Quick-thinking 'Aussie rules' player rescues toddler from harm during match

  • 15/05/2019

Amateur Aussie rules player Alex McLeod had dropped almost everything that came his way, but made the most important catch of the day to save a toddler from injury on a Melbourne suburban ground.

McLeod was playing for St Bernards in their Victorian Amateur Football Association game on Saturday, when a young girl wandered onto the field during play.

The girl was right among the action, before a quick-thinking McLeod put his offensive duties to one side, swooping across the park to remove her from harm's way.

McLeod received a warm round of applause for his actions.

"I was relieved that I didn’t drop her, as I’d been fumbling the football all game!" he told Fox Sports.

VAFA saw the funny side of the incident, releasing a statement after the match.

"We can report the little girl left the game safe and sound, as she looks forward to donning the Snow Dogs women's jumper in about 15 years," the league wrote.

Unfortunately for McLeod and St Bernards, Old Melburnians went on to win the match 49-39.