Super Rugby 2019: Sam Whitelock offers social-media advice to Israel Folau

Crusaders captain Sam Whitelock has a simple social-media tip in the wake of Israel Folau's latest homophobic message.

The Wallabies fullback is being scrutinised for his online posts, where he posted an image saying "drunks, homosexuals, adulterers, liars, fornicators, thieves, atheists and idolaters" have hell awaiting them, unless they repent.

He also criticised the Tasmanian government for becoming the first Australian state to make it legally optional to list gender on birth certificates.

Whitelock, who isn't a big social media user, hasn't seen Folau's posts, but he offered a handy piece of advice when it comes to posting content on the World Wide Web.

"I do have some social media stuff, but I don't use it a hell of a lot," said Whitelock. "I am aware of what I put up.

"I always go by the rule would I show my nana or grandmother that?

"That's the rule I was told when I first came into the rugby environment and I reckon it's a pretty good rule."

This isn't the first time Folau has been in the spotlight for his social media posts.

Folau's posts come a year after he met with Rugby Australia boss Raelene Castle, who asked him to limit his use of social media. One of his previous posts claimed God's plan for gay people was "HELL".

He was warned, but not sanctioned for his posts, but things might be different this time, with Rugby Australia saying his latest actions are "unacceptable".

"Rugby Australia is aware of a post made by Israel Folau on his Instagram account this afternoon," the governing body said.   

"The content within the post is unacceptable. It does not represent the values of the sport and is disrespectful to members of the rugby community.

"The Rugby Australia Integrity Unit has been engaged on the matter tonight."

On the Rugby Australia website, under their code of conduct, it states that players should "treat everyone equally, fairly and with dignity, regardless of gender or gender identity, sexual orientation, ethnicity, cultural or religious background, age or disability.

"Any form of bullying, harassment or discrimination has no place in rugby."