Parker v Leapai: Joseph Parker unsure of Andy Ruiz rematch - but sure of result

Kiwi heavyweight Joseph Parker isn't confident of facing new world champion Andy Ruiz for his swag of belts - but he is sure what the outcome would be, if it transpires.

Still celebrating his shock victory over Anthony Joshua earlier this month, Ruiz has rekindled hopes that Parker would get another shot at the WBA, WBO, IBF and IBO titles - but only after he has successfully negotiated a return bout with Joshua.

Parker isn't convinced that will happen.

"I'm on the fence with that one," he told "Joshua has to change a lot with the way he fights.

"He can't stand there and trade with him. That's the only way for [Ruiz] to land his punches, is to stand there and trade with him.

"So, I'm 50-50 on their next fight."   

Ruiz's surprise success boosts Parker's stocks in the competitive heavyweight division, despite back-to-back losses to Joshua and Dillian Whyte last year. The Kiwi is suddenly the only man to have beaten the reigning champ - a 2016 majority-decision victory for the vacant WBO crown that could have gone either way.

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Photo credit: Newshub.

In recent days, Ruiz has hinted he'd like to avenge that lone defeat and Parker sees this as a quick way back to top table.

"If he beats Joshua in the rematch, I'd love to have a rematch with Andy," Parker told "I respect Andy as a fighter and now I respect him as a unified champion.

"He worked hard with his team to get to where he is and he deserves all the attention he has received.

"He's a fighter I respect, but I know I can beat him and I know I can beat him a lot clearer than I did in 2016. We're both different fighters now, so it'd be awesome if I could get a rematch and get in the ring with him again."

Parker will continue his comeback campaign on Sunday (NZT), when he steps into the ring against Samoa-Australian journeyman Alex Leapai in Providence, Rhode Island.

Leapai had his shot at glory in 2014, when he challenged and lost to Wladimir Klitshcko for the titles that Ruiz now owns. Since then, he's fought four times for two losses, a win and a draw.


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