Cricket World Cup live updates: New Zealand v India at Nottingham

2:02am: We have a verdict - Match abandoned. 

1:44am: Next inspection will be at 2am NZT. Not looking any betther though. 

1:30am: Under two hours untill the cut off time - still raining.

1am: The cut off time to call off the match is at 3:25 am. There will be an update in about an hour - still raining at the ground, it's not looking good. 

12:30am: Not looking good guys - more drizzle, I really can't see any cricket going ahead. Calling the game off should come within the hour. 

11:54pm: Lunch has been taken - it is raining again - not looking likely to get any play at the moment - an update will come around 12:30am NZT

11:40pm: There hasn't been rain in sometime and after the inspection - there will be another one at 12:30am. 

11pm: An update, we've had an inspection half hour ago. The umpires weren't happy with the square and surrounding areas. So disappointed they were that they didn't even have a look at the outfield. Covers have been on and off. The next inspection is at 11.30pm.

10:50pm: It's drizzling again.

10:40pm: The umpires have been out there - and another inspection will come at 11:30pm. If it stays rain free then... just maybe we might get some cricket around midnight. 

10:21pm: The covers are apparently coming off - now for the rain to stay away. 

10:11pm: Shock... it's still drizzling. 

9:58pm: Covers are back on team - I have a feeling this is going to be the theme all night... updates when I can bring them to you. 

9:47pm: UPDATE: There will be another inspection at 10:30pm NZT, so boil the kettle and get set for what I hope will be positive news in about 40 minutes. 

9:41pm: No news when the toss will be - but the umpires have been out to the middle and the covers are coming off again. 

9:30pm: The umpires were supposed to be inspecting the pitch right now.. I assume that isn't happening. 

9:24pm: Exactly what we didn't want - hopefully it's a passing shower and we do indeed get some cricket in. 

9:20pm: Uh oh....  The cover is back on and the rain is falling... not ideal.

Players on the pitch now - James Neesham sipping on a hot brew - the covers are off, we are waiting for the latest. I'll let you know when I know.

It's looking better, the covers are off and they are wanting to let the grass dry where the water has come off the covers - barring any more rain we could be on. 



Kia ora, good evening and welcome to Newshub's live updates of the Cricket World Cup pool clash between New Zealand and India - the only unbeaten teams left standing at this tournament.

And if the weather continues to misbehave, both could emerge from the contest with their unblemished records intact.

On Thursday morning (NZT), Newshub correspondent Lloyd Burr reported from Trent Bridge, where it was raining and forecasts were for more, before and during the match.

Three games have already been rained out in the past week, sparking calls for reserve days to be incorporated into future World Cup schedules.

The Blackcaps have a full squad to choose from, with Henry Nicholls and Tim Southee recovered from the injuries that kept them out of the opening three games. They are waiting until the toss to confirm pitch conditions and their line-up.

After three wins over the three lowest-ranked teams in the tournament, New Zealand are well placed to qualify for the semi-finals - a point against one of the tournament favourites might be a good result.

India were idle through the opening week, but have already sounded a warning shot with victory over champions Australia.

The Blackcaps dispatched their rivals easily in a warm-up match, but the Indians were obviously using that outing to test strategy under certain conditions, so don't read too much into the result.

Join us at 9pm (NZT) for the toss and team line-ups, with a start scheduled for 9:30pm.  

Pre-Match: Rain threatens NZ v India Cricket World Cup clash




Prospects look bleak for play between New Zealand and India at the Cricket World Cup on Thursday night.

The clash between the tournament's only unbeaten teams is scheduled to start at 9:30pm (NZT) at Nottingham's Trent Bridge, but reporting from the venue, Newshub European correspondent Lloyd Burr confirms that doesn't look likely.

"It's persistent rain," he told The AM Show. "I wouldn't say it's pouring, but it's persistent.

"Looking at the forecast, it's not looking like it will happen. Initially, they said the chance of rain for this game was around 90 percent - that's dropped down to 80 percent."

Burr says the average chance of rain during the match is 70 percent.

"My guess is this game won't happen and if the forecasters are wrong, the organisers might have to make it a 20/20 match."

Lloyd Burr reports from a rainswept Trent Bridge
Lloyd Burr reports from a rainswept Trent Bridge.

If the match cannot produce a result, the Blackcaps and India will split the points and effectively retain their unbeaten records.

Taking any points off one of the tournament favourites might be a moral victory for New Zealand, but former NZ opening batsman (and AM Show sports presenter) Mark Richardson disagrees.

"With overhead conditions, where the ball may move, I'd give New Zealand favouritism over India and we may be missing out on two points," he says.

But after three wins from three outings - admittedly, against the three lowest-ranked teams at the event - another point would take the Blackcaps closer to clinching a semi-final spot.

"We said, at the start of the tournament, that luck would play a part, with the weather," reflects NZ batsman Ross Taylor.

"England's a beautiful place, but it's not famous for good weather. There's still a long way to go in this tournament and I'm sure there will be rained-out games that will affect us.

"There have been times when forecasts are wrong and hopefully tomorrow will be one of them."

This tournament has already seen three matches abandonned during the past week, strengthening the call for reserve days to be built into future World Cup schedules.





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