Super Rugby chat 2019: Blues seek attacking variation against Chiefs

You can almost punt a ball from the Newshub offices to Eden Park, so the Blues' continual Super Rugby struggles draw an inordinate amount of banter within the sports department.

With another home game against the Chiefs looming on Saturday, the frustration is starting to show, with resident rugbyheads almost ready to give up hope on another season.

"The Blues can't close out a game, despite having numerous opportunities and being the better team last week against the Hurricanes, I think," laments Ollie Ritchie.

"The Blues don't know how to get the ball to the right places - they need to get it to Otere Black or Harry Plummer this week, and then get it to their strike weapons, but that doesn't seem to be working at the moment."

But rugby editor Ross Karl - who currently leads the Newshub tipping competition - is still a believer.

"I've just spoken to Leon Macdonald, as it happens, and he said they need to have more variety in their play when they're in that attacking 22," he says. "It was obviously pick-and-go city [against the Hurricanes].

"They've got these amazing backs out wide, but they're determined to try and grind it out up the middle. There's knock-ons and fumbles… all that kind of stuff.

"You've got Rieko Ioane on the left wing, watching the game."

Karl thinks they have figured that out now, but they also need to kick penalties when they get the chance.

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