Athletics: Hurdler's stunning 'superman' dive secures victory

  • 13/05/2019

An American hurdler took the definition of 'winning at all costs' to another level at the 2019 SEC track & field championships on Sunday (NZ time).

Representing US college Texas A&M, Infinite Tucker stunned onlookers with his spectacular 'superman' dive in a last-gasp effort to steal victory at the finish line of the 400m hurdles.

"Look, I closed my eyes over hurdle 10," the hurdler told ESPN, after the race. "I opened it, saw my ma at the finish and I jumped to give her a hug - that's all it is."

Funnily enough, his rival at the line was none other than his own teammate, Robert Tucker.

Ultimately, the track-burn and face-plant were all worth it, as Tucker secured the win by a mere 0.4s.


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