Patrick Gower: Israel Folau's new anti-gay post is on 'cowardly' Australian Rugby's head

OPINION: Last night Israel Folau, the jewel in Rugby Australia's crown, shared yet another disgusting, homophobic slur with the rest of the world.

Look, what he said is divisive - it's homophobic crap.

So, I'm calling out his employer, Rugby Australia: today, you should have torn Israel Folau's contract to shreds.

Every minute he's still there is an insult.

You were cowards when you let him off the last time - now he's made a fool of you again. He does not belong in rugby union.

As for New Zealand Rugby? Shame on you too.

One of your contracted players, Vaea Fifita, liked that vile post - and from you came a bland statement on Folau. Nothing about our player. Come on!

Have we learned nothing the last three weeks about hate speech, and division and where it can lead?

I'm just asking rugby to get off the damn sidelines and get into the game.

Patrick Gower is Newshub's National Correspondent