NRL 2019 Live: NZ Warriors v North Queensland Cowboys in Auckland

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Warriors 10   Cowboys 17

Fulltime - That's it at Mt Smart Stadium. The Cowboys just too professional for the Warriors tonight. 80% completion rate vs 65% and the class of Michael Morgan made the difference.

The Warriors forward pack did well but aside form Tuivasa-Sheck, the backs provided little. Harris-Tavita provided nothing more than ball distribution tonight - the need more from him. 

Warriors have the Storm, Knights, Dragons and Panthers over the next month. By the end of May they maybe out of playoff contention. Too many errors - frustrating.

79mins - Harris-Tavita tries to create with a little chip kick but the ball bounces into touch. For the second week in a row, it's been the last 20m where the Warriors have let the match slip away.

78mins - Tuivasa-Sheck floats across field, creates space again but Maumalo can't pull in the pass. The Cowboys are about to join the Warriors on four points.

77mins - Luke goes close but is held up over the line on tackle four. 

76mins - Penalty for the Warriors 0 they begin the set on the Cowboys 20.

74mins - DROP GOAL COWBOYS - Michael Morgan: That'll be the game folks - no way the Warriors have two scores in them on what we have seen tonight. COW 17-10.

73mins - Morgan with a big tackle on Adam Blair forces the ball free and another chance going. The Warriors, RTS aside, have offered nothing tonight.

72mins - Penalty for the Warriors - Burr has the ball stripped by Granville on halfway - sketchy call but whatever...... again Warriors have to make the most of this chance.

71mins - Cowboys survive but the Warriors didn't offer much - slow attack and RTS never touched the ball. Cowboys working it out from their line. Morgan finds touch again - this time on the 30.

69mins - Warriors haev a scrum 20m out. Te Maire Martin can't collect a nice high kick from Harris-Tavita. They must score here for mine.

67mins - Professional set from the Cowboys. Morgan finds touch 20m out. Warriors with it all to do here.

66mins - PENALTY COWBOYS - Jordan Kahu nails it. COW 16-10.

65mins - Penalty for the Cowboys right in front and they will have a kick t stretch the lead. Fusitua doesn't look good - could be a serious injury.

63mins - Messy set from the Warriors has the Cowboys inside their own 30 on tackle two. Fusitua looks done - holding his left rib cage. 40-20 for the Cowboys - Michael Morgan steps up. Cowboys taking over this game.

61mins - Bolton coughs the ball up on the second - a inside ball from Morgan and he should have taken it - RTS right there in his face with the tackle. Warriors scrum inside their own 10.

60mins - Penalty for the Cowboys. Ben Hampton taken out on a kick chase by Fusitua and the Cowboys have yet another full set. That's awful from Fuistua....not needed.

58mins - TRY COWBOYS - Justin O'Neil: Set play. Morgan kicks on the first, O'Neill collects and is onside, RTS makes the tackle but he can't hold on and O'Neill dives over. Costly mistake from the skipper moments ago. Kahu nails the extras. COW 14-10.

57mins - He's human. Tuivasa-Sheck knocks the ball on inside his own 10m from a Clifford kick. Cowboys have a full set form a great spot. Hige moment in the game.

56mins - RTS on the last close to the line but he's held up. Cowboys will work it out from their own line.

55mins - Warriors make a mess of the last, in fact it was a poor set all-round. Harris of all people has the ball and his kick is poor. Warriors have the ball back though - Adam Blair 1v1 strip on McGuire on halfway.

54mins - Penalty Warriors. Nathaniel Roache breaks out from inside his own half, finds Fusitua on halfway but he's run down by Hampton. Kata earns a penalty on the last tackle. Warriors tap.

53mins - Clifford grubbers on the last but RTS does well to secure a tough bounce.

52mins - Seven tackle set for the Cowbiys. Harris-Tavita with the bomb on the last but it's a tad too long and O'Neill does well to claim it.

50mins - Coach killer. Matt Scott gives up a penalty on the last, hands in the ruck on Papali'i. Great shot here for the Warriors.

48mins - TRY WARRIORS - Roger Tuivasa-Sheck: Wow! That was sensational. 30m out, RTS steps past Coen Hess and Matt Scott, steps fullback Martin and scores untouched! Harris-Tavita gives the Warriors the lead. That was pure magic!. WAR 10-8.

46mins - Penalty for the Warriors. RTS earns his third of the match.

45mins - Hiku ghosts, then finds Fusitua on the touchline, he can't evade his defender, fires a ball back inside but the Cowboys clean up through Cooper.

44mins - Tohu Harris runs on the last, 5m out, he looks for Maumalo but his pass is touched by a defender and the Warriors have another set.

43mins - Morgan with the bomb but Fusitua with a superb take...AFK style inside his own in goal to earn a seven tackle set. Awesome.

41mins - Early penalty for the Cowboys - Hiku ruled for a strip and the away side have really good field position. 30m out with a full set of tackles.

Second half - Cowboys will have first use of the ball - this is a massive 40 minutes for the Warriors - almost a must-win game for them to build some momentum into a tough run of games.

Halftime: Warriors owned most of the first half hour but found themselves behind.

The home-side has bombed at least two tries and had one ruled out through obstruction. The Cowboys haven't offered much from inside the red zone but they are making good yards through their pack.

The Warriors have to tidy up their possession stats - they are coughing up far too much ball. Be back in 5 mins.

40mins - PENALTY KICK COWBOYS - Jordan Kahu makes no mistake and the Cowboys take a four point lead into the sheds. COW 8-4.

39mins - Warriors face another set here - Adam Blair pinged for offside. The Cowboys will take the two from an easy position - that's a win for me for the Warriors - superb defence.

38mins - Another set coming up. Morgan kicks on the last, Tevaga does well to clean that up but the ball comes loose - he regathers but more pressure here.

36mins - Te Maire Martin creates space on the last, his pass is knocked into touch by Fusitua and the Cowboys have another set 5m out.

35mins - Cowboys go close. Morgan bunts it on the last, Kata can't clean it up but is saved by Fusitua. Line drop out Warriors. Crucial set this.

33mins - Maumalo drops the ball in a two man tackle and the Cowboys have a scrum from 35m out. warriors completion rate is less than 70% - not good enough.

31mins - Warriors think they have scored again through Fusitua in the corner but Adam Blair is pinged by the TMO for obstruction and the Cowboys have a penalty. That's three blown chances for the Warriors now.

30mins - Warriors almost have their second try. RTS with a deft little grubber, Martin tracks back and loses the ball forward, Tohu Harris is there but he loses the ball forward, Beale scoops it up but his try won't count. TMO confirms the referee's opinion. Scrum Warriors 10m out.

29mins - Penalty Warriors - Fusitua has the ball stripped in the tackle by Clifford.

28mins - Cowboys have gone back to finding touch on the last. Morgan 40m out, finds touch on the Warriors 10m.

26mins -TRY COWBOYS - Coen Hess: Cowboys making great ground through Kahu and McGuire. 20m out on the last - Clifford runs and slides past Kata, he finds Hess close to the line and the big fella is over. Too easy. Kahu adds the extras and despite all the good work from the Warriors, they trail. COW 6-4.

24mins - Nice run from Granville on tackle four has the Cowboys 20m out on the last. Morgan bombs but Fusitua eats it up easily and the Warriors defuse that attack.

21mins - RTS breaks free in the midfield and is away, he has two support players with the fullback to beat, RTS opts to pass but O'Neil gets in the way and gathers the ball from Beale. Blown try for the Warriors but RTS looks awesome tonight.

20mins - TRY WARRIORS - Ken Maumalo: Warriors sweep left from the Cowboys 30m, Luke finds Burr who finds Harris-Tavita, lovely pass finds Beale who puts Maumalo awat down his wing - he races away and scores in the tackle of O'Neill. TMO hasa look but it's all gravy. Harris-Tavita can't convert from the sideline. WAR 4-0.

19mins - Clifford down the shortside on the last - 30m out, he kicks and it rebounds of Harris but Clifford loses the ball on trying to collect.

17mins - Matt Scott finds a huge hole up the middle and is 10m out but loses the ball in the tackle - Hiku cleans it up and the Warriors survive.

16mins - Nice set from the Cowboys asks a few questions but the Warriors hold on. Morgan with a grubber on the last, RTS is there but he can't get out of his in goal. Line drop out.

15mins - Harris-Tavita changes direction on his last play kick, Tuivasa-Sheck is there but he can't grab onto it, then Hiku also swats at it to no avail. Cowboys break out and earn a penalty. Solomone Kata pinged for holding on. Cowboys reset from the Warriors 40m - great kick from Clifford.

13mins - Morgan bombs on the last - RTS has no trouble with that and then Fusitua earns a penalty on the last. Josh McGuire pinged for not releasing. All Warriors at the moment but the must be more clinical in the final third.

11mins - Harris-Tavita creates space with a nice piece of footwork, he offloads to Hiku who almost ghosts through 5m out but loses the ball in the tackle trying to offload to Fusitua.

10mins - Second penalty of the game earned for the Warriors. The reset inside the Cowboys half.

9mins - Morgan finds touch - the Cowboys looking to keep the Warriors back three out of the game.

8mins - Quick play the ball has Luke putting Burr through a gap but nice covering tackle from Martin saves a four-pointer. Inside pass to Beale and he would have been under the post. Harris-Tavita kicks high on the last, Maumalo has it but his pass is forward to Hiku and the Cowboys have a scrum.

7mins - Chance blown for the Warriors. Tuivasa-Sheck creates space 15m out - just catch and pass and the Warriors will score in the corner but Adam Blair puts the ball down cold. 

6mins - First penalty, RTS with a nice run, Cooper takes too long to get off him. Warriors reset from inside the Cowboys half.

5mins - Professional set from the Cowboys - Clifford finds touch on the last 10m out. The Cowboys pack making easy yards at this point.

4mins - Lovely kick from Luke on the last - outside the 40 but finds touch on the Cowboys 10m.

3mins - Clifford runs on the last down the shortside - he almost makes a break but loses the ball attempting the offload. Warriors begin the set from their own 20.

2mins - Poor finish to the set - Te Mair Martin returns from the 20. Cowboys approaching halfway on the 4th tackle.

1min - Nice run from Bunty Afoa to start - Warriors up to their own 40 on the second tackle. 

7:29pm - Players and officials are out on the field. The Warriors will have first use of the football.

7:27pm - These two club's the only survivors from the 1995 expansion class. The Western Reds and the Queensland Crushers didn't last past 1997.

7:24pm - So the Warriors can get back to 500% with a win tonight and given their favourable draw so far, that'll be key as the likes of the Storm, Dragons and Panthers await in the next month.

Pre-Match: Hello everyone. No late changes to the 17 listed below - just a reminder that Blake Green will not play again this weekend. Kick-off in eight minutes.

Kia ora, good evening and welcome to Newshub's coverage of the Warriors v Cowboys match from Mt Smart Stadium.

Both teams are on the outside looking in at the top eight with three wins between them in the first five weeks of the 2019 season.

The Cowboys have lost four straight after edging the St George Dragons in the opening round while the Warriors have lost three from four since their impressive start to the season against the Bulldogs.

Influential halfback Blake Green failed a fitness test on Friday meaning Peta Hiku will again partner young playmaker Chanel Harris-Tavita in the halves.

The Cowboys are still without Jason Taumalolo who suffered a knee injury in round two but they do bring a very good forward pack to Auckland that will test the power game of the Warriors.

Queensland Origin veteran Matthew Scott is joined by internationals Josh McGuire and Jordan McLean as well as representatives Gavin Cooper and Coen Hess.

In one piece of good news for the home side, Nathaniel Roache should take his place on the bench after missing the last month through injury.

Kick-off at 7:30pm.

Warriors: 1-Roger Tuivasa-Sheck, 2-David Fusitu'a, 3-Gerard Beale, 4-Solomone Kata, 5-Ken Maumalo, 6-Chanel Harris-Tavita, 7-Peter Hiku, 8-Agnatius Paasi, 9-Issac Luke, 10-Leeson Ah Mau, 11-Adam Blair, 12-Tohu Harris, 13-Lachlan Burr

Interchange: 14-Jazz Tevaga, 15-Bunty Afoa, 16-Isaiah Papali'i, 17-Nathaniel Roache.

Cowboys: 1-Te Maire Martin, 2-Justin O'Neill, 3-Jordan Kahu, 4-Enari Tuala, 5-Ben Hampton, 6-Jake Clifford, 7-Michael Morgan, 8-Matthew Scott, 9-Jake Granville, 10-Jordan McLean, 11-Gavin Cooper, 12- Josh McGuire, 13-John Asiata

Interchange: 14-Kurt Baptiste, 15-Coen Hess, 16-Scott Bolton, 17-Francis Molo.