Triathlete Andrea Hewitt frustrated over New Zealand selection policies

More concerns have been raised regarding Triathlon New Zealand, this time about their selection criteria.

It comes after Newshub revealed the organisation was failing in its attitude towards athlete welfare. Now, athlete selection has also come under the spotlight.

Two-time Commonwealth Games medallist Andrea Hewitt still feels she has a future in her sport, but believes her goals are no longer aligned with those of Triathlon NZ.

"There's just no support like there was in the past," Hewitt told Newshub. "It's all mixed team relay and just focusing on that is completely different to what I was used to in triathlon."

Now 37-years-old, Hewitt's been a main stay of the New Zealand squad for 14 years. But individual success is no longer enough to secure a spot in the mixed team relay.

"I believe that the best individual athletes are the best in the mixed team relay. I don't see any of our top athletes being bad in the mixed team relay, and the training is certainly no different."

Hewitt won back-to-back individual ITU events in 2017, followed by Commonwealth Games bronze in the mixed team relay last year.

She believes she could manage competing in both individual and team events.

"I was happy to do it I said and I wanted to be in the team, and be selected but their priorities were different."

In an internal review obtained by Newshub, the organisation said it understood what was required to achieve success.

"To get real clarity and transparency around our selection policies," Triathlon NZ advisor Fay Feeny told Newshub.

Policies we now know centered around one event only.

Triathlon New Zealand chairman Graham Perks said the mixed team relay and individual performances were equally important, and they're committed to ensuring they provide the best environment for triathletes in both disciplines.

But that's a message that's clearly not getting through.

"New Zealand focusing on the mixed team relay and leaving out individual athletes is quite hard," added Hewitt.

Triathlon NZ has made clear its selection policy.

But it leaves Hewitt isolated and afraid for her future in a sport in which she's been one of our outstanding performers.