Tiger Woods faces lawsuit after employee killed in fatal crash

Tiger Woods
Tiger Woods is facing a lawsuit from an employee's parents. Photo credit: Getty

Tiger Woods is being sued after an employee at his restaurant died in a car crash after allegedly being served too much alcohol.

Nicholas Immesberger, 24, worked as a bartender at The Woods in Florida, which is owned by Woods and managed by his girlfriend Erica Herman. His parents say their son was hired by Herman and knew Woods personally.

On December 10 Immesberger finished his shift but stayed on drinking at the restaurant. A lawsuit alleges he was served to the point of "severe intoxication". He was then sent out to his car, which he crashed while driving home and died.

Autopsy results revealed his blood alcohol level was more than three times the legal limit.

Immesberger's parents have filed a lawsuit against Woods for his death, claiming the golf superstar was "directly responsible for ensuring that his employees and management...were not over-serving its employees/customers".

They're now seeking payments for medical and funeral costs as well as other "appropriate damages", TMZ reports.

Under Florida's alcohol laws, Woods could potentially be held responsible for Immesberger's death even if he wasn't at the restaurant at the time as the establishment's owner is liable for injury or death caused by over-serving someone with a known history of alcohol abuse.

Immesberger's parents say Woods and Herman should have known their son was a "habitual drunkard" because they were reportedly drinking with him just a few days before his fatal crash.


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