of the world's best rugby team, bar the All Blacks, because of this terror attack is exactly what shouldn't happen. It would be a knee-jerk reaction, a face-palm moment, white man's guilt on display in spades.

Many times over the years, I have thought the NZR bosses have had their rugby heads in the sand - chauvinistic rugby, racing and beer above everything else.

Yet, on this one perhaps, they're desperately trying to make up for failures of the past.

I want to say this clearly - the Crusaders should remain the Crusaders. They're not responsible for medieval England or a deluded monster who deserves to rot in hell.

It's been said before a hundred times, we cannot let the gunman win - so what do we do? We let his influence not just creep into our lives, but smash down the door of the Crusaders changing room.

Steve Tew should resign, if he lets this happen.

Sad day.

Duncan Garner is host of The AM Show.