Baseball: Boston Red Sox ban 'Fortnite' from clubhouse

Red Sox star Xander Bogaerts.
Red Sox star Xander Bogaerts. Photo credit: Getty

The Boston Red Sox are doing whatever it takes to remedy their slow start to the Major League Baseball season and reducing potential distractions is at the very top of that list.

Video game phenomenon 'Fortnite' falls right into the category and the defending champions have made the bold decision to remove it completely from their communal clubhouse.

"Maybe if we were doing a little better maybe we would be doing it," pitcher Nathan Eovaldi told WEEI sports radio.

"But you can’t be losing and playing Fortnite in the clubhouse."

After beating the Houston Astros last season to win their ninth World Series pennant, the Red Sox have made an underwhelming 14-17 start to their title defence.

Played by almost 250 million people worldwide, the Fortnite was a fixture in the team's locker room last season, with many players sporting their own individual monitor and console set-up.

The obsession also spread to the diamond, where the trademark celebrations used by characters in the game were often replicated by the players.

"I haven't seen it this year. Usually everybody had it set up in their lockers, but I haven't seen it."

The Red Sox aren't the first to take measures to limit Fortnite use. Last season, the Toronto Blue Jays enforced a video-game curfew, while the Texas Rangers banned it during "work hours".

In March, Philadelphia’s Carlos Santana took matters into his hands and smashed a TV, when he found his teammates playing, while the Phillies were in the middle of a game.