Irate Israel Folau fan burns Wallabies jersey to protest favourite player’s sacking

An irate Israel Folau fan set fire to his Wallabies jersey to protest Rugby Australia's sacking of the former fullback.

The unnamed man, who goes by MVPodcast, posted a fiery 43-second clip to his public Facebook of himself pouring gasoline over the jersey before watching it burn. 

Folau's $4 million ($NZ 4.1 million) contract came to an end on Friday after the rugby player was found guilty of a code of conduct breach.

The rugby star came under fire this year over his opinionated social media posts, the latest of which claimed homosexuals, atheists, and drunks were headed to hell.

"25 years... 25 years, this was me," the man said in his video, while the song 'Burn' by RnB singer Usher played dramatically in the background.

A friend lifted the jersey off the ground with a pole before the man set it alight.

"Unbelievable," the ex-fan says, as Usher croons "you know that it's over, let it burn," in the background. The flaming jersey is lowered unceremoniously into a bucket.

Former fullback rugby player Israel Folau
Israel Folau was sacked on Friday following offensive posts to his Instagram account. Photo credit: AAP Photos

A lengthy caption explaining the destructive end to the relationship accompanied the clip.

"I have been a Wallabies fan for 25 years," the fan reiterated. "Always found a way to defend them despite the zero success Rugby Australia has had for years.

"I can no longer defend them any longer after the Israel Folau sacking. Israel Folau one of my all time favorite players can no longer make a living off of Rugby, whilst others who have broken LAWS continue to play!

"Rugby Australia is a joke, and this whole situation is just getting started! Israel Folau quoted a bible verse on his Instagram which has ultimately cost him his career with Australia. A career lost because of social media."

Just in case his tirade wasn't clear enough, he concluded the post with a couple of middle-finger emojis for Rugby Australia.