Motorsport: Hayden Paddon hopes Hyundai loyalty pays off as he aims for another shot at WRC

Kiwi rally driver Hayden Paddon is hoping his loyalty will be rewarded as he aims to get back into World Rally Championship (WRC).

Despite being dropped by Hyundai, Paddon didn't try to continue his dream with another team.

He's stayed optimistic about his chances of getting back behind the wheel.

Opening his new Rallysport headquarters in Cromwell on Friday, it was clear that support from Hyundai hadn't stopped.

Paddon was dropped by Hyundai in December 2018, and says it came out of nowhere.

"Ultimately we had a handshake with Hyundai for 3 months and that deal collapsed a week before Christmas, and by that stage you're left high and dry.

"There is a sense of frustration, I feel like I'm in my prime and did everything that was asked of us last year."

He said while watching WRC from the couch has been a tough pill to swallow, he's confident he's shown enough to suggest he can be competitive again.

"If you're standing still in this game then you're going backwards so I feel like I'm at a good level, at the end of last year I was driving well within myself and achieving good results."

Paddon remains hopeful of another opportunity, one that could come as early as this year.

"There could be an option to get back in the car but 2020 is certainly not too late for us, we can afford to be away from the sport for one year."

Now it's all about getting back to the heights of 2016, Paddon's maiden WRC win in Argentina.

He hopes his decision to stay loyal to Hyundai doesn't cost him another chance at WRC success.


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