Boxing: Live updates - Tyson Fury v Tom Schwarz heavyweight fight

Heavyweight main event: Tyson Fury (27-0) vs Tom Schwarz (24-0).
Result: Tyson Fury via TKO Round 2.

Wrap - That was a clinical display fro 'The Gypsy King' - Schwarz way out of his league but Fury looked fantatsic - quick, powerful and technical. His head movement was masterful - just too good. Fury made statement that he is at the top of the food chain of heavyweight boxing. Uncrowned champion? Maybe - I'd have him over Ruiz for sure but Wilder has that power of course. 

"Thank you America and god bless you all," says Fury.
"I wanted to enjoy myself tonight and I would have out anyone away with that combination. Bring them all on - bring on the wall." 
"We have a fight in September or October and then next year I will hunt down the Deontay Wilder and get that green belt."

Round 2: Fury threw 45 jabs in the first round but he comes out southpaw for the second - giving Schwarz a different look. Fury lands a nice uppercut but the German takes it. Schwarz lands a decent right but Fury fires back superbly with a sweet combo. Left straight from Fury lands and he is starting to showboat - Schwarz cut on the nose. Fury in complete control. Fury goes all matrix and dodges a four punch combo and then floors the German with a right - Schwarz backed up in the corner and Fury unleashing on the German and the referee stops the fight! Just like that - superb performance from Tyson Fury - dominant. 

Round 1: Here we go. Fury wearing the red, white and blue. Schwarz moving forward with Fury just trying to figure him out at this point. Fury working the body but takes a right to the chin - he's all good. Long jab from Schwarz as Fury lands a right - no damage done. Nice combo from Fury lands - he's really establishing that jab in the opening round. Schwarz is game though - moving forward but having issue with range. Double body shot from Schwarz to end the round but Fury grans it 10-9 on my scorecard. 

3:59pm - Final ring instructions coming up and we will be under way very shortly.

3:54pm - Fury coming out to a mix of quite the collection of night club bangers.....then he drops the cape and now he's doing Apollo Creed  - this is actually awesome. Tyson Fury wins at life. 

3:53pm - Schwarz is in the ring and here cmes Tyson looking pretty bad ass in a silk black cape. 

3:51pm - Some decent US sporting celebs in the crowd including Shaq, Jalen Rose, Alex Rodriguez and Evander Holyfield.

3:45pm - Hmmm - why in the blue hell are we having a US anthem when the two fighters are from the UK and Germany........Grrr.

3:42pm - Okay finally! Anthems first, then the ring walks. This is very tedious, but hey it's entertainment folks. 

3:38pm - The German has hasn't beaten a ranked fighter while Fury has beaten the likes of Klitschko, Dereck Chisora, Christian Hammer and Kevin Johnson....oh and he also split a decision with Deontay Wilder that most pundits though he won. 

3:35pm - Tom Schwarz about to make the walk to the ring for the biggest fight of his life.

3:30pm - ESPN hyping this as the lineal heavyweight championship of the world - fair enough considering they are paying him US$200million on a multi-fight deal. Fury of course did beat the former lineal champ in Wladimir Klitschko, so I guess they have some case given 'The Gypsy King is undefeated.

3.23pm - Okay so we are five or so minutes away from the ring walks, but with anthems and all the pre-fight polava we are a good 15mins away from the opening bell.

Light heavyweight feature: Sullivan Barrera (22-2) vs Jesse Hart (21-2)
Two light heavyweight title contenders are the ficus of the cards co-main event. 

Result: Jesse Hart via unanimous decision.
Hart did enough - he looked good at times but was hurt a couple of times. He's a prospect at light heavyweight so he may be on the verge of a title fight. Main Event coming next.

Round's 1-3: Very ugly fight - and a little bit dirty. Hart throwing a few punches in the clinch.

The referee is getting upset at both fighters. Hart hurts Barrera in the second and then the referee warns Barrera he will take a point away if he keeps engaging in the clinch. 

Hart on top but it's pretty close - the fight is being fought on the inside with both guys looking to be aggressive. 

These guys appear to have zero respect for each other - dirty tactics all around and a very ugly fight. I've got Hart up 30-27 after the first three.

Round's 4-5: Hart is being super aggressive and is hurting Barrera but the Cuban is hanging in there. This is such a sloppy fight though.Barrera hurts Hart with a huge right hand that has Hart on the ropes - the Cuban swinging widely as the fourth round comes to a close. Finally the fighters have settled down a little and we are getting some distance boxing. Berrera coming back into the fight - Hart 48-47 after five rounds

Round 6: Hart lands two very heay rights to the dome of Barrera, the Cuban is hurt but he clinches. Hart lands again as they seperate - Barrera's legs coming back as Hart lands again. Hart up 58-55 after six. A 10-8 round for Hart.

Round 7: Slow round - both guys running out of gas. Hart secured that one  ..... just. 68-64 for Hart through seven. 

Round 8: Barrera on the hunt, Hart happy to land his jab from distance. Hart lands a huge right and Barrera is down - referee counds to eight and he is back up and good to go. Barrera'a legs look fine as he goes back on the hunt but he will lose this round big. Hart scores that round 10-8, giving him a 78-72 lead through eight rounds. 

Round 9: Barrera lands a low blow midway through the ninth - Hart recovers and they are back to boxing. Both guys looking super tired as we head into the final round with Hart up 88-81 in my book.

Round 10: Hart hurt by a short left from Barrera and the American is backing up - Barrera pushing hard now as he just misses a huge overhand right. Hart backing up, trying to coast through the final round. Barrera throwing hard, but Hart is avoiding the power shots as the fight comes to an end. Barrera gets the round but Hart wins the fight 97-91 on my scorecard.

2:30pm: That was an excellent fight - Mayer looked really good. Could Katie Taylor be in her future?

Women's lightweight feature: Mikaela Mayer (10-0) vs Lizbeth Crespo (13-4)

Mayer is regarded as one of the best female lightweight prospects on the planet and is a former Olympian for the US in 2016.

Result: Mikaela Mayer via unanimous decision
All three judges scored the fight in favour of Mayer - one gave her all 12 rounds. Great fight. 

Round 1: Scheduled for 10 rounds. Crespo is a big underdog and the much shorter fighter, but she has come out very aggressive. The Argentinian probably took that round 10-9.

Round 2: Mayer establishing her jab better in that round but she is still stuggling with Crespo's aggression. Crespo gets another 10-9.

Round 3: Mayer lands a great uppercut, right, left combo. Sweet timing from the Olympian. Now she's landing body shots - starting to show off her offence to claim the round 10-9.

Round 4: Mayer catching Crespo as she is coming in with a beautiful short uppercut - she's also landing a sweeping left hook on the aggressive Crespo. Mayer scores that one 10-9. 

Round 5: Mayer looks fantastic now - landing heavy body shots and her jab is slick. She lands a big right to the jaw of Crespo to end the round. 10-9 for Mayer.

Round 6: Mayer coming over the top of Crespo after a slow start. Still using her jab to thwart the offence of her opponent. Much closer round, I think Mayer won it, bit very close. Mayer 10-9.

Round 7: Right straight, left hook combo to open the round for Mayer. Another close round but again Mayer should have done enough to win that one. Mayer 10-9.

Round 8: Three rounds to go. Crespo really aggressive now - she is going after it, but not sure she has the power to hurt the American. Mayer throws a body shot followed by an overhand right and then a big right hook that hurts Crespo, Crespo ties up as the round ends. Mayer 10-9. 

Round 9: Left uppercut, hook combo from Mayer lands to open the round. Mayer lands a left hook backing up...great timing from Mayer. Big right hand to the body hurts Crespo as the round ends. 10-9 Mayer.

Round 10: Final round - Mayer well in control. Crespo going after Mayer but she's a bit messy. Mayer landing lovely counter shots. Mayer lands a combo to the body backing up, then a short right to the chin. Crespo chasing after Mayer but she's not having much success. Crespo lands a nice overhand left but Mayer replies with the same as the fight ends. Mayer 10-9 and the fight 98-92.

1:35pm - Three fights to come before Tyson and Tom get at it.

1:28pm - Many of Tyson Fury's teammates on display tonight -  including Isaac Lowe - who picked up a win.

12:53pm - Fans finally starting to filter in at the MGM. For the first three prelim fights there was barely a sole on the building.

12:20pm - Both Joseph Parker and Junior Fa expected to be in attendance at the MGM Grand this afternoon.

Boxing: Live updates - Tyson Fury v Tom Schwarz heavyweight fight

Hello folks, welcome to Newshub's live coverage of Tyson Fury vs Tom Schwarz from the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada.

This is Fury's first fight since the slugfest with WBC champion Deontay Wilder that ended in a controversial split draw decision.

Big stakes for Fury with a future shot at Wilder the likely prize.

'The Gypsy King' describes himself as the lineal heavyweight champion of the world, given he has never lost in 28 fights.

He claimed heavyweight gold against Wladimir Klitschko in November 2015 before he was stripped of the WBA, IBF, WBO, IBO and The Ring titles when he 'retired'.

The personal issues that led to Fury's absence from the ring are well and truly behind him and he is hell bent on making a run at the top heavyweights on the planet.

Schwarz is undefeated, but this is the toughest test of his career - but as Andy Ruiz proved two weeks ago -  never underestimate your opponent inside the squared circle.

Fight is scheduled to get underway at about 3pm.