Cricket World Cup: Lloyd Burr swamped by jubilant Pakistan fans after win

Newshub's Europe Correspondent has been swamped by jubilant Pakistan fans in the wake of their Cricket World Cup win.

Burr, famously unflappable during a live cross, was surrounded by the good-natured fans while speaking to The AM Show on Thursday (NZ time).

He said the fans had good reason to be excited, their team beat New Zealand by six wickets and has echoed their success in the 1992 World Cup, which Pakistan eventually won.

"It's identical, the seven games that happened in 1992 with Pakistan have mirrored exactly the seven games that have happened at this world cup," Burr said.

"Isn't that bizarre? History pretty much is repeating itself."

The AM Show host Duncan Garner tried to take advantage of the situation and rile the crowd up further, but Burr wasn't having it.

"Let's talk about how good India is for the next couple of minutes. India, India is so good, India is so talented and so good they're amazing and what a great country," Garner said.

"Don't do this to me, Duncan, they can't hear you and I'm not repeating what you're saying," Burr replied.

The cross ended with Burr saying he could barely hear what the hosts were saying when they spoke to him, as his new friends shouted excitedly in the background.

"The last we'll see of Lloyd potentially, who knows," Garner quipped.