Live Updates: NRL. NZ Warriors v Melbourne Storm

Storm 13 - Warriors 12 (Please refresh browser for latest score)

Wrap: I just feel gutted. That was the most gutsy defensive effort I think I have seen from the Warriors against a very good attack. Patrick Herbert was an absolute rock, completely shutting down the Storm's potent left side attack. He has to play next week or Kearney should lose his job. Ayshford defended well on the other side of the park. Tohu Harris was huge with and without the ball and Peta Hiku had his best game in a Warriors jersey. Harris-Tavita was solid, but his last tackle kick with five minutes to play ultimately cost the side the lead. Thanks guys and girls.

Full time - The Storm win it - I'm telling ya - the Warriors were robbed by that call from the referee. I am no Warriors apologist but that was a horrid decision to ruin a magnificent Warriors performance.

79mins - This is it for the Warriors - they bring the ball back from their own 20m but the referee finds a forward pass!  Forward from Herbert to Beale who was away down the right. That'll be it.

78mins - DROP GOAL STORM - Brodie Croft - Great set from the Storm against a tired Warriors. Croft on the last from 35m and it goes over off the post. That's the stroke of luck the Warriors didn't need. Short kick-off is no good. MEL 13-12.

76mins - PENALTY GOAL STORM - Munster makes no mistake - that just gutted all that defensive work. Dig a hole referee. 12-12.

75mins - Oh that's BS from the referee - he's found a penalty right in front when Asofa-Solomona lost the ball cold in the play the ball. Munster will have a crack from 20m. That was an awful call.

74mins - Poor kick from Harris-Tavita on a short side kick - off the side of the boot and only finds 5m further up field. Storm resume on their own 30m.

73mins - Hiku does well again on defence - cleans up a Smith kick and carries it 20m.

72mins - Awesome defence! Stand up lads, win or lose - this has been magnificent. They hold the Storm out again - Blair was huge in that set.

70mins - Oh No! Hiku collects a high ball in contact but teh ball comes free and the Storm have an attacking set 20m out. This is a massive set.

68mins - Warriors almost come up with something on the last. perham gets an offload away to Hiku who drops the ball onto his foot, Beale collects 20m out, kicks inside for Herbert but it's out off a Storm player. Not played at. Storm havea defensive scrum.

66mins - Warriors survive again! Herbert made another huge tackle on Munster to shut down a promising play. Storm kick goes deal and its another seven-tackle set.

65mins - Poor finish to an attacking Warriors set - he can't get a kick away, he throws a wild pass- Hiku kicks but the Strom collect and win a penalty. They attack from the 40m.

63mins - Warriors survive again but they are just holding on. Seven-tackle set though as Munster kicks too long and now they have a penalty. the resume from just inside Storm territory. Hayze Perham coming on.

61mins - Great defensive set from the Storm and they return the ball over the halfway line. Huge set this.

60mins - Patrick Herbert! What a tackle on Chambers with the line open - forces the ball out and the Warriors survive. This young man has been simply outstanding on defence. Can't see a way back for Solomone Kata on this performance.

59mins - Soft penalty - not sure what the referee saw there but apparently he has found an offside. That sort of call can change a game. Storm on the attack.

57mins - Vunivalu runs down a Croft kick but he losses it forward collecting the footy and the Warriors survive.

56mins - Patrick Herbert again with a great defensive read breaks down another Storm last tackle play.

54mins - Harris-Tavita kicks again but Addo-Carr does well to just get back into the field of play and now the Storm have a penalty.

53mins - Luke with a superb kick on the last, hooks the ball back into the middle of the field - Vunivalu collects inside his in-goal but great chase. Repeat set.

51mins - Great set from the Warriors. Good work from Luke and Harris has them within 20m. Harris-Tavita bombs on the last but Vunivalu takes it superbly under pressure.

49mins - TRY WARRIORS - Ken Maumalo: Superb attack. Harris-Tavota shifts to Hiku on the right, double-pump and he floats a maginifcent pass to Maumalo who goes over untouched. Poor defensive read from Vunivalu. Assist for Burr on the steal. Harris-Tavita can't convert. WAR 12-10.

48mins - Warriors have a repeat set after Burr stole the ball from Solomona on the first.

46mins - Kenny Bromwich cleans up a grubber from Tohu Harris. Strom from their own 10m.

45mins - Nice return from Hiku from a dangerous kick from Chambers on the 3rd tackle. Warriors on halfway on the 4th.

42 mins - TRY STORM - Jahrome Hughes: Smith finds space in behind the defence with a little stab grubber, Hughes beats Hiku to the ball, the fullback makes a tackle but Hughes breaks free and crashes over. Munster converts. Poor start Warriors. MEL 10-8.

41mins - Harris bombs on the last - it's not great from the big fella - poor end to the set. Storm return from their own 30m.

Second half - Welcome back folks. No way the Storm make that many mistakes in the second forty - Warriors need to match their first half intensity. Their pack needs to be better with ball in hand too. Warriors have the ball to start.

Halftime - Wow. That's the best defensive 40mins the Warriors have played in over a year. Committed and providing great line speed led by the under fire Adam Blair and Tohu Harris.

The Storm were pretty average and a bit lucky to have four points thanks to that one defensive lapse of the half. Harris and Hiku have looked dangerous on attack and Patrick Herbert has been outstanding so far. Be back shortly.

40mins - But the Storm drop the ball on the second! That's halftime.

39mins - Burr with a brain fade ofload with 40 seconds left. Strom on the attack.

39mins - Warriors survive. Maumalo takes a high ball from Croft and that's a seven-tackle set. Great defence.

38mins - Another good defensive set from the Warriors. Herbert, Tevaga and Papali'i making big tackles. Smith kicks on the last and Herbert touches down for the drop out.

37mins - Huge moment. Brandon Smith smashed Papali'i dep inside Warriors territory and the ball comes free. Fresh set for the Strom 20m out.

36mins - Great work Nathaniel Roache! Asofa-Solomona looking dangerous in broken play but Roache gets a round his legs and the ball comes free.

36mins - Again the Warriors struggle to gain yards. Storm over the halfway on the second tackle.

35mins - Luke coming off - copped Asofa-Solomoa's hip to the top of his head. 

34mins - Storm edging the Warriors in the yardage game at this stage. Kicking from 20m out but Luke does superbly well to tidy that up.

32mins - Hiku pulls in a steaping bomb fromm Croft under immense pressure from the chasers - great take.

30mins - Ayshford knocks the ball froward from a Hiku pass. Hiku is creating space for the Warriors, but again Ayshford's hands let him down. Storm scrum 10m.

29mins - Messy set but great result. Harris-Tavita dabs a kick into the in- goal and Hughes bats it out over the dead ball line. Repeat set.

28mins - Pretty good set from the Wariors under pressure from a good defence. Last tackle and Hiku runs, offloads to Ayshford but Seve gets a hand to it. New set for the Warriors - scrum 10m. Hiku dealing with a rib issue but will continue.

26mins - Asofa-Solomona drops the ball in a big tackle from Papali'i and Blair, who has been very active. Great chance here for the Warriors from the 30m line.

24mins - TRY STORM - Cameron Munster. Arrghhh. Soft. Munster with the bomb on the last - it's wide and finds Addo-Car who has three Warriors around him - he bats it back a good 10m and Munster collects the ball and dives over untouched. Beale, Harris and Herbert didn't contest. Munster can't convert. WAR 8-4.

23mins - Great defence from the Warriors. Blair, Harris and Afoa making big tackle. Warriors under the pump though and struggling to make yards. Storm resume from their own 30m line after Harris-Tavita's kick.

22mins - Penalty for the Storm. They have a 3rd straight set - this time from the Warriors 20m.

21mins - Munster kicks early and earns his side a repeat set. Great kick from the No.6 but Beale is there to tidy up with Addo-Carr right on him. Drop out Warriors.

19mins - Patrick Herbert has been outstanding on defence. Both he and Adam Blair making key tackles on that set to shut the Storm down. Warriors working it out from their line.

17mins - Strom on the attack - Cam Smith on the last looks for options then decides to grubber. Patrick Herbert is there to tidy up but the Storm will get another set.

15mins - Try bombed! Hiku creates space down the Warriors right hand side and sends Maumalo away, Vunivalu makes a desperate tackle and force Maumalo to throw a speculator inside - Ayshford puts it down with the line open! Storm work it out from their own line.

14mins - Mistake from Chambers and the Warriors are let off the hook. Scrum on their own 40m.

13mins - Strom survive a nice kick from Harris-Tavita. Hughes cleans up well and earns a penalty for his side. Hiku and Harris look dangerous.

11mins - Penalty for the Warriors. Cam Smith pinged for holding Burr down. Warriors from the Storm 40m.

9mins - TRY WARRIORS: Adam Blair. Great work Tohu Harris. Nice set from the Warriotrs has them on the Strom 20 on the last - Harris-Tavita finds Tohu Harris who runs hard at the line, pops a pass to Adam Blair who steps Munster and Hughes to dot down next to the posts. Harris-Tavota converts. WAR 8-0.

8mins - Munster kicks on the last, it rolls into the in goal for Addo-Carr to chase, but Hiku does well to shield it out. Seven-tackle set.

7mins - Kenny Bromwich beaks up a promising Warriors attack - Luke made a break through the middle but Bromwich strips it 1v1 and the Storm will attack.

5mins - PENALTY GOAL WARRIORS - Chanel Harris-Tavita makes no mistake from right in front and the underdogs have an early lead.

4mins - Decent atack from the Warriors. Hiku looks dangerous and he earns a penalty on the last tackle. Harris-Tavita will have a shot from in front.

2mins - Good set from the Warriors. Passi and Burr going some nice work. Harris-Tavita gets the kick away and Melbourne play it out from their 10. Oops - mistake from Kenny Bromwich - spills a tough pass from Munster. Warriors scrum on the Storm 40m.

1min - Brodie Croft gets the kick away and Hiku will return from the Warriors 20m.

Kick off - It'll be the Strom with first use of the football as Vunivalu brings the ball back.

10:08pm - Okay - final little bits and pieces before the start. Warriors wearing a really cool strip tonight. Will post an image shortly.

9:59pm - The two teams are out on the park, under the darkness, for the ANZAC ceremony.

9:58pm - Nothing to lose for the Warriors - there isn't a single person on the planet that thinks they have a shot. 

9:53pm - Crazy last few days fir the Warriors nation. They have lost their two best players and their side resembles a pre-season lineup. Expect Hayze Perhan to be introduced fairly early with Harris moving back into the pack. Watch out for Patrick Herbert - he is a very talented young player.

9:50pm - Evening folks - pre-match festivities about to get underway. Expecting kick-off about 10.10pm.

Hello all, welcome to live coverage of tonight's NRL ANZAC Day clash between the Warriors and the Storm in Melbourne.

The Warriors are depleted, losing Roger Tuivasa-Sheck, Solomone Kata, Blake Green and David Fusitu'a this week.

The Storm are coming off their first loss of the season last weekend, a golden point thriller against the Sydney Roosters.


Warriors: 3-Peta Hiku, 2-Gerard Beale, 22-Blake Ayshford, 21-Patrick Herbert, 5-Ken Maumalo, 12-Tohu Harris, 6-Chanel Harris-Tavita, 8-Agnatius Paasi, 9-Issac Luke, 10-Leeson Ah Mau, 11-Adam Blair, 15-Isiah Papali'I, 13-Lachlan Burr

Bench:14-Jazz Tevaga, 16-Bunty Afoa, 17-Nathaniel Roache, 18-Hayze Perham

Storm: 1-Jahrome Hughes, 2-Suliasi Vunivalu, 3-Will Chambers, 17-Marion Seve, 5-Josh Addo-Carr, 6-Cameron Munster, 7-Brodie Croft, 8Jesse Bromwich, 9-Cameron Smith, 15-Christian Welch, 11-Felise Kaufusi, 12-Kenny Bromwich, Dale Finucane 

Bench: 10-Nelson Asofa-Solomona, 14-Brandon Smith, 16-Tui Kamikamica, 21-Ryan Papenhuyzen.


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