Disabled girl evicted from A-League football match in Australia for trying to use disabled toilet

A family of Sydney FC fans have been kicked out of the city's Netstrata Jubilee Stadium, after security staff allegedly wouldn't allow the father to take his disabled daughter to the disabled toilet.

To the sound of boos, the father was taken out of the stadium, after being approached by police, footage on Twitter shows.

"The disabled toilets, because my daughter needs it, are right there and they won't let me take my daughter through," the man says in the video, as he is spoken to by authorities.

Football Federation Australia (FFA) said it would look into the allegation, FFA board member Joseph Carrozzi told news.com.au.

Police confirmed a man was spoken to. A New South Wales Police spokesperson told news.com.au the man was not willing to work with security.

"During an A-League game held at Jubilee Oval, Kogarah this evening [Sunday], a male spectator was spoken to by security about seating protocols.

"Despite repeated requests by security, the man was unwilling to co-operate, police assistance was called, the man was spoken to by officers and after further refusal was escorted from the stadium with his family."

The incident has been heavily criticised on Twitter.

"There were 10 cops to throw a father and his three daughters out of the football," one said. "What an absolute joke."

Another suggested the family be flown to Perth for the A-League Grand Final.

"There is only one way to fix this @FFA. Put them in the best hotel, free [tickets], free food, the lot."