Tennis: Aussie brat Nick Kyrgios shows other side in roadside rescue

Nick Kyrgios and fellow good Samaritans.
Nick Kyrgios and fellow good Samaritans. Photo credit: Twitter/Simon Anderson

Tennis brat Nick Kyrgios may be an Aussie we all love to hate - but he's shown another side to his persona, rescuing a distressed Canberra motorist on ANZAC Day.

He's earned a poor reputation in the international circuit for his tanking and verbal attacks on officials.

At last month's Miami Open, he smashed a racket and yelled at the chair umpire: "What the f*** is wrong with you?

Nick Kyrgios in action on the ATP circuit
Nick Kyrgios in action on the ATP circuit. Photo credit: Getty

"You're a disgrace, you're a f***ing disgrace."

But this week, he was a hero, after helping a woman whose car had broken down on the side of the road.

"Just got a call from my other half, who was walking home from Old Canberra Inn, when she and a mate passed a woman who's car had died," recounts Simon Anderson on Twitter.

"The woman asked them to help her push it home, which they did. As they were pushing, a car pulled up next to them and the driver asked if they needed a hand, which after a few beers, they did.

"Guy hopes out the car to help and is Nick Kyrgios. So my girlfriend, her mate and Nick Kyrgios pushed this women's car home.

"Despite being on the way from training and then helping push a car down a Canberra street, he takes a pic with them, then gets back in his car and goes home.

"@NickKyrgios: good guy"

Maybe Kyrgios, currently ranked 33rd in the world, just needs to recapture that attitude on the tennis court to make the breakthrough he's capable of.