A-League: New Wellington Phoenix coach Ufuk Talay unconcerned by player exodus

The Wellington Phoenix are in the midst of the biggest rebuild in the club's history.

Even though 13 players have departed since the end of last season, new coach Ufuk Talay inists it's all part of his master plan.

"The perception obviously out there is that players are leaving," Talay told Newshub. "No, these players I did not want to keep.

But he admitted he has lost three players he hoped would stay, in Roy Krishna, David Williams and veteran captain Andrew Durante.

"The ones that did exceptionally well last season are mainly here. I believe there's a certain way to play the game and we're trying to recruit those players that can do what I ask them to do."

Talay might only have a dozen or so players on his roster but insists he's not rushing to rebuild his team.

"We've gone through 300 players and we keep reviewing everyday…  the most important positions are up front.

Fresh off winning the A-League as assistant coach with Sydney FC, Talay wants to bring that success to the capital.

"For me, to win everything is possible."

With that goal in mind, he's got just three months to get the players he wants before the season kicks off.

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