'I'm not a massive fan': Wallabies 'stronger' without Israel Folau - top Australia coach Rod Kafer

Israel Folau.
Israel Folau. Photo credit: Image: AAP

Australian rugby star Israel Folau has been the centre of attention in the rugby world after his controversial homophobic tweet.

But while debate swirls on over the 30-year-old's off-field antics, his on-field prowess has been placed under the spotlight too thanks to a former Wallabies star.

Rugby Australia's elite coaching director Rod Kafer says the Wallabies are better off without him.

"This is a guy that has got unbelievable skills, but I don't necessarily see him as a great team player," he told Fox Sports.

"His work ethic's not great, he doesn't work that hard off the ball [and] defensively there are issues. I'm not a massive fan."

"There's no question that this guy is a unique athlete, absolutely, but we've also got some really good, young athletes who given the right opportunity to come through may also prove to be pretty good as well."

After having a go at the Waratahs playmaker's work ethic, he then went on to suggest the Wallabies have never even got the best out of him.

"If we just take the Wallabies view, we've struggled to find actually Israel's best position for the Wallabies," he told Fox Sports.

"He is a player that brings some real unique characteristics. But in international rugby, I don't think he's been an outstanding player and I think we compensate around him.

"We have to pick different players in different positions. I think the game has in some ways moved on."