Football: Sarpreet Singh scouted by Bayern Munich from young age

It's set to be one the biggest transfers in Kiwi football history - with European giants Bayern Munich offering Wellington Phoenix midfielder Sarpreet Singh a three-year deal.

Singh is in the German city to tour the club's facilities but his move to Bayern doesn't come as a surprise to some.

"The fact that he'll be able to develop as a footballer in Germany is really exciting for us," said Phoenix general manager David Dome.

Sarpreet Singh and his family are currently in Munich as guests of the reigning Bundesliga champions.

Newshub understands Bayern will offer the Phoenix a transfer fee of around $500,000, but Singh's old coach at Onehunga Sports FC believes the transfer is about much more than money.

"What I like about his deal," said Hiroshi Miyazawa. "It's not just the money or anything - they've offered him a three year deal - so that shows how serious the club will try to develop him."

Bayern Munich first became aware of Singh's abilities as an 11-year-old - when he played against a Bayern age group side on a tour to Europe.

And one Kiwi footballer who's enjoyed incredible success in Germany believes Singh can develop into one of our all-time greats.

"He's a very creative player," said Wynton Rufer. "There's something special about the way he does play, and it's amazing that they've been able to see it."