Sonny Bill Williams slams 'cocky' Australian Senator Fraser Anning for racist tweet

All Blacks midfielder Sonny Bill Williams has called out "cocky, racist" Australian Senator Fraser Anning on social media following his tweet vowing to ban Muslim immigration.

Anning, who made international headlines for having an egg smashed on his head by a teenager, went on a Twitter rant saying he plans to ban Muslims and black people from immigrating to Australia.

"Today I was at Cronulla announcing candidates for NSW," the thread began.

"As you know, this area is the Prime Minister's seat, and there's been all sorts of problems here with the Muslim immigrants who have come here and attacked people."

A now-deleted tweet followed, added: "My party will ban all Muslim and Black immigration and ensure safety for Australians once more."

Williams, who is a devoted Muslim, got a screengrab of the tweet and posted it to his page.

"This is what an Australian Senator put on his Twitter page. It's remarkable how cocky a racist can be in today's society," Williams said.

Williams, 33, is currently on the sidelines with injury after undergoing knee surgery a fortnight ago.

Last month, Anning was criticised for his comments about the Christchurch terror attacks saying New Zealand's immigration policy was to blame.

Those comments led to Will Connolly, also known as 'Egg Boy', to egg the Australian Senator.

Anning then turned towards the teenager and smacked him in the face. Eventually Connolly was taken away by police.

Neither faced charges in relation to the incident.